Fantasy Football Mock Draft 2020
March 27, 2020
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March 28, 2020
Fantasy Football Mock Draft 2020
March 27, 2020
Fantasy Football 2020 Impact – Devin Singletary
March 28, 2020

Fantasy Football 2020 | Ezekiel Elliott Fantasy Impact

The Fantasy Football Impact of Ezekiel Elliott for 2020

Special guest and Dallas Cowboys expert Laws Nation joins us today!

Welcome to the show, everybody. Joseph Robert, The Fantasy Football Counselor. I’m super excited about today’s show. We are talking about Zeke Elliott, Ezekiel Elliott’s fantasy football impact. There’s a ton of questions including Tony Pollard being there. We got Amari Cooper signing the big deal. Are they going to throw the ball more? New coaching. I got so many questions, and I’ve got the best source for the Cowboys right here. Law for Law Nation. He is a Dallas Cowboys authority, and guys, I want to introduce him here to you.

Joseph Robert: I’m going to be bringing in a lot of authorities from different YouTube channels that live and breathe their team to give you guys more value and more insight to help you guys for your fantasy football leagues. What is going on, Law?

Law: Man, everything. The sun and the moon, man. And I’m trying to shine with them. On top of that, I really appreciate you for allowing me to speak on your beautiful platform.

Joseph Robert: Thank you.

Law: Especially with that name. Man, we got to talk about the origin of that name. Fantasy Football Counselor, meaning that you’re going to help people out to the bottom of it. And I’m telling people right now, if you are a new listener, a new follower, man oh man, this guy is a counselor. And I’m sitting in the seat.

Joseph Robert: You know what’s funny? When I first came up with this name, which was about three and a half years ago, there wasn’t a lot of people with these, I don’t want to say weirder names, but names that kind of popped out. Now there’s a Mechanic, now there’s a Dentist, now there’s the Fantasy Football Social Worker. There is a name for every … It’s ridiculous.

But when I first came out with the Counselor, it really popped out. When I was coming up with it I’m like, “Does that sound kind of weird? Is this going to be off?” And sure enough, it’s worked out. It’s trademarked, it’s good, and it’s worked out. So yeah, and it is giving analysis. It fits in perfectly.

Law: It fits in, man, so people know where they need to go when they want to tune into some information for the nation as relates to fantasy football. That’s good. I’m on this platform, and we’re going to talk what? Cowboys.

Joseph Robert: We’re talking Dallas Cowboys, specifically I want to focus on in this episode, and we’re going to bring you back because we want to tease the listeners and know there’s a lot more coming this way in regards to every single team. Particularly the Cowboys, but I want to talk about Zeke Elliot and his fantasy football impact. I’ve got some questions for you specifically.

Now, I’ve looked at his stats. I’m going to pull them up here on my own. And guys, I’m just looking at some stats on my own, because I can’t remember every single thing. But this guy is consistent year in, year out. We’re looking at about 300 attempts. Pollard dipped into him a little bit last year, but still, Zeke’s always maintaining that 300 attempt type thing. My first question is, is Pollard, is he going to be a bit of a thorn in regards to fantasy production? Is he going to steal those pass-catching opportunities or some goal-line work? How do you see this playing out? Is it more of a committee? What’s the percentage in regards to split volume?

Law: It’s hard to gauge because last year we know we had Jason Garrett as the head coach and vanilla as vanilla ice cream. Meaning no flavor. You know what you were going to get. On top of that, if you look at his snap counts, that’s the collective view that you want to look at Ezekiel Elliott. His snap count, because he can catch the ball out of the backfield. Guess what? What if I told you like Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Ezekiel Elliott had more snaps last year than he ever had in his entire career.

Joseph Robert: Really? I wouldn’t think that.

Law: More snaps. That’s crazy. Meaning that he was used a lot. So, I look at it like they went out this offseason and picked up Skip Peete. Who is Skip Peete? You remember a couple of years ago the Dallas Cowboys played in the playoff game against the LA Rams. Do you remember that game?

Joseph Robert: Right.

Law: There was a guy name CJ Anderson, and another guy named Todd Gurley, who’s now gone to Atlanta land. They ran all over the Dallas Cowboys with two back sack.

Joseph Robert: I remember that.

Law: Yeah, so the implications of that or what I would like to say is the way you can look at is that Ezekiel Elliott’s collective numbers might drop as relates to fantasy production, but I would still pick him first. Because guess what? I think that the creativity of Mike McCarthy will be able to utilize him, and the money’s on the red zone green zone. And I think that he would give you those points as it relates to that opportunity because I think that Mike McCarthy is a better head to shoulder coach than dare I say a Jason Garrett.

