Fantasy Football Mock Draft
Robust RB Strategy – Fantasy Football Mock Draft
May 19, 2020
RB Fantasy Committee Battles 2020
May 20, 2020
Fantasy Football Mock Draft
Robust RB Strategy – Fantasy Football Mock Draft
May 19, 2020
RB Fantasy Committee Battles 2020
May 20, 2020

5 VALUE Fantasy Picks 2020 – Fantasy Football Podcast

5 Amazing fantasy football sleeper value picks for 2020. The Counselor lays out guys you can get for an absolute steal in your drafts. Target them and win!

We’re talking about five best value picks for fantasy football, 2020. Yes, players that are going at an ADP that is just shocking because these guys could finish potential top 10. That’s how good these guys are, yet their ADP is really low because they had a, I would say, mediocre or subpar year, last year. We’re going to give you guys five best value picks. It jumped out at me when I was looking at the ADP consensus rankings. I like this because we got five picks here for you that you can get for an amazing, amazing value. Okay guys, you guys are going to be very, very impressed with this. Before I get into this, I want you guys, if you’re watching on YouTube, I encourage you, sometimes you’re in the washroom or bathroom or whatever. Sometimes you’re in the car. Sometimes you’re at the grocery store and you’re out. Make sure you guys get this podcast on audio and we’re going to be delivering sports news as well. We’re going to be diving into news notes, latest trending news.

It’s going to be fantasy, but we’re going up and above that as well. I got Tom Santanello who’s a pro football insider, very knowledgeable about football. We’re diving into everything football and sometimes sports too. We got potential fights with Mike Tyson coming up. We talked about the last dance recently with Michael Jordan in regard to that documentary. We’re covering everything for you guys. Make sure you get the show on Spotify. There’s a link here below on YouTube. I’ve pinned it under the 16 round course there. You guys are going to absolutely love it. Spotify is the place to be for everything. Audio and fantasy football counselors, make sure you guys click below, and of course, get the 16 round draft solution. I’ve also pinned it below.

All right, so let’s talk about the best value picks that jumped out at me. Now, there’s a ton more I’ve also linked below here on YouTube and you can check it out at My sleepers, my fantasy ball sleeper. Check that out as well. A ton of value there. I’m just giving you guys all these different outlets so you guys can get a ton of information. That’s my focal point here is that you guys win your leagues. There is an article linked below on my sleeper. There’s a ton of value. Guys, guys cooks. Diggs is a pretty decent value. Digs, he’s going to be the widest year one in Buffalo. There’s a ton of wide receivers. This is why I say go robust RV this year because a ton of wide receiver ones you can get mid to even late rounds.

David Johnson

My first guy here for the value pick, it’s got to David Johnson. I’ll tell you guys why. He had an amazing 2016 year. I know, I understand, but since then he’s had some bad luck, I would say. Now, one year in between a couple of years ago, he finished top nine still. He had the one injury after his big year in the wrist. Then he finished top nine PPR amongst running backs. I guess that didn’t please a lot of people because everyone had high expectations of 2016. Then last year the coach screwed him. It’s not all David Johnson’s fault, and he was a little injured, but I have an insider that knows the Texans. He writes for the Texans. From what I’m hearing, this guy is going to be utilized a lot, especially in catching the ball in the backfield. David Johnson is in a prime position to succeed. He’s going to get the volume, and the best part about this is that he’s angry. Understanding guys, he got really let down by Kingsbury and the Arizona Cardinals, and he’s got something to prove.

The coaching staff and the GM of the Texans have already said, basically. They know. They’ve said, “Hey, we believe in this guy because we traded Deandre Hopkins for him.” There’s a huge investment in the part of the Texans in regards to David Johnson. He’s got a chip on his shoulder. He’s healthy. He’s going to be utilized out of the backfield, catching the ball. I am super, super excited about the opportunity to volume. Just to recap, last year, Carlos Hyde ended up getting 240 plus attempts. He had to get six touchdowns on the ground, and this is Carlos Hyde and he absolutely sucks.

