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Alvin Kamara Fantasy Football Impact and Outlook 2020
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Fantasy Football Mock Draft 2020 – 6th Pick Overall

Fantasy Football Mock Draft

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The Counselor walks you through the first 5 rounds of a fantasy football mock draft using the robust RB strategy. This will give you a lot of insight and help you build a solid base for your roster.

Welcome, everybody. Joseph Robert, the Fantasy Football Counselor. Super excited we are doing a fantasy football mock draft 2020. We are picking with the sixth pick, 12 person league right here, right now, and I’m super excited to share with you guys the robust RB strategy. Now I’ve talked about this before. I’ve been talking about this for years, and the crazy mainstream consheepsus, and I’m wearing my consheepsus shirt today, always tell you, “Hey man, guess what? You’ve got to go zero RB.” Who even came up with the zero RB strategy? What kind of idiot came up with that? I’ve been preaching the robust RB strategy for years, and they actually called me crazy. Now everybody’s starting to come on board saying, “Yeah, we’ve got to load up on the more scarce position because there’s nobody left after the fifth, sixth round.” Of course, you dummies. Now listen, I wouldn’t share with you guys a strategy that I wouldn’t actually use, so I’m telling you guys, this works. You need to load up on the most scarce positions. So you’re doing two things. You’re loading up on the most scarce position, that is the running back position, and you’re taking away viable, solid running backs to minimal committees. So what is the robust RB? Loading up on as many running backs as you can the first four rounds. Yes, four rounds. That are in minimal committee and taking them off the boards so somebody else doesn’t get them, okay? It’s very simple, guys.

So what I’m going to do here, guys, if you’re in the car, guys, make sure you guys are paying attention because I just want to walk through every single pick and every round. There is real people in this draft, so we’re drafting with real people. I don’t know how good these people are. Some of them are going to probably take a kicker in the first round, but that shouldn’t alter or stray away or ruin the ADP, so stick with me, guys, this is going to be entertaining. And make sure you guys smash that thumbs up, it means the world to me, and leave a comment below. I’ll get to as many questions as I possibly can. Leave them below. Keeping it real with you guys, and of course, guys, subscribe and get the 16 Round Draft Solution if you guys want all my players optimized in each round, omitting and getting rid of all those players that are going to potentially bust.

And I’ve called it for years. Last year I said, “Don’t draft Odell in the first round. Don’t draft AB in the second round. Don’t draft Le’Veon Bell in the first round. Don’t draft Damian Williams in the second round. Don’t draft these guys” And I’m really good at spotting out guys that could potentially bust. So I explained all of that, all on a silver platter for you guys in the 16 Round Draft Solution.

All right. Round by round, I’ve got the draft board up here. I’m going to walk through every single pick. So let’s start off with the famous first round. Again, winning a championship is not based on the first round, but you’ve got to make sure you get the first round right, and obviously, I’m going to go with running backs. So let’s see who’s available in the sixth round. Now, Christian McCaffrey, Zeke Elliot coming off the board, pretty obvious. Followed by Saquon. Now I’ve got Saquon ahead of Christian McCaffrey. Take a look at my rankings at Should be updating them shorty as well also.

Round 1

All right. So Christian McCaffrey, Ezekiel Elliott, Saquon Barkley. We’re waiting on pick number four. Obviously, guys, I’m going to go with a running back, so I’m going to go ahead and filter out my running backs, okay? I do like Kamara here this year, he is due for a contract year. All right, so there’s Dalvin Cook, Alvin Kamara. So I can’t even believe it, it’s like a gift, Derrick Henry, who is my second running back this year, I get him, I get him sixth. So that’s the type of value. Now if you miss out on Derrick Henry, you could go Alvin Kamara here. I’m giving you the full fantasy football draft strategy for the first five rounds, by the way, guys, okay? I’d almost consider going Josh Jacobs, because a lot of people go Michael Thomas and they’ll draft on ADP, and that’s now how I roll, okay?