Joseph Robert: Are they going to be pushing more to throw? Do you feel that now that they’ve invested in Amari. Dak, there’s this chip on his shoulder now. It’s like, “Okay, he hasn’t been paid fully to where he needs to be paid.” That’s a whole other discussion here. I guess we could talk about that for hours because I went off on my Instagram. If you guys haven’t followed, I went off on Carson Wentz, because I truly believe he didn’t deserve getting the pay that he did. He was paid prematurely, but that’s a whole other topic.

And the Eagles’ fans were coming at me. It was funny. Go look at that. It was like 800 comments on an Instagram post about the Eagles’ fans, and I was just laughing it off because I came at Carson Wentz. But anyway, besides the fact, do you think they’re going to throw more is my question. And then again, that could affect Zeke. I am concerned here. The new coach, Amari investment, possibly throwing more of the pressure on Dak to maybe perform more. How do you think it’s going to play out?

Law: With the west coast offense, I think they’re going to throw more. Believe it or not, Ezekiel Elliott the previous year before last year he had 77 receptions, and then this year or past year he had 54 receptions. But I’m not looking at the droppage, but what I’m looking at is how they utilize Ezekiel Elliott. And I’m also looking at how Skip Peete utilized CJ Anderson, and on top of that how he utilized Todd Gurley. And before that he was also coaching for the Chicago Bears.

There was this guy. Man, his name is at the tip of my tongue. He wore number 22 for the Chicago Bears.

Joseph Robert: Was he offense?

Law: No, running back. Running back.

Joseph Robert: Running back for the Bears.

Law: For the Bears.

Joseph Robert: Matt Forte.

Law: Matt Forte. Common, that’s who he reminds me of Common.

Joseph Robert: Yeah, Matt Forte.

Law: Matt Forte.

Joseph Robert: PPR stud.

Law: Matt Forte was good. He was a stud. Look how the Chicago Bears utilized him. He caught the ball in the backfield. He scored when he needed to in the money zone or red zone. I call that the money zone. So I’m looking at Ezekiel Elliott. He can catch the ball, he got soft hands. So I’m looking at his total production will increase from the fact that he’s going to get the ball more out of the passing situation because we’re going to be in more west coast concepts.

Joseph Robert: Pollard is bothering me. I’m looking at this, though. 86 attempts, but again, Zeke’s still staying consistent in and around that 300 attempt range, which I like. 455 yards on the ground. Pollard actually had five-point three yards per carry. A little more than Zeke, but again, Zeke had more volume. So that’s going to go down. Four-point five yards per carry.

Joseph Robert: Again, I’m bothered a little bit by Pollard. But again, every team needs depth, right?

Law: Right.

Joseph Robert: You can’t deny that. Again, you don’t think he’s going to be a thorn. So you’re still comfortable with Zeke Elliott as first, your RB1 top five, top-three pick. You’re cool with that?

Law: Right, I’m cool with it, because at the end of the day Jerry Wayne Jones, he got to still tickets, and he got to make the justification of why he gave dare I say Ezekiel Elliott $90 million.

Joseph Robert: Correct, he’s going to run him.

Law: Yeah, he’s going to run him, and he’s going to want the coach to utilize him because he’s going to have to make the justification. I do know that football is football, but political football is still existing. Do you see? So, that’s just how it’s going to go.

Joseph Robert: I’m going to put you on the spot here, but it makes the show more interesting. Now, take the bias out of it. Would you say that Zeke Elliott, and again, I hate to put you on the spot here, because you may-

Law: No worries.

Joseph Robert: .. or may not something you may regret. Is Zeke Elliott the best running back in the game? No pressure here, because I know they’re [sack one 00:08:12], they’re CMC. Where do you put Zeke Elliott? You follow him a lot. Talent level all around. He’s arguable the best running back in the game, right? Your opinion.

Law: In my opinion, yes, because he gives you things that we don’t see, and things that don’t show up on the stat sheet. Blocking, picking up the blitz, or coming in through the A gap. He can do those particular things, and not only do that, he’s a safety valve. I think that he’s a momentum type of runner, meaning that he gains his strength throughout the actual game or the quarters there.

But Ezekiel Elliott at times, last year he started off slow. And we already know what happened with that. Holding out of Cabo. Had that Cabo … So, Ezekiel Elliott compared to a Saquon Barkley. Saquon can give you the squeeze. He can give you the wiggle, but I don’t think that Saquon can give you the block action like Ezekiel.

Law: Now CMC, oh my goodness. The kid can do just about everything.

Joseph Robert: Crazy, yeah. Crazy good.

Law: Crazy, but he’s no Ezekiel Elliott if I can say that. But he’s still crazy good, though.

Joseph Robert: Yeah, I’m torn between those three guys, and I can’t make up my mind.

Law: I’m surprised. I’m surprised you left out the kid from Minnesota.

