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Jacksonville Jaguars Fantasy Football Outlook 2022 | Who to Draft

Jaguars Fantasy Football outlook

Jaguars Fantasy Football outlook

Jacksonville Jaguars Fantasy Football Outlook 2022

The Counselor is joined by the Jaguars beat writer Cole Pepper talking all things Jags. We discuss the fantasy football outlook of all the top dogs on the Jags this season. Including Travis Etienne, James Robinson, and Trevor Lawrence,

While this team may not look great on paper there may be some solid sleepers on the roster including Christian Kirk who is slotted as the WR one on the team. It will be interesting to see how well this team steps up this season. Cole explains that it will be a committee in Jacksonville most likely but we believe that James Robinson when healthy should take that starting job again. This is the main reason I will be fading Travis Etienne this season as I think he is overpriced.

Expectations from Trevor Lawrence

Cole Pepper mentioned that bad coaching may have played a part in his mediocre play of Trevor last season. There is no way but up for Lawrence this season based on last year. Bringing in Pederson as a coach should really not only boost the QB play, but also the entire team in general. Then you factor in that Lawrence is settled into the offense, and we are set to see better numbers across the board. Should you draft Trevor Lawrence for fantasy football 2022? I would still be cautious about it as he still may not put those top 10 QB fantasy points up. He could be a safe backup QB at best. Draft with caution as the Jaguars is still in the rebuilding stages. It may take years for them to really be a solid team.

Christian Kirk

We all talked a little about the big contract of Christian Kirk and if it was deserving or not. Cole said that you really have to pay a guy to want to come to Jacksonville. It’s a tough market to sell and they really had to pay Kirk to come over to a team that probably won’t have much of a chance to win this season. Remember they are rebuilding this team all around. While the draft was solid, the team still needs to get the right pieces in place to become a contender.

Final Thoughts

You have to watch the full video on Jacksonville Jaguars outlook to get the full scope of the conversation.

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