When you’re looking at a guy like David Johnson, the sky’s the limit for this guy, absolutely love him for fantasy football, 2020. He’s going around the fourth round, which is crazy. Now, I’ve seen him come off in the third round sometimes, and this guy could finish, easily, top five. That’s the ceiling for this guy. Easily. If he gets the volume, and he’s utilized, and he stays healthy, absolutely love David Johnson. He’s the first best value pick that I love.

David Montgomery

This guy here, I could make an argument that he’s even a better value pick. The guy I’m talking about is David Montgomery. Now, here’s the thing about Dave Montgomery. His average ADP is in and around the fifth round, which is an absolute steal because what you’re going to get here is an RB1 who’s going to get a full workload. Now, we know Naggy is on a short leash. He’s going to be in the hot seat because the Bears didn’t do that well and he was trying to get too cute with Tarik Cohen.

Now, Tarik Cohen sucks. Let’s be honest. We’re not going to lie here. He’s a pass-catching scatback that can’t catch the ball. That’s his job. If your job is to catch the ball and be a scatback, you can’t lead the team and drop passes. Tarik Cohen, he’s still going to be utilized, but they have to utilize Montgomery to his full potential. Meaning don’t take him out on third and one, you’ve got to keep him in the game. Also, falls could definitely help him as well if he gets a start. If Mitchell craps the bed, I really feel that David Montgomery, 889 yards last year, six touchdowns, 3.7 yards per carry. He’s easily going to rush easily over a thousand yards. Now, I do have a friend who is a therapist. He’s a doctor, works with athletes, and he’s been working with David Montgomery specifically in his house. He talks to Dave Montgomery and David Montgomery is working on that top-end speed. He’s going to be a lot more explosive if they get him that volume, which I do think they will. I’m looking at a floor of at least 270 attempts. He had 242 last year and he wasn’t fully utilized. We started to see that production starting to come up a little bit near the end of the season.

David Montgomery, man, you’re getting an RB1. That’s what you’re getting. A top 10 potential finisher and you’re getting him in the fifth round. The mainstream is sleeping on him, and check this out. He’s currently sitting 25th in PPR on the consensus rankings, the consheepsus rankings. With us, we go lion mentality here. He’s sitting 25th and ironically finished 24th in PPR last year. It’s literally copy and paste because these guys aren’t thinking outside the box saying, “Hey, this guy’s a workhorse running back. We got to rank him higher.” They’ve got him sitting at 24th or 25th, which is great for us because we see the value and he’s going to be an RB4.

You guys, I talked about the robust RB strategy, check out my most recent video. You can get this guy as your RB4 as part of a robust RB strategy. Now you’re locked and loaded. Now you can start looking at other wide receivers for great value that are wide receiver ones, and you didn’t have to pay that first-round pick on a wide receiver and you can get tons of value mid to late rounds.

Kareem Hunt

The next guy, I want to move on here I want to talk about here is Kareem Hunt. This is pretty evident here. And I keep talking about this. I want to sound like a broken record. I want people to understand this, that Kareem Hunt outscored Nick Chubb six out of the eight games they played together in PPR numbers. Let me repeat that. Kareem Hunt outscored Nick Chubb six out of the eight games they played together last year in 2019. Going into 2020 fantasy football, we’ve got a potentially healthy Kareem Hunt. We’ve got a guy that could potentially be the starter. That was the rushing leader back, I believe it was 2017. He was the league’s NFL running back rushing leader. Kareem Hunt. Then he had some off-field stuff, suspension, this and that, whatever. The fact of the matter is, he’s coming in healthy, and he is basically going to be in there with Nick Chubb. What gets me, it rattles my brain here, and I just don’t understand it, and nobody else is talking about this, and this is why I’m going to keep hammering this point home.

Nick Chubb is sitting in the top 10 amongst PPR running backs on the consheepsus regs. This is why I call them sheep because they’re literally taking last year’s finishers and putting them on top again. Nick Chubb, top 10, are you kidding me? With Kareem Hunt there? That is absolutely insane because we saw the lack of production out of Chubb near the end of the season. He had two boom games out of the eight games playing with Kareem Hunt. Again, Kareem Hunt is there now. He’s going to be getting all of the passing work out of the backfield.