Joseph Robert: Oh, Dalvin Cook. I’m not a Dalvin Cook fan. I got to tell you, you may call me a Dalvin Cook hater. For me for fantasy, it’s about durability. That’s why I love Zeke Elliott because he’s rock solid. Knock on wood. He’s rock solid. He’s close to bulletproof. Yeah, him and Christian McCaffrey have bene bulletproof lately.

Joseph Robert: Saquon had a bit of an injury, but he’ll bounce back. He’s got a terrible O line. But yeah, Dalvin Cook I’m not sold. I feel like he’s on his last legs literally. Near the end of the season, you saw him fall apart yet again. Hasn’t finished a full season.

I think he blew his load. I think he went out there. He’s like, “I’m going to go out there, and I’m going to prove myself. This is it. I want to get my payday.” And he’s now threatening to hold out. And again, I’m a bit of an ass when it comes to players. Sometimes I don’t look at them as a real person. I look at them just forgive me my fantasy points, and I don’t like Dalvin Cook because of that. So I’m a bit of a Dalvin hater when it comes to that.

Again, it’s not personal. It’s fantasy, and I rip on players for that if you’re new to my stuff.

Law: Hey, players are commodities, man. Shoot. And trust me, I’m like this. I love the known commodity. So with Ezekiel Elliott, his rap sheet or his historical data shows that he doesn’t get injured. I’m going to knock on some wood.

Joseph Robert: Knock on wood.

Law: Only thing that slowed Ezekiel Elliott down was Roger Goodell putting his toe in the water, and as well with Jason Garrett. I think too, I know that everybody loves, I’m talking about with capital L-O-V-E, love Kellen Moore, but I don’t think that Kellen Moore knew how to call and draw up running plays, too. So it was growing pains with him. If that makes any sense.

Joseph Robert: I want to just go off on a quick tangent. We shouldn’t talk about this. We were going to talk a little bit about the wide receiver. Before I get into that guys, I want you to leave a comment below and let us know who Law looks like. He looks relatively familiar, especially if you’re a basketball fan. So leave a comment below. Let us know. You probably get that a lot.

Law: I get it all the time.

Joseph Robert: I won’t say who it is. I won’t spoil it. So here’s the question. Now, I think they could have used the money elsewhere. Amari Cooper’s a stud. There’s only a handful of wide receivers that are great, and I think it’s still a smart move they paid him. But don’t you think Gallup. I want to have this debate, and this is how I’ve been feeling. I’ve watched Gallup play, and I think he’s great. When he catches the ball, he runs with heart. He’s got a nose for the end zone. He just gets the yards after the catch. I like Gallup.

My first question is was he drafted to potentially be a wide receiver one on the Cowboys? And number two, could he be a wide receiver one if Amari wasn’t there? Does he have that type of talent?

Law: Gallup will speak every volumes of what’s that kid that played for the, I want to say, the Pittsburgh Steelers? When AB left it was like, “Okay, here-

Joseph Robert: JuJu-

Law: … you go … JuJu. So, I’m not saying that they are similar, but I think that they both are not ready. I think that when I look back at the All-22 film, and I look at every tape of Michael Gallup, those spectacular catches. That was against what? The number two DB, sometimes the third DB. And I look at the coverages that was out there on the field. Everybody, mama, uncle cousin rode coverages toward Amari Cooper’s side.

Joseph Robert: Of course, yeah.

Law: So, I don’t think that Michael Gallup is ready for that number one action, because I think he had what? 11 drops last year. We talk about Amari Cooper drops, but people fail to realize that Michael Gallup even versus the number two or the number three defensive back, he’s dropping those balls. He’s going to have to correct that. But I like Gallup, though. Shout out to him.

Joseph Robert: Yeah, he’s talented.

Law: I think eventually another maybe two or three years down the line he can be a number one.

Joseph Robert: Who’s going to replace the slot now? Who’s going to play out of the slot now for the Cowboys’ wide receiver?

Law: I’m glad you mentioned. Guess who played some slot action in college and some wide receiver play in college?

Joseph Robert: Who’s that?

Law: TP, Tony Pollard.

Joseph Robert: Really? They’re going to use him out of the slot. That’ll be interesting.

Law: That will be very. But I don’t know the directions of this particular team. I heard that Curtis Samuel was out there on the trading block. And I said the other day is that there’s two phases of the free agency. There’s the front end before the draft, and then there’s … Well, actually three. The first week of free agency. That’s when all the crème de la crème guys go, and then the second week that’s when the prices drop. And then after the draft there’s that wave of the free agency.

So if, and I’m talking about a big I-F, if the Cowboys cannot get the person that they really want in this particular draft as it relates to slot receiver, then they can probably entertain the Curtis Samuel for a fourth round draft pick or a fifth-round or what have you. If he’s still on the market. That could be our slot guy.