So if you’re looking at all players, Michael Thomas, Adams, and Mixon are the next on ADP, which is insane because Josh Jacobs I like ahead of all those guys, and people will draft on ADP. There goes Nick Chubb, a guy that is sharing a backfield with a guy that outscored him, Kareem Hunt. My mind is blown here why Nick Chubb is going in the first round. It’s crazy. Yes, there’s a chance that he could run the ball. I know the coach there ran the ball in Minnesota, he’s going to run the ball again with Chubb. I get it. I get it. But listen, man, why would I go with Nick Chubb when I know Kareem Hunt is there? And Kareem Hunt is just as good, he was the rushing leader in 2017. Why would I risk it when I can get a guy that I know is going to get that production? Alvin Kamara finished top 10. This is like, what? Three years in a row. He’s still going to get that production, he’s still going to get his 80 receptions. A lot safer than Nick Chubb. Derrick Henry, he’s the workhorse, guys, there’s nobody there, right? Why would I waste a pick on Nick Chubb knowing Kareem Hunt is there? Oh my God.

And the consheepsus keep telling you it’s a smart move. It’s just not. Okay, so Derrick Henry at sixth, Nick Chubb, Michael Thomas, Devante Adams, Joe Mixon. Joe Mixon’s got a lot of upsides. The problem with Joe Mixon is that he’s in a suspect offense, guys. He’s in a suspect offense. New quarterback, AJ Green coming back, how’s he going to do? He’s been hurt for years, he just hasn’t been in the groove. So I don’t trust that offense. That offense could be high octane, but we don’t know. Then comes Tyreek Hill, Mr. Volatile. The guy will probably finish with a lot of points. He’ll probably finish with 250, 300 points PPR, but the problem is he’s going to have a 40 point game, then he’s going to have a two-point game, and he still has his off-field issues, he still has the injuries in the past. Why would I invest a first-round pick?

And this is great. Guys, when you see this stuff, when you see people drafting on ADP, this is where I get giddy. This is where I get excited because these guys are drafting players that I wouldn’t draft. Okay, leave me all the workhorse running backs, I’m going to load up on four running backs in the first four rounds, and I’m going to show you guys how many wide receivers are still available after the fourth round. You’ll be like, “Oh my God, Joe. All I’ve got to do is fill out two wide receiver spots. Spots are three, and there are all these wide receiver ones there?” Guys, I’ve hacked it. I’ve hacked the entire game here, and I’m giving you a sneak peek into this and I’m giving you guys, I’m handing you guys the first five rounds right here, right now for you guys, okay?

Again, if you want the sleepers, the breakouts, my full strategy, my thought process, everything’s available. If you want to genuinely support the channel because I’m putting my heart and soul in this for you guys, click on the link below, get the 16 Round Draft Solution. Scrap the draft kits, scrap … Anyone selling you a draft kit is an idiot. You can go and tell them, “The Counselor said you’re an idiot.” Because draft kits are dead, the future has arrived. First-ever and only video training, guys. 16 Rounds. Get it at or link below.

All right. Let’s keep moving on. So the first round is done, it ended off with Mixon, Tyreek Hill, and DeAndre Hopkins. Moving on to the second round. Julio Jones, Aaron Jones, Pat Mahomes, Kenyan Drake, and Josh Jacobs. I can’t believe Josh Jacobs fell this far. Kenyan Drake’s a full dice roll. Aaron Jones coming off the second pick, second round. I mean, he’s going to decline 100%, so I’m going to go here and look at running backs. I’m going to filter. I’ve got 20 seconds before my pick because I’m talking. All right, so who’s here? I like Helaire, I like Taylor, I’m going to go with … There’s so much upside here. Sanders right now. He’s not in a committee. I’m going to go here and draft Gurley because I know he’s the workhorse running back in Atlanta, that’s just the bottom line. I could have gone Clyde Edward-Helaire, don’t get me wrong. I love him. I love Jonathan Taylor here. That’s okay, I got a guy that’s guaranteed that production, okay? I can’t believe David Johnson’s 56 ADP, which is insane. My goodness.