Nick Chubb is not going to be getting that work. Now, he may get all the goal line stuff, stuff like that. He’s going to get more attempts potentially, but understand guys, Nick Chubb didn’t even catch a receiving touchdown last season. Hunt is there. He did hoard away two rushing touches as well, on top of that a receiving touchdown. He’s going to take away that volume.

I’m telling you, Kareem Hunt, I’m not drafting him, but I will tell you this; if you are so set on drafting Nick Chubb, I would get a guy like Josh Jacobs late first round, who was far superior back to Nick Chubb. You get yourself a Josh Jacobs. Who’s going to be a focal point of the Raiders offense. You get him, and then you get yourself a Kareem Hunt later. He’s going what? Like six, seventh-round you can get Kareem Hunt, so you can wait on Kareem Hunt. Get him, and you’re going to get pretty much the same value, even probably a higher ceiling than Nick Chubb with Kareem Hunt and you’re paying nothing to get him really. You don’t have to invest that first-round pick. I encourage you guys, Kareem Hunt is an amazing value. A guy that could steal the job, because in my opinion, if given the same amount of volume, and rushes, and attempts the Nick Chubb does is an actual better all-around, all-purpose running back then Nick Chubb. We’ve seen it before. It’s not like I’m making this stuff up. Kareem Hunt, amazing value for fantasy football, 2020, and a major fantasy football sleeper in my opinion. There’s an article link below here on YouTube.

AJ Brown

All right. I’m going to go to two wide receivers here that I absolutely love that are great value. This guy is currently sitting 21st in PPR amongst the wide receiver rankings. you can get this guy in and around rounds four to five. The guy I’m talking about is AJ Brown. Listen, last year, he didn’t really get going until mid to late season. Remember, Tannehill didn’t join the team until about week seven with the Tennessee Titans. AJ Brown is a focal point of that offense. Yes, he’s going to probably draw some double coverage, but understand, the game is revolving around Derrick Henry, so he may see stack boxes, which could in turn actually opened things up for AJ Brown.

Now, AJ Brown only had 84 targets, 52 receptions, which is absolutely nothing compared to a guy, let’s say, like Michael Thomas who had 185 targets. But still, even with the 84 targets and Tannehill not getting into that groove until around week seven or eight, AJ Brown still had over a thousand receiving yards in eight touchdowns. That is absolutely amazing considering the fact that he didn’t get going right away. He is an elite talent, he’s a great player, and he again is a focal point of that office when it comes to receiving.

Now, Jonnu Smith could get involved as well. I heard him training with Ryan Tannehill here in the off season, but I love AJ Brown. He’s an amazing value in and around rounds four to five. If you can get him rounds four to five, that is a steal. Because again, you’re getting a wide receiver one for pretty much free. You’re not paying that first-round pick. We’ve seen last year, these first-round picks with wide receiver fizzle out. Guys like Devonta Adams who got hurt. Guys like Odell, where people kept telling you Odell round one is what they said. They lied to you three years in a row. Again, Odell is still ranked top 10, which is insane. The guy sucks. Last year I told you, Landry’s better than Odell. People didn’t believe me. They thought I was crazy, and sure enough, Landry smoked him in fantasy points. This year again, Odell is ranked ahead of Landry, which is insane. This is why I’m here, guys. This is why the game is changing. Because I’m making you guys aware of the BS that’s out there.

The reason the mainstream consensus does this is that they’re sheep. They’ve got a sheep mentality. They’re weak people. They don’t want to be held accountable. They don’t want to be wrong. For them to come out last year and say, “Hey, Landry is going to finish ahead of Odell and he’s a better receiver.” They’d be crucified. They would be ridiculed. They’d be like, “Are you guys nuts?” They don’t want that type of media attention where they could potentially be extremely wrong. They’re always going to play it safe. That’s not the type of podcast you want to listen to, because if you’re always playing it safe, you won’t succeed.

