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Fantasy Football Mock Draft

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First Fantasy Football Mock draft of 2021. The Counselor lays out the first 5 Rounds of a 2021 mock draft. Giving you practical strategies to win your leagues.

Doing Mock Drafts, really helps you win your leagues and gives you the edge. You are able to see where players come off the board and anticipate when and where to draft them. I walk you through the first 5 rounds of this PRE-NFL draft to give you a sense of the adps. It is still early and we will know a lot more after the draft this season. When I get all the details of the NFL draft, that is when I create the 16 Rounds Draft Solution.

We say how the mainstream sheep lied to about which players to draft with ridiculous suggestions like Michael Thomas in rd 1 and CEH very early as well. I warned against guys like this and Kenyan Drake. If a player has had years to wow you and you’re not wowed, then it is probably better you stay away.

Fantasy Football Rankings are literally a placeholder and don’t really help you win your leagues. They just give you a foundation of when and where players will come off. It is up to you to think outside the box to make better drafting decisions. As we head to the 2021 fantasy football season, I will be doing more mock drafts and walking you through the different draft positions. Drafting from position 1 and then 12. This will make a difference in how your roster will look at the end. The main things you need to focus on are drafting the right players and having depth on your roster.

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Joseph Robert
Joseph Robert
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