Round 2

All right, so let’s recap the second round here. Let’s go to draft results, draft board. All right, so second round. Julio Jones, Aaron Jones, Pat Mahomes, Kenyan Drake, Josh Jacobs, Travis Kelce. I went with Todd Gurley, he’s going to get the workload. I understand the knee’s probably an issue, but he’s the guy. They didn’t acquire anybody else. He is the guy there. He’s going to get all the goal-line work. He’s showed flashes that he could be back to live there and he could be strong, so I went with, halfway through the second round, Todd Gurley. Austin Ekeler, who I think is not a full workhorse running back, but it is what it is. Miles Sanders, who, as of right now, end of May, is in a good position to succeed if they don’t acquire anybody else. They were already hinting at getting Hyde and Hyde got shipped off to the Seahawks, so we got saved there. Then Chris Godwin, then Lamar Jackson, and George Kittle.

Pat Mahomes and Lamar Jackson coming off here in the second round. I would never do that. I would never go tight end. This is crazy. And then also you’re rolling the dice with Godwin and Evans because we don’t know who Brady is going to gravitate to. We really don’t know that. Okay? So I’m going to go, obviously, I’m going to go with running back again and take another soft running back off the board. I’m going to see who’s available here and I’m going to go ahead and grab him. Okay. Third round, we’ve got DJ Moore, Mike Evans, Kenny Golladay. I can’t believe Golladay fell to the third round, I love him. Adam Thielen, and then Melvin Gordon coming off, so it is my turn. I’m going to go back here and I’m going to go back to running backs. Clyde Edward-Helaire sitting there. I love him. Leonard Fournette’s in there, David Montgomery. David. I’m going to grab one of these guys and get David Johnson coming back. Oh my goodness, I love it.

Let’s roll the dice on a rookie here. Let’s go with Clyde Edward-Helaire. I’ve already got my two workhorse running backs, and I’m going to roll the dice with an upside player. I can’t believe Clyde Edward fell here to third. I love it. I love it. I’ve got the high ceiling of Clyde Edward, I’ve got Derrick Henry, I’ve got Todd Gurley. I can come back around. And David Montgomery, Leonard Fournette, and David Johnson are still sitting there. Are you kidding me right now? All workhorses. Cam Akers could be a workhorse. Love this, guys. And as you’re going to see here, these guys are going to pretty much be gone by the fifth round, so you got to load up early.

So you can see this guy went Cook and Sanders. The big risk here is Cook has never finished a season. Miles Sanders could end up in a committee. I love Sanders. I love the breakout potential, I love the upside, but is he going to be in a committee? I don’t know. That’s the problem. I don’t know if the Eagles are going to run him as the main guy, okay? So almost done the third round here. I see Allen Robinson, Odell Beckham coming up. Again, wasting picks. This guy went to Mixon, Pat Mahomes, and Odell. What a waste. I mean, Odell could have a bounce-back season, but I don’t see it.

Round 3

So if you guys are in the car, we’re coming to the end of the third round, I’m going to recap the third round with you guys right now. DJ Moore, Mike Evans, Kenny Golladay, Adam Thielen, Melvin Gordon. I went Clyde Edward-Helaire. Could have gone Jonathan Taylor or Leonard Fournette. Could have been solid either way. Amari Cooper, Chris Carson, who has some company there with Hyde. I don’t like him and his injury past. Allen Robinson, Odell Beckham, Juju Smith, and Jonathan Taylor coming off of the third round. Then you can see Leonard Fournette. Now you can see people scrambling to get those running backs. Guys that I would have liked there in round three coming off Taylor. So we’re going to see if David Johnson falls to me. I would love if he did. Mark Ingram coming off the board, which is crazy. They got Dobbins and they got Lamar Jackson. Why would you get Mark Ingram over David Johnson who’s the absolute workhorse? Carlos Hyde had 245 attempts last year. Ingram had like 202. Now we got JK Dobbins there. Ingram’s not going to get the volume. You need a guy that’s going to get volume.

