Fantasy Football 2020 – 3 RB’s to Target mid-Rounds
April 21, 2020
NFL Draft 2020 Predictions and Preview | 1st Round Discussion
April 22, 2020
Fantasy Football 2020 – 3 RB’s to Target mid-Rounds
April 21, 2020
NFL Draft 2020 Predictions and Preview | 1st Round Discussion
April 22, 2020

Gronk Fantasy Football Impact 2020

Gronk Fantasy Football Impact 2020.

The Counselor breaks down the situation in Tampa Bay 2020. Rob Gronkowski joins Tom Brady in Tampa Bay. The is a question lingering now with this trade. What is the fantasy football impact of Rob Gronkowski? How will this affect Evans and Godwin. The Fantasy Football Counselor dives in and answers all these questions in this video. Let’s summarize it briefly here.

Some may say this is a reunion of New England, but it is a totally new landscape. The big picture here for reality is that Tom Brady is set up now with a high powered offense to dominate the league and win another Superbowl. The same way Ray Lewis and Peyton Manning did. The tools and weapons for massive success are here. When you look at fantasy football, you are in a different situation. You have a lot of mouths to feed and that could be a major issue when are considering drafting any of these players.

Godwin, Evans, and Gronk are all studs. Because of their names, they will be ranked really high and you don’t want to invest an early pick on too much uncertainty. You need solid and consistent and proven production. This situation helps Tampa Bay more than it helps anyone else.

I would personally not pay on a high draft pick to draft any of these players. You also have to understand that Gronk is coming from a year off and has shown many signs of injury. I would try to avoid it at all costs. Tom Brady would make an excellent fantasy football back up QB with massive upside. With all the tools, how could you not draft him? You also have to remember that the ball will be thrown a lot to the running backs. We have to factor in Ronald Jones and any other running back they draft or acquire going into the 2020 fantasy football season.

I am certain my analysis of this is accurate. There is way too much risk in drafting Rob Gronkowski, Mike Evans, or Chris Godwin. One of these guys is sure to bust and you don’t want to be the sucker who invested an early pick in drafting them.

Gronk Fantasy Football 2020

Here is the podcast written out for you:

Welcome to the show, everybody! Joseph Robert the Fantasy Football Counselor. We’re talking about Gronkowski and his fantasy football impact for 2020. He is now on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, can you believe it? Not only the fact that he came out of retirement, and now he’s on the Buccaneers. So what is the fantasy football impact of that? What are the implications? What do you do? Do you draft him? What’s going on? What happens to Evans? What happens to Godwin? What happens to Brady? A lot of questions are surfacing and my DM is absolutely inundated. I mean, it’s crazy, so I got to answer these questions. Guys, very, very simple. I’m going to get to these questions right now. Before I do, very important- leave a comment below. What do you think of this? Is it great that he came out of retirement?

Will he be up to full form? What are your thoughts? Interact, guys, below. Really curious to hear your feedback. All right, let’s talk about Gronkowski, guys. Very, very simple for fantasy football 2020 and its fantasy impact. I’m going to talk about it. Okay. You’re looking at Godwin, you’re looking at Evans last year, the mainstream, right? We had Godwin’s finish ahead of Evans and PPR. I think you’re second in PPR, and Evans was 15th in PPR. Now you know the evidence is technically the wide receiver one. You know that you understand that. So the mainstream, because sheep have both of these guys in the top 10 amongst wide receiver rank. He’s as of now. Now I guess things are going to change now with Gronkowski implemented. If the sheep are smart they’re going to bring down either Evans or Godwin down in their ranking. It’s going to be a total mind mess for these guys cause they’re sheep and they don’t understand what to do.

So again, five and six is where Evans and Godwin are sitting right now. And again, they’re doing that because the last year they’re confused. They’re like “okay, well you know Godwin finished second, so we got to put him in the top 10 because it’s copy and paste,”but Evans is the wide receiver one, so we’ve got to put them in there.” Now the curveball is Gronkowski is now on the Bucs, Brady’s old favorite target. What happens to the value of Godwin and Evans? Very simple. It declines. Now, if history serves me correctly, you see it every single year, guys. Brady gravitates to one particular wide receiver. That wide receiver becomes the main target and the focal point. On top of that, you’re going to get some volume going to the running back, around 95 targets as per last year.

