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August 26, 2020
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Fantasy Players to Avoid in 2020 | They Really Suck

Fantasy Football Players to avoid

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Fantasy Football Players that suck for 2020. Avoid these players in this Suckasode!

When you are draft a fantasy football team you really have to be picky and selective. You cannot settle for players that are average or plain just suck. Be sharp when drafting and this is why I created the 16 Rounds draft solution. GET IT HERE:

In this video, I don’t hold back and tell you the players that I feel really suck and have no business being on your roster. Guys like Peyton Barber and John Ross to name a few right here. These guys have had years to wow me and frankly, I am not wowed. You need to avoid these players at all costs as they are a waste of a bench spot. Use that CUDDY system. Consistency, Upside, Durability, depth, and youth. If a player has not wowed us why would you even consider drafting them?

Listen I know these players are in the NFL and they have to be good to even be here, but believe me, for fantasy football, you need to stay away. I also know that winning your fantasy teams is very important to a lot of you and you have to draft that perfect team. You cannot draft that perfect team if you are drafting players that suck. This information is here to help you and guide you to complete and total domination,

So some basic rules if you do nothing else. Be picky when you draft that team. Don’t draft players that suck and be confident in the players you draft. All of this helps in your overall fantasy football draft strategy.

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Joseph Robert
Joseph Robert
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