NFL Free Agency and Fantasy Impact
March 7, 2020
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March 9, 2020
NFL Free Agency and Fantasy Impact
March 7, 2020
Fantasy Football Rb’s to Avoid – Nick Chubb and Dalvin Cook
March 9, 2020

Fantasy Football WR Sleepers – Top 10 Potential Receivers

Here are some fantasy football WR sleepers with TOP 10 potential. Make sure you target them in your fantasy football draft in 2020!

Joseph Robert: Welcome to the show, everybody. Joseph Robert The Fantasy Football Counselor. We are talking about fantasy football wide receiver sleepers and guys that could break into the top 10 going into 2020 fantasy football. Huge episode in the studio with the bald guy.

Tim: Hi everybody.

Joseph Robert: Huge episode. Are you excited, Tim?

Tim: I am. You know what, though? Wide receivers are so much harder than running backs.

Joseph Robert: No, it so much easier. We’re going to talk about that-

Tim: I disagree.

Joseph Robert: … debate coming up. Let’s get to it.

Welcome to the show, Tim. How cool is our new intro? Do you like that?

Tim: I do. I think it’s awesome.

Joseph Robert: That’s pretty badass. Lion mentality here with Counsel Nation. I’m excited and we are talking about fantasy football sleepers wide receivers that could crack the top 10.

Tim: Do it again. Do the crack.

Joseph Robert: I’m going to crack you in the head is what I’m going to do.

Tim: I’m going to crack you.

Joseph Robert: So I’m excited, Tim. We’re talking wide receivers and I got to tell you, for 2020 fantasy football, the wide receiver pool is deep this year.

Tim: A lot of good incoming rookies.

Joseph Robert: And we’re talking pre-draft. When these NFL rookies come in that are wide receivers that are Jerry Jeudy, guys like that, rugs, it’s going to be super exciting because we’re going to see where they’re going to land and then there could be an immediate fantasy football impact predicated on where they land. I’m excited.

Tim: Now I’m normally not excited about rookie wide receivers coming in because it’s very hard for them to reach a pinnacle number. Michael Thomas is one that kind of stands out. Other than that, it’s really hard to be a big name in the first year. But you can still make a good difference. You can still put up some good points, but really reaching the pinnacle, no.

Joseph Robert: I’m excited man. There can be some really shiny gems you can get later that people will be sleeping on, that could crack the top 10, but we’re not going to talk about rookies right now. We’re talking about guys from last year that could crack the top 10. But before we do that, let’s recap last year’s top finishers. You know who they are. So we’re not going to spend too much time on them in PPR.

And I’m not going to go over the consheepus rankings, because again the copy and paste, we don’t do that here, but let’s talk about it. Michael Thomas, amazing year, 374 fantasy points. Number one wide receiver last year. A lot of that comes from the great quarterback throwing on the ball, but it’s the targets. Once you get a lot of targets, you’re going to get a lot of receptions, once you get a lot of receptions it’s going to convert to fantasy points. That’s what I like about Michael Thomas. He was the most targeted receiver with 185 targets and 149 receptions. Number one in receptions and targets is very hard to top when it comes to getting that much volume.

Tim: This also gave him a high percentage of catches and he was at 80.5%. That’s pretty huge.

Joseph Robert: He’s a great receiver, right? So he finished number one following in number two from a fantasy point perspective was Chris Godwin. Great season followed by Julio Jones, Cooper Kupp, Deandre Hopkins. Keenan Allen, believe it or not, had a good season, pretty decent. Julian … if you stay healthy. Julian Edelman coming in, Al Robinson, Kenny Golladay was really high on Crackle top 10 and Amari Cooper to round that out. Surprisingly, honorable mention finished 11th and was a big sleeper last year, Devante Parker finishing 11th there. I saw the upside with Parker, but man, I didn’t expect 11th that was pretty impressive there. So Tim, you’ve got a list here of players that could crack the top 10.

Tim: When we did the intro, I said wide receivers are so much harder to gauge and you disagree.

Joseph Robert: I mean you just said just harder, in general, to study or something. I didn’t understand what you were meaning. I guess to gauge there’s some volatility there.

Tim: The point differentiation between the 10th finisher and the 24th is only 34 points. That is not hard to get so it’s very easy to move up and down and that’s what I’m talking about. It’s very easy for a guy to just add five, ten points and jump like three-four spots in some cases. So that’s why I say it’s kind of hard. The only guy I really see dropping off of this one is Golladay. He’s the only one that I could see easily dropping off. His catch percentage is horrible. 56%.

Joseph Robert: Can we just give Kenny Golladay a little bit of credit? He had like 10 different quarterbacks throwing him the ball and they weren’t Matt Stafford. Matt Stafford coming back healthy. I think the chemistry gets better. I think he has a better year this year. I really do.

Tim: I hope so. But that 56% sticks out to me. 11 touchdowns as well, which is really good on such a low number of receptions there.

Joseph Robert: I like him. I like Golladay. So who can crack the top 10?

Tim: Of course there’s a bunch. Mike Evans finished 15th with only 13 games. He could easily do it. Davante Adams’s full 16 games should easily crack the top 10.

