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Fantasy Football Bold Predictions

5 Bold Fantasy Football Predictions 2022

1. A Rookie RB Will beat D’Andre Swift in Fantasy Points

The first one here. Bold prediction. D’Andre Swift will finish behind a rookie running back. I’m not sure which rookie running back. Last year is pretty blatantly obvious here. Najee was going to be a top 10 guy. This year, we’ve got an interesting scenario of different running backs coming in, different committees. There isn’t a clear-cut winner. Now the advantage here is though guys like Kenneth Walker, walking into a situation where Carson sucks and Penny sucks. Dameon Pierce, who could be the starter, Tyler Allgeier who could straight up be the starter as well in Atlanta, Breece Hall, right? All these different situations. There’s no clear-cut winner that I can see is going to finish top 10. But here’s a good thing. You can get these guys for value.

So we’re talking fantasy football, and draft strategy in this episode as well. You can get them for value, but here’s the thing. One of them should and could and will surpass D’Andre Swift because Swift will bust and that’s injury included. I don’t care, I’m factoring in injury here as well. I’m not sold on D’Andre Swift. He peaked at 151 attempts in the past couple of years. He’s not going to get the volume. I don’t trust the Lions at all, so I’m not sold on D’Andre Swift whatsoever, in any way, shape, or form. And he’s sitting number eight on the consensus rankings, which is absolutely ludicrous. So D’Andre Swift for me, I think will bust for sure. And he’ll bust hard and another rookie running back, maybe two, maybe three rookies could surpass him in fantasy points by the end of the season.

That’s a bold prediction, number one. I don’t even think that’s bold. I’m fading. I’m fading Swift completely and getting a value rookie running back later and getting a real workhorse running back earlier on, I don’t care PPR, one point PPR, I talk at one point PPR and I still got Henry number one, amongst running backs, because volume and opportunity, talent, touchdowns, yardage, rushing guys, all that fun stuff will prevail. It doesn’t matter, PPR. Some people just go for these scatbacks. They’re all glorified scatbacks including Ekeler. Now Ekeler had a pinnacle year, with 12 rushing touchdowns. Look for Spiller to come in and get some of that goal-line work. I’m not sold, alright guys. So we’re looking at Swift who is just scatback, top eight is ludicrous, not buying it.

2. Saquon Barkley Will Finish Top 5 In Fantasy Points

Barkley is a steal this year!

Number two here, bold prediction. Saquon Barkley finished top five amongst running backs, and this is not even bold at all because they’ve got Christian McCaffrey at two. McCaffrey finished 30th, 40th amongst running backs, finished 10 games in the past two seasons and got injured without even getting touched last year. New offense from the one that was there when he thrived, I’m not sold. Now the opportunity is that he doesn’t have much of a committee. Chuba Hubbard can, will be a factor potentially just for sheer preservation of Christian McCaffrey, but we’re not talking about McCaffrey. All we’re doing, we’re using him as a point of reference here, that Saquon Barkley is 19th on the consensus rankings. Contract year guys, contract year, it’s a make or break, he has to do something this year. His career is over if he doesn’t. That and that alone should be enough reason. Don’t even mention the fact that he’s ultimately elite talent. Not to mention he’s two years removed from his injury and he played last year, full season, but he was preserved to save him for this year.

It’s a make-or-break season, literally for Saquon. Contract year, improved O line. The focal point of that offense, he will get the volume, no committee there, ultra-talented and immense value. This is going to be the league win this year. He is a steal, facing 19th on the consensus rankings. It blows my mind and I absolutely love it. This is a good thing. It’s good that the consensus does this actually. It’s amazing.

Saquon Barkley, steal, going to finish top five. The bold prediction may sound like it, but I see this guy finishing number one amongst running backs. That’s how good he is. The talent and opportunity are there. The only one that I can see surpassing him is maybe Taylor, Najee, and Henry. But again, look for Taylor to get a decline. I still think there’s a ton of ceiling for Saquon. He’s going to see some stacked boxes, no doubt about it. Both volume and talent will prevail. Saquon Barkley, top five. Bold prediction number two.

3. Adam Thielen Will Beat Justin Jefferson In Fantasy Points

Bold prediction number three, Adam Thielen guys, will beat Justin Jefferson in fantasy points. I want to stand corrected here. I want everybody to understand the disclaimer that I am not telling you to draft Thielen in round one. I’m telling you to fade Jefferson in round one and get Thielen later for an opportunity that he surpasses Justin Jefferson. Why do I say that? And why is this bold prediction realistic? Well, very simple guys. If you look at the touchdowns, they’re on par. Thielen gets more or equal touchdowns than Jefferson. Number two, if you look at their target count, go back, I implore you, go look at the stats and target count or I could just tell you, they were on par all the way through nine weeks. There were some weeks where Thielen had more targets than Jefferson and there were some weeks where Jefferson had more targets than Thielen, but on par.

