Fantasy Football Wide Receivers 2020 | 7 WR’s to Avoid This Year
July 3, 2020
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July 5, 2020

5 Undervalued Fantasy Football WR’s 2020 | Sleepers

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5 Sleeper wide receivers that are being undervalued in 2020 fantasy football. The Counselor lays it out for you and so you target these guys for amazing value this season.

All right, so let’s talk about these five undervalued wide receivers. The first guy I want to talk about here is D.J. Chark. Now, I like this guy a lot. I’m not going to lie to you. There’s something about him that’s really appealing. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s him and he’s going into his second year with Minshew. There’s something here I really like. So Chark actually was really appealing last year. He finished 17th amongst wide receivers. 118 target, 73 receptions over a thousand yards. Guys, that’s pretty impressive considering this guy is going into his third season, okay? But this is the second season with Minshew, I want to clarify that, where he’s really building that rapport with him. And I think last year was a pretty good indicator that the rapport is there and he is still the clear cut now. He’s a clearcut wide receiver one on that team. And again, the eight touchdowns, appealing. He has that nose for the red zone, end zone. He’s going to be targeted a lot in the red zone a lot. I like him. I think the rapport is there.

1. DJ Chark

Now, when I say undervalued, he’s currently sitting 24th amongst wide receivers on the consensus rankings. And D.J. Moore is way more overvalued than him. D.J. Moore, I’m not really sold on this. I’ll tell you why a little bit later on. Again, D.J. Moore last year, a thousand-yard receiver, only four touchdowns for D.J. Moore, and Chark … The reason I’m mentioning D.J. Moore is that I got a player here I want to talk about here later that’s also undervalued. Another thing, they’re both named D.J. It just came to me, right? So when you look at D.J. Moore, way too overvalued, D.J. Chark, what a steal? I think D.J. Chark outperforms D.J. Moore this year, and you get him at a massive value. You’re going to get this guy in the fifth round. He’s a wide receiver one on his team. I like the upside, I get eight touchdowns last season and that rapport is better there with Minshew.

I think Minshew’s a little underrated. I think he’s also a QB sleeper you may want to target as a backup QB with some upside. I like him. I like D.J. Chark this year. And again, just a guy you can get after the fifth round that’s a wide receiver on his team is going to get some volume I like him. 118 targets, that should go up.

2. TY Hilton

All right, next guy here, you also get in the fifth round. And a lot of people ask me Chark or Hilton? The next guy I want to talk about is T.Y. Hilton sitting 25th on the consensus rankings. Now, when this guy was targeted back in 2016, he finished fifth amongst wide receivers and PPR. He had 155 targets back then. And a lot of these receivers, a part of their performance is volume, right? If you have volume, you’re going to perform. And T.Y. Hilton was a guy, he had 155 targets finished number five in PPR back in 2016. Had a few off years, but again, Andrew Luck retiring kind of threw a wrench in the whole thing. But he’s been a little bit off the field, a little bit with some injuries, stuff like that. But listen, Philip Rivers’ back in 2019, he was number seven in attempts amongst quarterback’s throwing the ball. So he’s going to throw the ball a lot. And technically, T.Y. Hilton is the wide receiver one. Now, I do like Pittman late. You could target Michael Pittman late, but I also like T.Y. Hilton in the fifth round, a guy that I think will be consistent and strong because he’s got a good quarterback throwing to him again.

And Philip Rivers this year, a little bit of a chip on his shoulder, a lot of people saying he’s washed up. Had a mediocre year last year, but still throws the ball a lot and is going to be behind a great old lie. They’ve added Jonathan Taylor there’s well, who’s going to distract the defenses, open things up for T.Y. Hilton. I like him. I think he’s undervalued. And currently sitting 25th, like I said, on the consensus rankings amongst wide receivers, going to be a steal. Another wide receiver one you can get, okay?

3. Brandin Cooks

Next, I want to talk about here, completely undervalued, total fantasy football sleeper is Brandin Cooks. Listen, he’s only missed what? Like two games due to concussion since 2015. I know a lot of people are saying, “Well, hey, he’s concussion-prone.” Listen, he missed a couple of games here and there, that’s fine. But listen, this guy had a thousand-yard receiving season four times. Four times over a thousand yards receiving seasons, and he’s done it with multiple teams. Now, there’s 150 freed up targets there in Houston, guys. This is what’s so exciting. I don’t think Fuller is the guy, he’s very injury-prone, very one-trick pony type player, more of a deep threat, quick burner, whereas Cooks’ a little more dynamic, more experienced veteran. I think he’s going what? The seventh, eighth season now. The seventh season I believe.

