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August 31, 2020
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September 2, 2020

Fantasy Industry Exposed – 10 Things to know

Fantasy Football Exposed

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Fantasy Football Industry exposed. 10 Things they don’t want you to know.

  1. It’s all about the money
  2. The Mainstream hedges their bets
  3. System is broken
  4. Rankings don’t help you win
  5. No Accountability
  6. They Fear the Lion
  7. Buzz words get views
  8. It’s a Big Boys Club
  9. The “Experts” are fake in real life
  10. Too many big egos

The Fantasy Football Counselor lays out the truth in this video because there is so much wrong with the fantasy football system these days. The wrong people are at the top and things need to change. Everything has to change and adapt to the future and one of them is fantasy football. You will see in this video that draft kits are dead and why they are a thing of the past. You will understand that you have to think outside the box if you want to dominate your leagues. Rankings will not help you at all.

Since the Counselor came in and introduced 16 Rounds draft solution people have been starting to wake up and dominate their leagues. If you go off simply consensus rankings you will not succeed and dominate your leagues. The time for change is now and people need to wake up that the old way of doing things is done. Adapt or be left behind. If you want to dominate your leagues subscribe and stay glued to the Counselor and we go year-round and never let up.

For many of the sheep fantasy experts, fantasy football is a job or a pass time. For Joseph Robert the Counselor it is a way of life. You have to be fully immersed to be giving out advice to the masses. No half-assing fantasy football. It is all about you winning and that’s what matters. That goes with fantasy football and with life!

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Joseph Robert
Joseph Robert
Joseph Robert's outside of the box, LION mentality has created the strongest and most loyal fan base in the fantasy football industry! @fantasyfootballcounselor