Then Thielen fell off through the end of the season, got hurt this and that, but I’m taking Thielen after round five or round five or beyond, and I’m fading Jefferson loading up on my running back. Thielen will finish ahead of Jefferson in fantasy points, injuries included. So don’t come and tell me and say, well, yeah, you were right Joe on this crazy bold prediction, but Jefferson got hurt. I don’t care. He’s due for a decline then. He’s had two pinnacle years, injuries due. You got to factor in all variables and get the value where you can get it, and I like the feel and value. That’s my bold prediction.

4. Sutton and Cooper Beat Tyreek Hill and Davante Adams in Fantasy Points

Bold prediction number four. This is very interesting guys. And a lot of people will shake their heads. The consensus will never say something like this, but I think this is actually possible, and that’s why I’m drafting the two underdogs here. A bold prediction here for you guys combined points of Amari Cooper and Courtland Sutton right, 20, 22 fantasy football, combined points of Courtland Sutton and Amari Cooper will be greater than the combined points of Tyreek Hill and Davonte Adams. Very viable. You guys are like, well, you’re crazy. Joe. Listen, copy and pasted last year’s guys, Adams and Hill are literally being predicated on last year’s top stats. But they had Mahomes and Rogers throwing through them last year. How are they expected to finish in the same spot they did last year with two suspect quarterbacks throwing the ball, and other wide receiver targets there, with Waddle being there as the one, who was the one last year, and a suspect quarterback with Tua, and then he got Waller and Renfrow there for Adams. These guys are going to decline.

The mainstream is ranking them based on last year, which is absolutely ludicrous. In comes Amari Cooper, who becomes a clear-cut wide receiver, one with the younger Deshaun Watson, barring any type of suspension. If he doesn’t get suspended, it’s going to be great if he does, it’s going to bring Cooper down a little bit, but Cooper and Watson and you’ve got Russell Wilson and Sutton, I mean, this is phenomenal. Like I don’t know how to tell you this, but you’re getting him for value. Amari Cooper’s sitting 18th on the consensus. Sutton’s sitting 23rd while you have Tyreek at seven and Adams at third, and literally copied and pasted from last year. And Tyreek Hills’ is volatile, to begin with. He’s got these big boom games, but that’s on big plays predicated on the pass from Pat Mahomes. Now there’s no Mahomes. So what I’m trying to tell you is this, okay? Sutton and Cooper are value in drafts. You can get them for later, and their combined points will beat Adams and Hill. That’s my bold prediction. That’s what I’m going with. It’s crazy, but I’m rolling with it.

5. Matt Ryan finished Top 5-10 in Fantasy Points amongst QBs.

Fantasy Football Sleepers 2022

Matt Ryan is slept on this season.

Bold prediction number five, I’m going with my boy, my guy, Matt Ryan. He’s my boy. The guy is going to finish top five amongst quarterbacks. Now again, this one’s a little bit of a reach, a little more unrealistic to the degree that there are so many other good quarterbacks from Herbert to Josh Allen, to Mahomes, too, Rogers, to Russell Wilson, to Watson, to Kyler Murray, to Lamar. It’s going to be hard for Matt Ryan. The guy doesn’t get it done on the ground with his feet, but improved O line, Alec Pierce, a good deep threat, they’ve got, John and Taylor are going to be, facing stack boxes potentially, more time for Ryan to throw of the ball with an improved O line.

Listen, I see, I see top 10, very viable, and I’m not saying go draft Matt Ryan, top 10. All I’m saying is you can get him for value as a backup quarterback with top-five upside. Matt Ryan finishes top five, maybe top 10 amongst quarterbacks. That’s my bold prediction. So there you have it, folks. Swift will get beaten down infamous points by a rookie running back. He’s sitting top eight. Then, the closest to that in rankings is Bruce Hall, sitting 21st. One of those guys should be, maybe a bunch of them, or maybe all of them, injuries included, could beat Swift, bold prediction one. Bold prediction two, Saquon Barkley, top five, amongst running back is a very viable, considering CMCs at two right now and he sucks. Adam Thielen at number three, beating Jefferson in fantasy points, get him for value. Fade Jefferson, get a running back.

Four, Cooper and Sutton beat out Tyreek Hill and Adams. Two on two combined fantasy points, Cooper, and Sutton win in fantasy points by the end of the season. And number five, Matt Ryan, top five, top 10 in fantasy points, amongst quarterbacks. Bold predictions guys. Leave a bold prediction below here on YouTube. Subscribe, thumbs up and get that 16 rounds draft solution.


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