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May 21, 2020
Christian McCaffrey Fantasy Football Impact and Outlook 2020
May 22, 2020

Derrick Henry Fantasy Football Impact and Outlook 2020

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Derrick Henry Fantasy Football impact 2020. The Counselor tells you the outlook of this stud running back going into 2020 fantasy football. (Audio Transcription)

Welcome to the show everybody. Joseph Khamou, the Fantasy Football Counselor, continuing on with the Impact Series. Today, we’re talking about Derrick Henry and his Fantasy Football Impact value and outlook going into 2020 Fantasy Football. Very important show. I’m doing the Impact Series because I want you guys to have an educated guess and an opinion, and all the facts laid out for you when you are considering acquiring any of these players for Fantasy Football, 2020. So at the end of every video, I give you guys my final verdict on whether you should or should not draft this particular player. Now, if you’re on YouTube, I’ve linked below the Impact Series so you can get all of the impact players that are fantasy relevant, and I’m building up the library for you guys.

Derrick Henry Fantasy Numbers

All right. So let’s dive into Derrick Henry. Now I want to give myself a pat on the back, give myself the accolade of seeing this before everybody else. Last year, everybody, and I repeat, everybody had Derrick Henry outside of the top 10, except for me the counselor. So I’d like to take full credit on that. Yes, thank you. I appreciate it. All right, so I want to take full credit for that. And I want to tell you that why I drafted Derrick Henry back in 2019 in the second round, I was getting him for great value, by the way, is because the ceiling was high. Henry had got motivation from his mentors in the off-season. I watch their social media and look at trends. I look at what they’re doing and at the whole picture. I saw that he was really turning it on in 2018, at the end of 2018. This was the same thing that I saw with David Johnson, 2015 before he broke out in his 2016 year.

And I said, “You know what? This guy is going to crush it this year. He’s an absolute monster.” And I saw in 2019, I’m like, “How can I avoid Derrick Henry, the guy’s an absolute beast.” So I said to myself, I” got to get this guy.” I had him I think top five. And again, people thought I was crazy. “Why would you go for Derrick Henry?” Because he’s a monster, he’s a workhorse monster and they were going to utilize him. We also talked to his mentor, Eddie George, who said you had to impose your will on defenders or your career is pretty much done. You’ve got to really step it up. So Derrick Henry did and he did with significant fashion in 2019, leading in attempts with 303 attempts above all running backs. And that’s one thing I look at is the volume. I love the volume he accumulated 1,540 rushing guards and 16 touchdowns with two touchdowns receiving not the greatest, but he’s not really a pass-catching back still managed to get 24 targets and 18 receptions. That’s kind of been the knock for him in PPR because I’m a PPR mantra. And that’s what I talk about is one point PPR. The knock has always been with Derrick Henry is that basically, he doesn’t catch the ball, but if you get 20 touchdowns and run for 5,000 yards, it doesn’t really matter how many times you catch the ball because you’re going to make up for those points just in the sheer volume of yardage and touchdowns. Okay. So when I’m looking at Derrick Henry, I may consider him first overall, okay. People will be asking, you’re saying Christian McCaffrey is going to decline, but Henry also had a pinnacle year. “Why aren’t you saying Derrick Henry is going to decline?” Because I genuinely believe that Derrick Henry has still yet to hit a ceiling. I think he had a great season last year, but I still think there’s more in the tank. Whereas Christian McCaffrey, he’s topped out, that’s it. Another reason is that Derrick Henry, his offense is similar. In fact, I think they acquired an o-line man to help them as well.

They drafted an old-line guy in the early rounds, so that’s going to help him. And they’ve got Tannehill coming back. It’s a similar type of offense. So not too many changes in regards to personnel on the field, in regards to Chris McCaffrey, got a whole new quarterback, that’s going to definitely change the dynamic of the offense. They’re going to be focused a little more on the past, adding Robbie Anderson. So Christian McCaffrey, not as exciting, but when I look at Derrick Henry’s outlook, I’m still seeing a solid season. Now again, the whole theory of what goes up must come down. I will tell you this. And this is the honest truth. I’m not as high as again, I obviously am because he’s ranked higher. I don’t know how to word this to you guys. I was more giddy and excited about him in 2019 than I am in 2020 because I was the guy that saw that big ceiling boosts. So now it’s like, “Okay, he’s already proven himself. He’s been strong, he’s been solid.”

That’s another thing, contract. I got to get back to that. He’s already proven himself. So his jump won’t be as significant as drastic. It’s to be expected. That’s why everybody’s riding him. This year, the mainstream consents are riding them. Whereas last year I was the only guy riding him and say, “Hey, you got a draft.” Now everybody’s on that train. So the spike won’t be as high up. And that’s that excitement factor is gone. But going back to the contract, the guy that’s been performing on an optimal level, still not paid that mega-contract. So that tells me that he is not as hungover on that contract, similar to CMC who has been incentivized, which I should have mentioned in his impact video. Now I’m thinking about it. Yeah. That’s another reason why I’m not drafting CMC first overall, he’s got the contract hangover. He’s got the mega-contract, whereas Derrick Henry doesn’t. So, that tells me that this guy is still hungry. So that’s another incentive on why you want to consider Derrick Henry.

Derrick Henry Fantasy ImpactHe’s just one of those guys that, I just don’t feel he’s ever going to get the respect unless he does what he did last year again. And I think he does that again this year. Okay. So the verdict on this, I’m going to weigh this out for you guys. Definitely consider him first overall. The only reason you may not is if you do go CMC, you have a little more bargaining power for trade. I don’t like CMC first overall, I’d rather like say Quan, but I would take Derrick Henry above CMC as well, going into 2020 Fantasy Football. The verdict is top one, top two, pick them up, grab them, put them on your roster. And he shouldn’t be the only guy you should be focused on. You should be going robust RB anyway, as part of our fantasy of well-draft strategy. And I talk about that. This is why it’s very imperative and very important and crucial that you guys are subscribed. And I appreciate the thumbs up. This means the world to me, by the way, and leave your comments below. I get back to as many people as they can.