Listen, Brandin Cooks is an absolute beast. If staying healthy and builds that rapport with Watson, this could be an amazing connection. I love this guy and I love the value. You get him for free. Technically, could be a wide receiver three on your team with massive upside and is technically a wider receiver one on his team. And Deshaun Watson, man, I mean, he’s looking for a guy to replace Hopkins, 150 freed up targets. Someone’s got to catch the ball. Now I know David John’s going to catch the ball obviously, I know Cobb could be there catching the ball, but Cooks is the guy I believe is going to get a ton of volume. Hopefully, he gets in the groove. Love the upside, okay?

4. Diontae Johnson

Next guy here, number four, no particular order here, but Diontae Johnson. This guy finished 41st last year amongst wide receivers and PPR. Now, here’s the thing, man, he’s sitting 42nd amongst wide receivers now. The consensus is sleeping on them. 92 targets, 59 receptions last year, 680 yards and five touchdowns. Big Ben is back and someone’s got to catch the ball. I like Diontae Johnson this year, high ceiling. You can also get Claypool later as well. One of these guys is going to emerge. James Washington is absolutely horrible. He sucks. And Diontae is the guy that actually could technically be the wide receiver one on this roster. Love the upside, love the talent, love the opportunity there was Big Ben. And if Juju is drawing double coverage, man, look out, Diontae could be an absolute beast.

5. Robbie Anderson

And the last guy here, he’s not really on my radar, but some guy that could be undervalued is Robbie Anderson. Listen, everyone is so high on D.J. Moore, but you got a new quarterback there throwing the ball, right? It’s not going to be Cam Newton, it’s going to be Bridgewater. So now with a new quarterback, who knows who he gravitates to? He could really like Robbie Anderson. Robbie Anderson could be a clearcut wide receiver one. We don’t really know. Now Robby Anderson did not thrive on the Jets’ offense, understandably so. There’s not a lot of people that do thrive on the Jets’ offense. 98 targets, 52 receptions, 779 yards and around five touchdowns, okay? This could definitely go up if Bridgewater decides he wants to make Robbie Anderson his primary target, and why not? Anderson is talented, currently sitting number 53 on the rankings amongst wide receivers. Definitely a fantasy football sleeper. So why would I invest the top 50 and pick in D.J. Moore when I can get Robbie Anderson later for absolutely free. Completely guys, completely undervalued here. I like Robbie Anderson later, and you literally pay nothing to get him.

So I totally believe that these five wide receivers are completely slept on. I mean, D.J. Chark, T.Y. Hilton, Brandin Cooks, Diontae Johnson and Robby, Anderson completely undervalued based on talent. Considering three out of these five are almost … they’re guaranteed wide receiver ones on their team coming off the board after the fifth round. Cooks, even later, sixth, seventh, eighth round at times. He may have even in your league because people are kind of gravitating towards Fuller. I think Cooks is the better of the two receivers, and look out man, 150 freed up target’s Cooks is going to eat. I’m telling you guys.

So make sure you guys target these guys on your roster. And again, this goes to the same thing I say in the 16 round draft solution, you can go robust RB. I see so many people saying, “Oh, here’s a value in the seventh round at running back,” I’m like, “No man, there’s no value at running back.” Now, there could be a couple of guys who could break out like Zach Moss, Joshua Kelly, there is guys, Dylan, that could break out, right? But there really is no value. I don’t care for Jordan Howards of the world, I don’t really care for guys like that. I’m loading up on those workhorse running backs early, and then I’m getting the wide receiver ones after the fifth round. You can see just five right here that are great value, great wide receivers that you could target that are going to be completely undervalued. And there are more guys, and I talk about that in the 16 round draft solution at Get it today.

All right guys have a great 4th of July. I appreciate you guys being here. Five names for you put them on your roster, keep them on your radar. Guys, I’m beyond excited for this season. Cannot wait. Make sure you guys smash thumbs up. Leave your questions below, I’ll get to as many as possible. Enjoy your day. We’ll talk soon.



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