Why would you get Mark Ingram? This is great for me. The sheep. That’s why I’m wearing a sheep shirt. I’m losing it, I love it. Guys, this is like taking candy from a child here. It’s so easy. “Hey, can I have the candy bar?” “Sure, here you go.” I’ve got a three-year-old. “Hey, give me your chocolate bar.” It’s so easy. Guys, come on, man. David Johnson all over, David Montgomery. Oh my goodness, who do I take? Let’s go, David Johnson. Oh my goodness, this is crazy. Henry, Gurley, Edwards, David Johnson. Whoa. Parker has a lot of upside, DeVante Parker coming off the board here. But the problem is, it’s like he’s got some uncertainty, and I think his ADP is too high for me, fourth round, where I can get TY Hilton after.

And I’m going to show you guys as we go into the fifth round how many wide receivers are available. It’s like, oh my goodness, it’s amazing. I’m excited, I’m giddy, you know what I mean? I’m super excited. I can’t explain this to you, how excited I am. I’m like a kid at a candy store. This is good. I’m like the fat kid at the buffet. Feed me. Yes, I got everything. This is too easy. You’re going to get so much depth, you’re going to get so much volume, and I’m telling you guys, that’s why the 16 Round Draft Solution is a huge value to you guys because I go over all this, okay?

Round 4

Okay, let’s recap here in the fourth round. Leonard Fournette, AJ Brown, Mark Ingram, James Connor, Cooper Kupp, Raheem Mostert. Little early for Mostert there. I like the ceiling, but he is on the 49ers. David Johnson, DeVante Parker, LeVeon Bell, Courtland Sutton, Mark Andrews, Tyler Lockett. I think this is pretty good value for LeVeon Bell, to be honest. I was the guy that was all against him last year in the first round, but in the fourth round, I mean, come on, man. That’s a great value.

Now, we are going to be starting the fifth round and we’re going to end it off here, but I want to show you guys a glimpse of the wide receivers and the running backs available. Let’s take a look at the wide receiver ones available. Keenan Allen. Calvin Ridley’s a wide receiver too, but he still could be solid. TY Hill and DJ Chark. DK Metcalf, tons of upside. AJ Green, Deebo Samuel, Stefon Diggs, wide receiver one, wide receiver one. Jarvis Landry, wide receiver one. He’s still there. He’s the wide receiver one in Cleveland. Who else do we got here? Fuller could be a wide receiver one, but they’ve also got Cooks. Where is Cooks? Cooks is a wide receiver one, he’s down here. Darius Slayton could technically be a wide receiver one. Julian Edelman. I can’t even talk I’m so excited. Marquis Brown. Look at these wide receivers, guys. This is crazy. And people are telling you you’ve got to go wide receiver, wide receiver. Oh my God, I’m going to go … Oh my God, who do I get? Look at the … And I want to show you guys how many running backs there is. There isn’t any. Maybe Cam Akers.

But look, Jordan Howard. Who do you want to end up with? Damien Williams? Screw that crap. Look, I like Akers, but other than that, these guys are all in committees, okay? So I’m going to go wide receivers, I’m going to go TY Hilton. Why not? He’s a wide receiver one with Phillip Rivers throwing the ball. So look, I can come back, Diggs will be there, Marquis Brown will be there, Slayton will be there, Cooks will be there, Diontae Johnson will be there with Big Ben throwing to him. There are so many guys. Rodney Anderson, Jefferson, who’s going to come in, be a wide receiver two in Minnesota, they’re filling the Diggs spot. Michael Pittman. There are so many guys here. Look at this. Oh my goodness. And again, let me show you guys round five running backs real quickly here. Look, there’s nothing left. Some of these guys could break out. Dobbins could have a breakout year if Ingram gets hurt, Ronald Jones or Ke’Shawn Vaughn could break out, but you’re taking risks. None of these guys are that guaranteed production, okay? You’re going to get some fantasy football sleepers here, like Madison, he’s going to start eventually this season when Cook goes down. Zack Moss, he’s going to be sharing the backfield. He could emerge there. Again, I talk about this all in 16 Rounds, but I want to show you guys, there’s nothing left. You can’t trust.