That goes in life as well. It also goes with fantasy football and it also goes with life. The more comfort you seek, the more uncomfortable life makes you. Let me repeat that. The more comfortable you try to be, the more uncomfortable life’s going to make you. For example, if you sit there and eat potato chips all day, and chocolate cake, and you stuff it down your throat and watch Netflix all day, you’re going to look like a guy that ate potato chips, and stuffed their face, and watched Netflix all day.

I’m encouraging you guys to take care of your health, take care of your finances, take care of your relationships. This is your body. Take care of it. This is a whole other topic here I’m jumping into. I want you guys to win. Not only in fantasy, but in life. I want to be that online mentor for you if I can help you in any other way. Stray away from the sheep. If you guys want the lion shirts, go under swag, under, get your lion’s shirt to represent. Okay, guys? All right, so AJ Brown’s the other guy. It’s wrapped us out here. The fifth guy here on the best value pick, and there is other guys. As I said, Cook’s is an amazing value. Digs is pretty good value. Who else is there?

There’s a ton of guys at wide receiver and I don’t even have. Terry McLaurin is of great value. A Marquise Brown is a great value. He’s technically the wide receiver one there on the Ravens. There’s a ton of value. These are the guys that jumped out at me when I was looking at the consensus ratings. I’m like, “Oh my God, these are great value.” Why not?

TY Hilton

This guy, the final guy here is TY Hilton. Listen, last year, 68 targets, 45 receptions, 501 receiving yards, and five touchdowns. He finished 57th. The bottom line here is he just had a terrible quarterback throwing him the ball. Jacoby did not make good fantasy wide receivers at all. Now he’s coming in with Phillip Rivers, a solid O-line. They’ve got a great running back committee. As of right now with Mac. Mac sucks. I don’t like him, but they’ve got Jonathan Taylor there. It’s going to distract the defenses a bit, open things up for TY Hilton, and he’s finally got a good quarterback, a guy that throws the ball a lot, and Phillip Rivers, it’s going to be utilizing TY Hilton.

I’m excited about this opportunity. I’m excited about Michael Pittman coming in as a rookie wide receiver, as you can get late. Now, I also recommend, I talk about this in my 16 round draft solution. You can also combo TY Hilton and almost handcuff him with Pitman. Because if Pitman goes off, you’ve got yourself a wide receiver one with Phillip Rivers. You’re buying up all the stock with the Colts, and Rivers is pretty awesome. I love TY Hilton, he’s a great value. You can get him in and around round five is where he’s going. He comes off a little bit after that sometimes.

Five is the average ADP of TY Hilton I consider a major sleeper, and this reinforces my thought process that you can get wide receiver ones after the fourth round. Fourth round to six rounds and they’re wide receiver ones, and they’re solid. They’re going to give you that production, while in the first rounds honing in and locking in those three running backs with minimal committees, and you’re locked and loaded. I talk about this. I talk about the sneaky seventh strategy all in my 16 round draft solution. You can learn all that. There’s a link here below, or get to There’s a link right at the top right-hand side for 16 rounds, you’ll absolutely love it.

TY Hilton just great value. Wide receiver one in the fifth round? I’ll take it. Then I’ll handcuff Pittman later. I’ve got pretty much the entire stock of Phillip Rivers and the probably high potent offense that could come out of Indy. I love the value that I’m getting out of him. There are your value picks, there are five quick ones for you guys. David Johnson, David Montgomery. I’m a David fan here. Kareem Hunt, AJ Brown, TY Hilton. There, you have it, guys.

I appreciate genuinely if you guys smashed that thumbs up, means the world to me. Of course, listen to Spotify and subscribe. I appreciate you guys. I’m going to be giving you guys a ton more content, and we’re going to branch out a little bit more into the sports and give you guys some more topics. Stay tuned in for some amazing content coming up the entire year. We go year-round. I don’t stop. Well, I’m trying to put out an episode every day, sometimes two. There’s a ton of content here for you. Okay, guys? Make sure you guys subscribe. I appreciate you. Thank you for being here, and we will talk soon.

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