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August 3, 2021
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Fantasy Football Auction Draft Tips and Strategies 2021

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The Fantasy Football Counselor shares some practical Auction Draft tips and tricks to help you with your drafts. Here are the Tips:

  1. Know what players you want and are targeting
  2. Cue up players you don’t want
  3. Raise the bid on players you don’t want without actually overbidding
  4. Know the sleepers and the values
  5. Don’t overpay for anyone

Using these along with the 16 Rounds Draft solution will put you light years ahead of the competition. For example, if you had put up Odell for cue a few years ago, many sheep would spend their entire budget to grab him. It is about knowing which players will underperform and letting others spend their Auction budget on them.

Also, if you really like a player, make sure you don’t get too emotional and spend your entire budget on them. Gotta get a hold of those emotions when doing drafts in Auction.

The advantage of Auction drafts is that you have way more control of the draft. So if there is a player you really want you can get him. I don’t recommend you blow your whole wad too fat though. Budget money is power and you want to be able to get great players when you want them. I

I am genuinely surprised on why Auction is not the most popular way to draft. In snake drafts if you are drafting 7th for example, you will miss out on a player like CMC, and no matter what you cannot get him. I hate the fact that if you really want a player you cannot get them. In Auction I have more power and can get that player. I would assume that snake drafts are more popular because it requires less thinking and strategy. Like anything in life people always looking for the easy way.

So implement the tips and tricks offered in this video along with my 16 Rounds Draft solution and you will be for any fantasy football 2021 draft you do!

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Joseph Robert
Joseph Robert
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