So when I look at these draft results, you’re going to see people scrambling. This guy went David Montgomery. I like Montgomery. I would have probably gone with him here if David Johnson wasn’t there. But you can see here, this guy went Swift. Tons of upside, but he’s sharing it with Kerryon and they’re probably going to be running by committee. Cam Akers, another good option, but again, you can see people scrambling, and this is where Kyler Murray and Dak Prescott come off, and you can see there’s a ton of depth at quarterback. Guys, there are only three quarterbacks off the board, and it’s the fifth round.

There goes Calvin Ridley, and you’re going to see another running back or wide receiver come off here. So I’m going to wrap it up with round five and I’m going to call it a day, and I’m going to probably grab my other wide receiver here, okay? And there’s a ton of quarterbacks you can get in the seventh round, it’s crazy, man. You can get Russel Wilson or someone like that.

Okay, I talk about all this in 16 Rounds. Get it, guys. Get it. I implore you. Nobody’s teaching this. Nobody’s talking about it like this. This is the hack, guys. You should be excited. You’re going to dominate your league. You’re locked and loaded at running back. You’re going to be untouchable. These guys will be scrambling for Jordan Howards of the world in and around rounds five and six. You’ve already got four running backs and you’ve got a bunch of wide receiver ones waiting there. This is exciting, guys. This is beyond exciting, okay?

Round 5

So let’s recap fifth round. D’Andre Swift, Terry McLaurin, David Montgomery, Keenan Allen, Zach Ertz, TY Hilton, Kyler Murray, DJ Chark, Robert Woods, Calvin Ridley, Devin Singletary, and DK Metcalf. There you have it, guys. There you have it, and as you can see, I’ll end it off with this. No running backs left. Maybe Cam Akers I like. I might even grab him as my running back five. But as you can see, wide receiver one here in the sixth round. Deebo Samuel, wide receiver one. Stefon Diggs, wide receiver one. Jarvis Landry, wide receiver one. Tyler Boyd, eh. Marquise Brown, wide receiver one. Julian Edelman, wide receiver one. Darius Slayton could be a wide receiver one. Christian Kirk [inaudible 00:16:07]. Brandon Cooks, wide receiver one. Sterling Shepard, could be back and forth there. Diontae Johnson, Rodney Anderson, Justin Jefferson, Mecole Hardman, Jalen Reagor could get work.

Who else? Denzel Mills could be a wide receiver one in the Jets. Henry Ruggs could be a wide receiver one with Vegas there. N’Keal Harry could get some work this year. Tee Higgins could gravitate to this new quarterback. Guys, if I haven’t showed you there’s a ton of wide receivers, I don’t know what to tell you, and we’re only in the sixth round, okay? You’re loaded. That’s it. That’s it. I mean, I don’t know what to tell you. There you go. No one’s teaching this stuff. It’s crazy. It’s common sense. Load up on the most scarce position, take it off the board so other people don’t end up with it. Okay? Simple. I’m ending it off there with my pick. I’m going to leave that a mystery, guys, okay? And this was the sixth pick and Derrick Henry fell to me. I’m just giddy with excitement, you know? And here at the second pick, I could have gone Miles Sanders or someone else, but I like Todd Gurley this year. I think the upside is there.

All right guys, I am out. Make sure you guys smash thumbs up, subscribe, and leave your questions below guys. Implement the robust RB strategy and stay away from the sheep. Do not go with the consensus rankings, they will lead you astray. Be a lion, and I’m out.

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