Because my podcast, and I’m not trying to be biased here to my podcast, but it’s the greatest Fantasy Football podcast ever made. I got to say it. When you’re the greatest, you got to say it, and that’s the bottom line. And I say it not to be cocky and arrogant and not to put anybody else down, which I’m doing anyway, the bottom line is here. This is the honest truth is that I’m giving advice as not cookie-cutter, because my mission, I don’t care how bad it sounds or how it looks. My mission is that you guys went last year. I sounded like a crazy nut, say, “Hey, Landry, over O’Dell”, and people like, “You’re crazy, Joe, how can that even be possible?” Because guys, I look at the situation. I looked at Landry having to report Baker, him maxing out at 149 targets. They were telling you, Odell was the top five wide receiver, drafted him in the first round is what they said. And I’m like, “How is that even mathematically possible?” If you need to be the top five wide receiver, you need at least 150, 160 targets.Derrick Henry

How are you going to get that? When the top receiver with the Browns was Landry and he maxed out at 149. This is a similar type of situation I’m talking about when you look at DeAndre Hopkins going into this year. You got to look at 2020 Fantasy Football and say, “Hey, Hopkins, for him to succeed and he’s 150 plus targets. And we had Larry Fitzgerald max out at 109.” That’s weird. And Fitzgerald’s still there. So is Kirk. What about 107 targets? So there are 220 targets almost gone right there. And they’re still there. So how is Hopkins and again, an additional 150, where are they going to pull that out of? Right? Unless, Kyler gravitates to them and I could be completely wrong, which again, mathematically doesn’t make sense either. So the point I’m trying to make, going back to Derrick Henry and my verdict here is I look at the ceiling. I look it up. I look at the situation. I look at contracts. I look at volume. I look at the opportunity. I look at the team, look at the office, look at the old line. I look at the entire package.

2020 Projection for Derrick Henry

I don’t look at them and say, “Hey, this guy finished on top last year. I draft him on top again this year.” That’s not what it’s about. I also look at AVP. I look at value. If I can get Henry in the second round, I would, but you can’t. You got to get them in this first top five picks. So, it’s pretty much gone. I love Derrick Henry. I like him more than Christian McCaffrey. This year, I think the ceiling’s higher. I still think there’s more or less than a tent. I still think that the ceiling is still there to reach more touchdowns and more volume here. I know it seems like a lot with 1,540 Russia guys. That’s phenomenal. But remember everybody hated this guy last year. They’re like, “No, don’t draft Derrick Henry outside the top 10.” I was the only guy who had him top five. So Derrick Henry, Love him. Love him first overall, but I’d probably give the slight edge to Saquon Barkley, then I’d consider going Christian McCaffrey because again, you don’t want that contract hangover.

Should you Draft Derrick Henry in 2020 Fantasy Football?

Derrick Henry Fantasy Okay. So Derrick Henry, final verdict, draft him, draft him with confidence, but draft him as part of a robust RB strategy. And what is the robust RB strategy guys? Very simple. Acquiring as many running backs as you can with minimal committees in the first three to four rounds. And again, for 2020 Fantasy Football, this is the honest truth, I’m literally considering going four running backs. I’ve been doing a bunch of combos. I talked about this in the 16 round draft solution and I priced that so everybody can get it. Get it at There’s a link below. But again, when you’re looking at Fantasy Football draft strategy and robust RB strategy, I’m honestly considering going four running back. So I may go Saquon and come back at Gurley, go Fournette, go David Johnson, or I may go, Derrick Henry, Josh Jacobs, Fournette, Gurley. It depends on the ADP, right? Gurley’s typically go on second round as bad example, but maybe Montgomery as your RB four. Cam Akers as your RB four. Okay.

So, guys, there’s a ton depth at wide receiver, a ton of depth at quarterback. You need to really secure those running backs early on with minimal committees. I cannot express to you how important this is for your success for Fantasy Football, 2020. When you’re looking at running backs after the fourth, fifth round, I said after the fifth round, you’ll have to look at the Phillip Lindsay’s and the Jordan Howards’ the world. Nobody wants those guys. Those guys are going to be in committees, especially with they have running backs that are better than them on the team that could potentially surpass them. You don’t want that. You want those secure guys early on. Derrick Henry is one of those guys, but make sure again for your depth, for your security, for your backup plan is you always back up because again, first-rounders have been known to bust. We know that. I know that. You know that. So always implement a backup plan for a backup plan. Okay?

To wrap this up guys, again, smash, thumbs up means the absolute world to me. Subscribe and follow on Spotify. Here link below. And of course, leave a comment. I’m going to interact with as many people as I possibly can. And there you have it guys, Fantasy Football Impact. Derrick Henry outlook verdict, love him. The ceiling is still high. Make sure you target Derrick Henry. The guy’s an absolute beast. Why wouldn’t you? Right? And again, incentivize, I really genuinely from the bottom of my heart hope Derrick Henry gets to make a contract because he deserves it. This guy, he just hasn’t been on the radar for all. He’s one of those guys, it’s not a big name. He’s super talented but just doesn’t get the love that Odell gets, who is the most overrated wide receiver history. That’s a whole besides the topic. Okay. Derrick Henry, love him for Fantasy Football, 2020. Acquire him, ceiling’s high, as long he stays healthy. And I will see you guys in the next video.

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