James White achieved those. We still got to see what type of running back the Bucs acquire. Is it going to be a workhorse running back? Is it going to be a pass catch ‘back? Is it going to be Ronald Jones? Is Ronald Jones ready? So many question marks, but again, who’s going to hit the button? Godwin, Evans, or Gronk? That’s the question. What is the fantasy impact of Gronkowski? And the simple answer guys, again, I’m going to give you guys a very simple answer to this. What I’m going to do, what you should do, what your grandfather should do, what’s your father do? Your mother, everyone, your sister, your girlfriend, your brother, your significant other, I don’t care. What they should all be doing for fantasy football 2020 when it comes to Tampa Bay Buccaneers, when it comes to Rob Gronkowski, when it comes to his entire offense; what they should be doing is very, very simple and that is staying away.

I’ll tell you why. Very simple. All right, so let’s just say you invest in early fantasy football draft pick on Godwin. Okay, that’s great. He was great last year. Why was he great? It’s because Winston was ruthless. He just aired the ball out. He just aired it out, with no conscience, right? That’s why he has so many interceptions, which is great for fantasy purposes if you have one of the wide receivers because they’re going to benefit because you’re going to get a ton of balls thrown that way. Now we know, we’ve seen history, history serves us. It’s not like Tom Brady’s going to be reborn again and he’s going to do something new. Tom Brady is going to spread the ball around. That’s the fact of the matter. So what am I going to do? Okay, fantasy football draft’s coming up. I see Godwin, guess what? I’m staying away.

Hey, guess what? The turn comes around, it’s second round, it’s third round. It’s the first run. I don’t care. I’m going to stay the hell away from Godwin, I’m going to stay the hell away from Evans, I’m going to stay the hell away from Gronkowski because here’s what’s going to happen, guys. Here, I got a fortune teller. I’m looking into a ball here. You know the psychic ball here. Here’s what’s going to happen- the mainstream consheepsus, they’re all going to say “hey guys, you guys got to draft Gronkowski first round, second round. He’s in my top 10 rankings because it’s Gronkowski and they’re going to just basically make you draft him on a name. Listen, you do not win fantasy football leagues drafting on a name, and that’s what I teach. That’s what I preach in all of my training. Guys, look back at history.

Guys, if you guys don’t know what the Cuddy System is, I created it for a reason, okay? When you draft a player, you’re doing your fantasy football draft, you’re looking at your fantasy football draft strategy. That player has to be consistent. Upside, durability, depth and youth. Gronkowski’s old. He’s had injuries in the past. Great player. Yes, I get it. But even if you consider drafting Gronkowski, he’s got to contend with two great wide receivers and an entirely new offense. Tom Brady, I mean, who’s the ball going to go to? I don’t know. Do you know? So again guys, let’s step back. Deep breath. I know there’s a lot of excitement going on. I’m excited, the draft is coming up, I’m pumped. But again, I had to do a video here to implore you guys to be cautious. Stay away from Gronkowski for fantasy football 2020 and beyond, because at the end of the day we are looking at a guy who’s coming out of retirement.

Is he healthy? How did he do in the WWE? Is his shoulder still good? Is his elbow still good? Whatever was injured, right? Is it going to come up with that bionic arm sleeve? I don’t know, but hey, guess what guys? I don’t, let me repeat this guys. I don’t want to take the chance. So let’s just switch gears here, talk about him coming out of retirement. That’s crazy. And that’s the crazy thing about it is, he announced retirement, moved on with his life. I kind of felt it and you guys kind of felt it as well that maybe he may come back. Maybe Gronkowski was kind of humming and hawing. We never felt it was a full retirement. And the big question is, is coming back, it’s like how long is he staying? Is he here dabbling? Is he serious?