Joseph Robert: Adams, I like this year. I think people will be sleeping on him.

Tim: I know you like this one, Deebo Samuel.

Joseph Robert: Deebo Samuel currently sitting I think 43rd or 40th on the consensus rankings. People will be sleeping on Deebo, he’s a great receiver.

Tim: Not just that, he was actually used fairly, I don’t want to say a lot as a rusher, but he was used as a running back-

Joseph Robert: Out in the backfield, running the ball.

Tim: He actually put up 30 points from rushing.

Joseph Robert: He’s good.

Tim: If that continued on, that’s a nice little bump in his numbers as well. And of course, you’ve got to give a nod to JuJu. I mean he sucked bad last year.

Joseph Robert: That was a Big Ben thing so that’s probably the reason.

Tim: So he’s a guy that could easily move up and if his value is low, you’d be nuts not to grab Juju. Another guy that I actually slept on myself, I wasn’t even thinking of him and I know you don’t like him and the whole situation last year, Tyree Hill.

Joseph Robert: Tyreek Hill’s good. He should definitely be in the top 10.

Tim: He could easily do it. He’s on such an amazing offensive team. There’s no problem there.

Joseph Robert: I hesitated there because I’m just thinking about this whole situation there. Is he going to get the volume next year and that is going to be more of a factor. That’s a bit of a concern. They might spread the ball around more, but Tyreek Hill should be safe and solid. And then you’ve got all the suspension stuff in the … he’s been a suspect player off-field, is that going to affect him. When he said Tyreek I just thought about it. Not a guy I trust

Tim: That’s probably why I didn’t really think of him. I just actually added him right before the show. Oh my God, Tyreek Hill, how did I miss him?

Joseph Robert: He fell off last year because of his injury and that’s why he finished 32nd amongst wide receivers. And again, I want to see more volume so I’m hesitant. 89 targets and part of that is because of the injury. So let’s say the injury wasn’t there, he would’ve had, averaging around pacing, 120 total targets? It’s okay. I need a huge volume getter and I think Tyreek will be considered an earlier draft pick. But I don’t know if I trust him. But he could definitely crack the top 10.

Tim: That’s really all I got man. Like I say, there are so many guys you could make a case for because-

Joseph Robert: I’m making some cases.

Tim: It’s so easy to jump positions, but those are my guys.

Joseph Robert: I’m going to reach here a little bit on some of these guys, but these guys could definitely crack the top 10. Courtland Sutton, what do you think? We met Drew Lock at the NFL draft … by the way, we’re going to be at the NFL draft in Vegas, so make sure you guys hit us up on my Instagram at fantasy football counseling, my DM with the title, Vegas so I know and maybe we can meet up. We’re going to be everywhere.

Tim: We got some things cooking there. We’re not talking about that. There’s definitely some potential to meet up, especially with some of the people we already know.

Joseph Robert: Definitely it’s going to be exciting. Courtland Sutton, Lock could be a connection. Finished 19th in PPR so he could definitely crack the top 10. A.J. Brown finished 21st amongst wide receivers. Not that exciting, a bit of a long shot here. But if he gets in the groove, you never know right? Michael Gallup depends on what happens with the Amari Cooper, if he stays, if he goes, Gallup could be a primary target finishing 22nd amongst wide receivers last season could get a nice rise. Davante Adams, I definitely agree man. He had just had a terrible season. Now a lot of that is because they did focus on the run. That is why Aaron Jones thrived because Adams was hurt for the majority of the season and missed about four games and I just think …

Joseph Robert: I don’t know what it was man, Rogers wasn’t Rogers last year. I don’t know what it was. It’s just he wasn’t jiving, wasn’t grooving with, does anyone even use that word anymore? Jiving?

Tim: Jive ass turkey.

Joseph Robert: I don’t know it just came to me. Davonte Adams, definitely a guy who’s going to crack the top 10. Calvin Ridley, I think a lot of people are going to be sleeping on him. I think he’s a great receiver.

Tim: No.

Joseph Robert: What do you mean?

Tim: I cannot say anybody would sleep on him, but the combination with her and Julio Jones and last year there was one week Calvin would be the big guy, next week it was Julio. So I can’t say anybody would sleep on him and I don’t see his share increasing that much.

Joseph Robert: I mean it’s a long shot because the year before he had 10 touchdowns 821 yards finished 22nd. So yeah, it is a bit of a long shot. That was in 2018. 2019 had a bit of a … not as good of a season actually.

Tim: Don’t get me wrong-

Joseph Robert: 27th.

Tim: He’s a great receiver. I just don’t know if he’s got enough there with Julio being there to crack that top 10. That’s still a great pickup.

Joseph Robert: That’s another issue that consheepus currently have Mike Evans and Godwin in the top 10 and I just hate when you have two receivers.

Tim: On the same team.

