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Auction Fantasy Football Draft Strategy 2020 – Mock Draft

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Auction Fantasy Football mock draft and strategy 2020. The Counselor walks you through an auction mock draft and gives you strategies to succeed.

Auction Draft is much different from snake drafts and sometimes can be more entertaining. There is a ton of tips and draft advice that the Counselor offers in this video, all while providing insight to help you win your auction draft and get the edge. The Counselor lets you know some of the secrets to his success in auction drafts that you can implement right away.

We saw a lot of people invest heavily in Michael Thomas ($55) and Christian McCaffrey ($72). It was interesting to see what people were willing to pay for particular players. The suspense of waiting on who will be up next for auction and what people are willing to pay added to the excitement. We were able to get Saquon, Jacobs, and Gurley all for a decent value. Going with auction draft adds a new element of skill and entertainment. While it is not the most popular it is very entertaining. The fact that you can get any player you want if you pay the price makes things far more interesting.

I hope the popularity of auction drafts continues to grow and it never gets old for me. I love the strategy and the tactics it takes to build the roster you really want. Having a draft order hurts you in snake drafts because you don’t really get the player you want most of the time, especially in the early rounds. The auction makes sure that if you want that player that bad, you will have to put out the money and get him.

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Joseph Robert
Joseph Robert
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