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May 10, 2020
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Fantasy Football Quarterbacks 2020 | 5 Qb’s to Target in your draft

5 Quarterbacks I love for fantasy football 2020. The Bald guy and I dive in and discuss which QB’s are the best value for 2020. Target these guys in your draft this year.

I wanted to create this episode because I wanted everyone to know that there is a ton of depth at the QB position. The guys mentioned in this video are amazing value. The fact that you can get Matt Ryan and Russell Wilson in the 7th round is absolutely insane! I talk about this in a lot of depth in my 16 Rounds Draft Solution, and you know exactly who my fantasy football sleepers are at the QB position. Tim the Bald Guy and I have some differences in regard to some of the QB’s mentioned in this fantasy football podcast episode. I love Drew Lock later as a back up where Tim is not as high on him for 2020. The reason I am high on Drew Lock later on in the draft is that he has a high ceiling and a ton of weapons. The addition of stud rookie WR Jerry Jeudy is really appealing and this is an offense I will be watching this year.

Another quarterback I mentioned in the podcast that I really love is Ryan Tannehill. The Ceiling is safe and solid for this man. Ryan Tannehill ended the season with 224 points but didn’t play the first six games with the Titans. When Tannehill was rolling and got into his groove, he was averaging at least about 20 points per game, with some boom games. If Ryan Tannehill had played those early-season games, he was on pace to be a top 5 QB in fantasy back in 2019. The mainstream are sleeping on Tannehill because he didn’t finish near the top amongst QB’s so the is not ranked near the top.

Watch this video and it will give a lot more detail on the quarterbacks Tim and I love. The main point you want to get out of this video is that there is a ton of depth at the QB position in 2020 fantasy football. I would hate for you to draft Lamar Jackson and Mahomes in the early rounds and lose out on the RB’s with the minimal committee. I talk about the perfect fantasy football draft strategy in my 16 Rounds draft solution. Remember you can wait on those QB’s this season!

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Joseph Robert
Joseph Robert
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