Joseph Robert: That finished pretty much top 10 the year before cracking the top 10. That’s a big issue for me because you know with the Winston situation, he may not be their new quarterback, I don’t know what’s going to happen there with the quarterback situation. Is a running game going to be enough to take the load off and the pressure off the receivers? It’s this whole suspect situation with Tampa right now to have them both sitting in top 10 is a little suspect for me.

I think one of them happens … one of them cracks it. We don’t know who, but it is really weird that Evans is technically the wide receiver one and Godwin finished ahead of him last season. So, very interesting. Evan’s finished out of the top 10 but may crack the top 10 this year. Another guy, this is a very big long shot. There are two long shots here but you never know and this is what I’m talking about. We took that fantasy football wide receiver sleepers. I mean these guys have the ceiling. Terry McLaurin finished 29th last year amongst wide receivers. It’s going to be very interesting to see what happens to him. 919 receiving yards, 93 receptions, sorry, 93 targets for 50 receptions. That’s pretty impressive. So Terry McLaurin, a guy you may want to consider to get him and again we don’t know where he’s going to be falling. Maybe six seventh round. It’s an offsite, especially if there’s going to be a quarterback battle there.

If they acquire a new quarterback, rookie Ham Haskins. Very interesting. Going to be a high upside situation.

Tim: Needs to be targeted a little more. The TD numbers are pretty damn good. So just more targets.

Joseph Robert: And total long shot here but I’m going to throw this out here. A lot of people might roll their eyes and raise their eyebrows, but a bit of a long shot, I mean to crack the top 10 a bit of a reach but hey why not, Christian Kirk. Finished 38th amongst wide receivers last season. Very interesting. 107 target. So Kyler now who’s going to be more comfortable in the pocket, going to be more of a comfortable quarterback in general and that offense is going to be a little more potent, a little more exciting. Could end up targeting Christian Kirk more and putting him into that wide receiver one contention.

Tim: That’s a huge reach as far as cracking top 10 but I definitely see a big increase in his numbers or position at least like finishing 38th only three touchdowns. That really hurt him last year. You double or triple those touchdowns, which is very easy to do. Boom, he’s in the game.

Joseph Robert: He’s exciting. And we’re going to do a whole full sleep rep, so we’re going to do a bunch of them as we get close to this season and it’s going to be super exciting. But I just want to talk about guys that could crack the top 10. All right, so Tim, is there anything else you want to talk about? Any of the guys that will crack the top 10?

Tim: Dude, there’s so many that could. Like I say, it’s so easy to jump 10 positions when you’re talking wide receivers because it’s only differentiated by like 20 30 points in a lot of cases, which is not hard to gain. You can make a case for almost anybody that’s listed in the top 40 right now.

Joseph Robert: I’m excited, man. Wide receivers, really deep. We didn’t mention Odell Beckham. Do you think he’ll crack the top 10?

Tim: He’s always got an opportunity. I know you don’t like him. But you know what? He’s a consistent enough player in a year long. I’m not a big fan of him either, so I’m not going to say crack the top 10 no, but I’m going to say at the right ADP he’s a good pickup.

Joseph Robert: Why do I dislike Odell Beckham Jr? I got to tell you, Tim, I got to talk to this camera here and tell you why I dislike him. Because he’s a master manipulator. He manipulated you to believe that he’s a fantastic great wide receiver. He manipulated you to believe … he manipulated the sheep, not meat. I want to get this straight here, Tim.

He manipulated the consensus to draft him in the first round three years in a row. This is terrible. Three years in a row, Tim. Drafted in the first round, three years in a row he busted and this year he’s sitting 11th amongst wide receivers consheepus do not learn.

Tim: No, you’re right. When it comes to him, no.

Joseph Robert: Fool me once. What is it? Shame on me or shame on you fool me twice shame on me fool me three times, I’m an idiot. It’s over. So it’s crazy, man. I don’t even know what to tell ya.

Tim: What’s going to make him change this year people? Why do you see the increase? Oh, is Baker going to be that much better? Is it all going to go down this year? No.

Joseph Robert: I mean for me four times it is game over. That’s all I got to say about Odell Beckham Jr.

Tim: He’s a good pickup at a good ADP. Am I paying a first or second-round price on him? No.

Joseph Robert: No, absolutely not. All right, Tim, that wraps it up. I mean there’s a ton of content coming your way. Smash a thumbs up, click subscribe, leave a comment and I’m telling you, this is the place to be. The number one fantasy football podcast. Going to be absolutely crushing it for you guys. Giving you guys advice that will help you guys dominate your leagues. My mission, Tim’s mission, is for you guys to crush your leads. Not even just win your leads, but absolutely destroy them.

Tim: We do the work so you don’t have to.

Joseph Robert: Is that a new saying now? It almost kind of sounds like home hardware … a home refurbishing kind of store.

Tim: Yeah, that makes sense. It sounds familiar.

Joseph Robert: A home decor store or something like that.

Tim: Maybe it was a slogan years ago. I’m just so old.

Joseph Robert: The home decor store. So what is it?

Tim: We do the work so you don’t have to.

Joseph Robert: There you go. Can you refurbish my kitchen cabinets there, Tim? All right, we are out. We will talk soon guys. Subscribe and we’re back!

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