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July 26, 2020
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Fantasy Football Mock Draft – Early Rd Must Haves 2020

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Fantasy Football Mock draft with the Counselor walking you through the first 5-7 rounds of this draft. A sample size of the 16 Rounds draft solution.

In this mock draft, I share the players I really like in the first 6 rounds of this 12 person draft. This will give you a good idea of who to draft and when to draft them. It really is a sample size of my 16 rounds draft solution course as in the program you will get all my picks for every round. Make sure you grab the draft solution and get that major competitive advantage over the competition this season.

In the first few rounds, I really like Saquon Barkley early on and Jacobs at the end of the first round. I danced around Nick Chubb ( because of Kareem Hunt) and Kenyan Drake because he is really volatile and hard to trust. In the second round, the best value is Todd Gurley as he is the workhorse RB. In the third round, you can get value with Kenny Golladay and David Johnson. David Johnson has a chance to fall to the fourth round but that is a risk of losing him. Leonard Fournette is also great 3rd round value as he is set to get a big workload this NFL season.

In round 5 and 6 you can get amazing value this season. WR 1’s like Chark and TY Hilton are absolute steals here in these rounds and I love them. This is why you can wait for a WR and not on an RB. RB’s in round 5 and after are really slim and are sharing the backfield. In round 6 in this particular mock draft we saw Cam Akers fall and Diggs as well. There was a ton of mid-round value here.

Remember there is other guys I like in the first 6 rounds, and this is a sample size of what I offer in my 16 Rounds course. I highly suggest you grab the course to get that unfair advantage over the competition.

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Joseph Robert
Joseph Robert
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