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Fantasy Football Rb’s to Avoid – Nick Chubb and Dalvin Cook

Avoid these Fantasy Football Running Backs

Nick Chubb and Dalvin Cook are two Fantasy Football Rb’s to avoid in 2020. The Fantasy Football Counselor explains why. We want you to avoid the potential pitfall of drafting a fantasy football bust.

While the mainstream have these guys in the TOP 10, the Counselor sees things much differently. The reasons in this video reinforce why you must stay away from these running backs going into fantasy football 2020.

There are many reasons on why you must avoid these two guys. Let’s start off with Dalvin Cook, because he hasn’t finished a season his entire career. Playing only 15 games in his first two seasons and then didn’t end up finishing they last season. He is also waiting on a mega contract and will probably hold out unless he gets paid. Overrated is the best word to describe him and his fantasy football value going into 2020. The Counselor believes he should not be overpaid.

As for Nick Chubb, the mainstream are ranking his based on last years stats. Yes Chubb had a good season, but that was before Kareem Hunt came back. Hunt game in and outscored Chubb in ppr in more of the games they played together. I would stay away from this situation if Hunt comes back. You can’t rank Chubb so high based on a season where Hunt was out for 10 games. This is why you have to make sure you are following the Counselor becuase he won’t copy and paste last years rankings.

While these guys may seem attractive to draft for 2020, you have to avoid them at all costs. Every year things change you and you have to adapt to the changes. What goes up must comes down. These two have not proven that they can perform on this level year in and year out. Dalvin Cook has shown he is more injury prone than consistent. We believe history tells a story and that story cannot be ignored.

We know you have a lot on the line when it comes to fantasy football. From bragging rights to maybe even money. You have to be really picky with the players you select to be on your roster.

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