Is he in shape? Cause I was looking at some videos. He looked a little skinnier. Will he get back into shape? Will he bulk up? We’ll get back into football shape in time to be fantasy relevant and give you that fantasy football impact. And to me, again, I don’t take a risk. Now, when we’re talking about the fantasy football value of Tom Brady, I like it. I’ll tell you why. This is a guy because he didn’t have a big year last year, could come back this year and have a bounce-back here. But the fact that he didn’t have this amazing year last year, guess what happens there? He falls off the radar. He falls off the mainstream rankings. You know why? Because of the copying and pasting. So again, if you’re looking at a fantasy football sleeper or a fantasy football quarterback sleeper, it may as well be Tom Brady because I think he may be off people’s radars.

Now. Is Tom Brady going to be my QB one? Probably not. I’m more of a guy that likes to get quarterbacks that are more high ceiling, more proven as of late, maybe a Russell Wilson, maybe an upside quarterback like Kyler. But again, I think Kyler is going to go really high. He’s got a lot of weapons this year. But Brady could be a solid backup quarterback or a quarterback two in a two-quarterback league with a ton of upside. Again, he’s got a ton of weapons. Listen, it’s very simple,guys. If you’re a conspiracy guy or whatever you believe in, if you believe things are going to happen, Brady’s going to win another Super Bowl. And now he is in a perfect opportunity with the right weapons to achieve that. Now again, we saw it years ago, we saw it with Ray Lewis, right? A big figure in football, they gave him the Super Bowl.

I don’t know whether you call things being fixed or not, but he got a Super Bowl and then the same thing with Peyton Manning. Now you would’ve thought that Peyton Manning Super Bowl would have been all Cam Newton, the superpower team, young quarterback, dynamic offense. If that was the year that the Carolina Panthers should have won the Super Bowl, but they didn’t. Why didn’t they win? I’ll tell you why they didn’t win. Because that fix was probably it. Whether it’s true or not, I don’t know. But I will tell you this- now I’m not saying Brady is not great. He didn’t win. He won because of blood, sweat, tears. He’s a tough worker, but he is now set up in a position to win a Super Bowl before he retires. Now the Buccaneers are primed with weapons. Again, take the conspiracy out, take away the fix, take away all that.

That’s not what I’m saying, because again, Brady’s talented, but all I’m saying is he is in a position now with the talent around him to really succeed and get a Super Bowl. This 2021 season? I don’t know, it very well could be. Or it could be the year after because maybe he wants to get integrated with the Buccaneers offense. I don’t know. The bottom line is guys, there is a lot of targets to feed. It’s a potent offense. They’re going to be great. They’re going to be dynamic. Tom Brady’s honed in. He’s going to be focused. Gronkowski is back, one of his favorite targets. The big question is who’s going to plugin into the running back position? Is it going to be a running back by committee? Most likely. Well, but I really think it’s going to be Patriots again with a copy and paste and Bucs town, it’s going to be the same type of deal.

So what am I doing? I’m going to stay away from all things Buccaneers, except for Brady as a backup quarterback. The way it sits right now, again, too much uncertainty, too much volume distribution, too much uncertainty in regards to who is going to be the primary target for Tom Brady. So for me, for you, for everybody’s sake, stay the hell away. And again, you’re going to see the mainstream rankings rank these guys super high because of a name because of the copy and paste. It’s going to be very interesting to see how cookie cutter and sheepy they’re going to be. So again, a lot of energy guys, I’m pumped up. Fantasy ball 2020, this was breaking fantasy football news on Rob Gronkowski. I had to get it out there for you guys. Again, make sure you guys click subscribe, leave a thumbs up and below- are you drafting Gronkowski? What do you think?

Should he have come out of retirement? Is he going to be in shape? What’s going on? What do you think of Brady? How’s his year going to pan out? I really love to get your feedback and of course get the 16 Rounds Draft Solution below- the first-ever and only video training. Guys, I’m going to help you guys crush your fantasy football at least for 2020 and help you guys dominate your leagues. Click subscribe below. And again, guys, the number one community, I want everybody to comment and interact because I’m trying to get back to everybody below. Again, there’s a lot of energy leading into this draft. So again, I’m pumped up. Hopefully, you guys are pumped up. And again, Counsel Nation is taking over. Man, oh, man. Gronkowski to the Buccaneers. What a situation. It’s only going to help Brady, in my opinion. Stay away from Gronkowski. Stay away from the uncertainty because I think genuinely you’re going to pay too high for him. I’m going to stay away and I will see you guys in the next video.

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