Fantasy Footbal Mock Draft 2021
Fantasy Football Mock Draft 2021 – 5th Overall Pick
July 7, 2021
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July 9, 2021

Fantasy Football Secrets 2021 | Rock Solid Draft Secrets

Fantasy Football Secrets

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Fantasy Football 2021 Draft secrets. The Counselor tells you things the mainstream does not want you to know.

Every year the mainstream rankings are cookie-cutter and won’t help you win. I have some solid secrets in this video that are practical and can give you some great insight to get the edge over the competition. You have to understand that fantasy football is a business, and the analysts offering advice don’t really care if you win your leagues or not. They want to play it safe and make money. Your feelings, bragging rights, and money don’t matter to them.

This is why I got into fantasy football. I was tired of the way things were done and had to change it. Rankings will not help you win leagues as they are directly a reflection of last year’s top finishers. If a player does well the year before, the mainstream ride him and tell you to draft him. This system is broken and the way advice is given is finally changed with my 16 Rounds draft solution. Get it here:

I am certain this video will give you some practical advice and information and will get you in the right direction with drafting a team the proper way. Staying away from recent bias and popular opinion is a good start. Also, understanding that drafting on rankings is not going to help you win. One thing I really like to do is aim high on the depth charts, look at talent, volume, and opportunity. For example, Justin Jefferson was a guy we got in the 8th round last season. I will not be paying a 3rd round price tag for him. Gotta know when to hold them and when to fold them.

Make sure you subscribe to get a massive edge over the competition. Make sure you grab the 16 Rounds Draft solution to dominate your leagues.

Joseph Robert
Joseph Robert
Joseph Robert's outside of the box, LION mentality has created the strongest and most loyal fan base in the fantasy football industry! @fantasyfootballcounselor