Fantasy Football 2018 – Common Draft Questions

June 18, 2018

Common Fantasy Football Draft questions answered by Joseph Robert. Questions like what position should you draft in 1st or last? What position should you take first? Do you handcuff your rb? We have the answers here. Get the CUDDY system here: http://bit.ly/cuddysystem Full Website HERE: https://www.thefantasyfootballcounselor.com  Check out this episode!

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Fantasy Football 2018 – #1 Tip to Win!

June 17, 2018

Here is the #1 tip to win at fantasy football! Be aware of this and be light years ahead of the competition. The Mainstream advice does not tell you this advice, and doesn’t want you to hear this!  Subscribe and Watch us on Youtube HERE: http://bit.ly/ffcounseloryoutubechannel Full list of products to help you win your league: http://bit.ly/ffcounselorsite […]

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Fantasy Football 2018 – Mock draft 10 rounds

June 14, 2018

The Counselor and the Bald guy run through 10 rounds of a fantasy football mock draft with their instagram listeners. The Counselor picks 8th and The Bald Guy picks 1st overall.  Learn to draft like a pro HERE: http://bit.ly/draftdominationcourse https://www.gonffc.com/ See us in Dallas area! Use promo code “jr” to save money on your tickets.    Check […]

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Fantasy Football 2018 – Trending Questions and News

June 13, 2018

Saints grab Terrance West and Andrew Luck throws a football! There is some offseason news that is actually trending right now. The Fantasy Football Counselor, also answers some of your questions and gets you ready for your drafts. Get all of Joseph Robert’s Content HERE: https://www.thefantasyfootballcounselor.com  Check out this episode!

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Fantasy Football 2018 – Injury Bounce Back?

June 11, 2018

Watson, Wentz and Cook. Do you draft players like these guys coming off injury? We break down their injuries and the Fantasy Football Counselor let’s you know if you should stay away or draft these guys.  Get the Draft Domination Course here: http://bit.ly/draftdominationcourse Injury Review Course here:https://pteducator.clickfunnels.com/fantasy-football-top-5-injuries Check out this episode!

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Fantasy Football 2018 – WR’s to Avoid

June 10, 2018

The Fantasy Football Counselor Runs through all 32 NFL Teams and let’s you know which Wr’s to draft and which ones to avoid! Draft like a pro with THIS:http://bit.ly/draftdominationcourse  Full Website of courses: https://www.thefantasyfootballcounselor.com   Check out this episode!

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Fantasy Football 2018 – Strength of Schedule

June 7, 2018

How easy is Gurley’s or Ab’s fantasy football schedule? We have the answers here.The Fantasy Football Counselor analyzes the strength of schedules for some of the top fantasy football players for 2018! We want to make sure you get every competition advantage you can this year.  Get the draft domination course and Crush your draft […]

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Fantasy Football 2018 – Social Q and A plus latest news

June 6, 2018

Do you go RB/WR or RB/RB ? The Counselor answers this question and many more important social media questions!  Also, the latest fantasy news and notes for June 6th. The Fantasy football Counselor takes to social media every Wednesday and answers your questions. Make sure you follow on instagram and dm your questions @fantasyfootballcounselor Get […]

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Fantasy Football 2018 – Hopkins Vs AB

June 4, 2018

Who will have the Bigger year Antonio Brown or DeAndre Hopkins? We let you know! The Fantasy Football Counselor and “The Bald Guy” break down these two stud wide receivers and let you know who will come out on top this fantasy football season!  Get the Draft Domination Course HERE: http://bit.ly/draftdominationcourse CUDDY system:http://bit.ly/cuddysystem Get direct access […]

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Fantasy Football 2018 – First Pick Mock Draft

June 3, 2018

Joseph Robert takes to social media and has the first pick in a 2018 fantasy football mock draft. This is an important episode as you see who the Counselor takes first overall, and let’s you know if this draft position is favorable or not. Make sure you follow the Counselor @fantasyfootballcounselor on instagram so you […]

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