Joseph Robert: Is their O line still that bulletproof O line going into 2020 season? Is there any holes they need to address in the draft and right now? He’s good, right? He’s protected. He should be good?

Law: Well, we got Connor McGovern. He’s a guy that’s on this team that they drafted last year. He’s flexible. Position flex is a wonderful situation to have. He can play center. He can give you some guard action, but I’m with the belief that experience is everything.

Look, you the counselor here. You can teach people all day on how to swim. You can show them in a book. You can have stories about, “Hey, this is what you do when you get into the water.” But until that person get into the water, that’s the only time that they would know how to actually swim. You got to get in the water. So, Connor McGovern, he got to get in that water first.

Let Joe Looney, that’s the center that subbed in and stepped in for Travis Frederick when he was gone the first time. He did a good job there. He may be your starting center. And Connor McGovern, he might be your starting left guard. And they might flip flop back and forth with him and Connor William, who’s coming back from an ACL tear.

Joseph Robert: I put you on the spot. I know today’s focus was Zeke, but there’s a lot of tools around Zeke. I’ll end this, and I don’t know if any Eagles’ fans are watching. And again, I’m not being biased. I don’t hate the Eagles. I just thought Carson Wentz was … Everyone thinks I hate the Eagles. No, I think Carson Wentz was overpaid prematurely. $128 million deal and he didn’t finish the season. The guy can’t stay healthy, but that’s besides the point here.

The point I’m trying to make is I think in this division if you’re looking at Eagles, and I know there’s a rivalry between the Cowboys, the Cowboys have a much better team on paper right now. The Eagles don’t even have a receiver right now. I think they’re going to be in trouble unless they address the wide receiver position and the draft. Miles Sanders is great. Is he going to be the full workhouse back? I don’t think he’s on Zeke level. Nowhere near it. It’s going to be interesting to see, but Eagles need a lot of work in this draft.

Law: They do. I heard the news out there that they are looking at Sammy Watkins, I believe.

Joseph Robert: I’m not excited, man.

Law: Yeah, but he’s probably be better than a Nelson Agholor. I think he can probably catch a little bit better than him, right?

Joseph Robert: Yes. I have a saying, and I know Watkins was really good coming out of college. And I get the talent. I’m not disregarding that, but I fantasy I have a saying. Years to wow me lost, and I’m not wowed. And I have the saying. So if a guy has years to me, and I’m not wowed, I’m not excited about him. Another guy just doesn’t excite me. Give me an east guy, a guy that’s producing. Show me the money. Show me the results, really.

Law: Now, from a fantasy perspective, and I know we’re talking about the Sheagles. Oh, I’m sorry. The Eagles. Every time I say the name I got to say Sheagles or filthy. It just comes out naturally.

Joseph Robert: Yeah, I’m going to use those. I’m going to use that, yeah.

Law: But shout out to them, though. Didn’t you guys get a lot of fantasy points off of Miles Sanders?

Joseph Robert: Miles Sanders is good. I actually like him. I’m just not sold on him being the guy. Is he going to be the workhorse back? I think they’re going to bring another guy to compliment him. But yeah, near the end of the season. I love Miles Sanders right now if the situation stays the way that it does, and I really highly doubt that it will. Similar to the Devon Singletary over in Buffalo. Great talent. Smaller sized guy. I don’t believe Buffalo is sold on him being the workhorse guy, and that’s why I’m going in talking to specific analysts, specific guys in each team so they can break down and give me a little more detail in regard to the situation.

Joseph Robert: And again, I thank you for being on. You answered the question is Pollard going to be a thorn. Do you think Zeke is still going to produce on a high level? He’s paid to produce on a high level. He is the man there, and Zeke will continue to eat.

Law: Oh yeah. Gon’ eat Zeke. Feed the baby, right?

Joseph Robert: Well thanks for being on. Guys, check him out. How do they find you? Can you give us all your social links, please?

Law: Oh yes, you can find me at L-A-W nation. That’s on YouTube. As well as L-A-W-S nation on Facebook, Twitter, and as well as Instagram. Support the nation at L-A-W-S nation at PayPal. And just look at it like this Cowboy nation. We spit the real over here. Raw, uncut, unfiltered, and it’s just me. It’s just me. That’s how it goes. No producers.

Joseph Robert: Keeping it real, and that’s what I like about guys like us out there hustling and bringing you the best possible value we can, so that you guys can win, dominate, and in your case, just have the most inside information on a team that you could possibly get right from the source.

Law: Yes, indeed.

Joseph Robert: Thank you.

Law: One way or another.

Joseph Robert: Thank you for being on. We’re going to get you on more often. We really appreciate it, and Zeke Elliott, guys, is still going to be a top-three running back easily. You heard it right here. Thank you, Law.

Law: Salute.

Joseph Robert: Talk soon.

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