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Fantasy Football Dynasty Rankings 2022 | 5 Must Keep Players

Dynasty Rankings 2022

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5 Dynasty Players you need to stash on your fantasy football players in 2022. These players are young and have a ton of upside.

Today, we’re talking about five dynasty players you must keep, these young studs are guys that are going to be performing on a top-level for many years to come. So if you do have them on your team, make sure you keep them and you stash them. So we’re talking five dynasty players you want to keep and why you want to keep them.

The five dynasty keepers that you’re going to like, let’s dive into it.

  1. Ja’Marr Chase
  2. Amon-Ra St Brown
  3. Javonte Williams
  4. Jaylen Waddle
  5. Michael Carter

So these five players are on your roster, I definitely recommend keeping them. If they’re not on your roster, definitely try to trade for them. Because there’s a ton of upside, a ton of youth here, and a ton of excitement for these guys moving forward, as long as they stay healthy you will get a great return on your investment.

1. Ja’Marr Chase

The first guy I want to talk about here is Jamar Chase. I mean, this goes really without saying, but there is some stuff here I’m going to say that maybe the mainstream won’t tell you. Now the problem with the mainstream consensus, these four-letter networks, the people offering advice, the problem is they tell you what you want to hear. Fantasy Football isn’t what you want to hear, it’s what you need to hear. So that’s something I want to clarify here. So I’m looking at Jamar Chase and I’m looking at a phenomenal rookie season, 128 targets, 81 receptions. We’re looking at 304 Fantasy Points and 1,455 receiving yards. Absolutely phenomenal.

The thing is he’s still young and he is with Joe Burrow and this is a young connection that could continue to grow throughout the years. 128 targets, that could definitely go up. I definitely see more targets going his way. Knock on wood here, but the guy finished the entire season, played all 17 games.

When you look at guys like Cooper Kupp and other guys, they’re five, six, seven, eight years into their career. Davante Adams, all these guys, and they’re coming off pinnacle years with the maximum target value. For example, Cooper Kupp, 191 targets, right? Davante Adams also had a ton of targets at 169 targets. So that’s a lot of targets and receptions.

When you look at Ja’marr Chase, 128 targets guys, I mean there are still way more targets to be had, 81 receptions compared to the 145 receptions from Cooper Kupp and the 123 Receptions of Adams. What I’m trying to make is Jamar Chase is young, Ja’marr Chase is talented. Chase has a good quarterback throwing to him and there’s an opportunity for him to continue to grow.

So it goes without saying this guy’s going to be a first-round pick anyway because he finished top five. But what I want is stress out to you guys is that I think that this guy could actually beat Cooper Kupp, Davante Adams, Deebo Samuel, Justin Jefferson this year in fantasy sports and become the top receiver in 2022. Will I invest a first-round pick on him? Probably not. But he’s on my team and he is in one of my teams, which didn’t happen to be a keeper league, unfortunately, I would definitely consider keeping Jamar Chase. Okay. This is where, yeah, I like robust RB, I liked all that. Now if there’s a running back I’m considering keeping, I’d probably keep him over Jamar Chase. But Ja’marr Chase is definitely a guy that you definitely want to keep. Absolutely love Ja’marr Chase.

2. Amon-Ra St.Brown

The second player here in the dynasty. Let’s talk about him. You definitely want to keep him, is Amon-Ra St. Brown. Okay. Amon-Ra St. Brown, 119 targets, five touchdowns, 912 yards, 22 points. 227.3 PPR Fantasy Points. 21st in PPR among WR’s. Amon-Ra St. Brown is a guy that can continue to grow and continue to flourish. He was around four pick out of USC in 2021 and he did really well. There’s nobody else there to compete with him. Now there was Quintez Cephus there, who played five games got hurt. But if you look at Amon-Ra St. Brown he was the number one target getter, not as good Jamar Chase, Jamar Chase has got a great quarterback throwing to him, a little more talented, and obviously, the Bengals invested higher draft capital in him, but Amon-Ra St. Brown, a guy that was a sleeper that was completely undrafted, guys. Went really undrafted in fantasy leagues other than if you got 16 round draft solution, then you knew about him.

If you guys don’t know what 16 round draft solution is, head over to the, get the 16 round drafts which will help you guys crush your draft. It’s video training, all the optimal players drafting each round, sleepers, breakouts, everything, get 16 rounds. And I suggested him in the 16 round draft solution for you guys to make sure to stash him, everybody slept on him and sure enough, he did really well beating guys in fantasy points. He beat Darnell Mooney, T. Higgins, Marquise Brown, Devonta Smith, Tyler Boyd. He even beat AJ Brown in fantasy points. AJ Brown, guys, was a top 10 wide receiver who I told you to away from for many other reasons, including the fact that Ryan Tannehill was like 17th in passing attempts last year. I predicted that the volume would not be there for Brown.

The point I’m trying to make is Amon-Ra St. Brown is young, talented, six-foot, 197 pounds, 22 years old, around four picks, and a primary target for the Detroit Lions who can know … There’s no way but up for these guys. And I don’t know who’s coming back at quarterback for them, maybe if it’s Gough or not, I’m not sure, but the fact of the matter is Amon-Ra St. Brown could be really exciting, could be good value. And I see him slipping in some early mock drafts past round five. Okay. So tons of excitement for Amon-Ra St. Brown, I would stash him in keeper leagues. Okay. So Jamar Chase, Amon-Ra St. Brown, pretty obvious.

3. Javonte Williams

Number three. I’m going to talk about him a lot. I love him, Javonte Williams. This goes without saying really, but some people may dump him off back into the player pool here into free agency in your leagues because they don’t see the upside. Now, Melvin Gordon is a free agent this year, he’s going to be shipped off. Javonte Williams had the same amount of attempts Melvin Gordon did, 203 apiece. Now with Melvin Gordon being gone, I’m seeing Javonte Williams having a floor of 260 attempts next year. That’s a bottom-line floor. This guy could be a 300 temp-type running back. He had 903 yards based on 203 attempts, 4.4 yards per carry and only four touchdowns, Melvin Gordon hoarded away about eight touchdowns himself.

Javonte Williams is a young 5’10”, 220lb second-round pick out of North Carolina. This is a guy that I believe the Broncos believe in, 100% love him. I would keep 100% keep him on my roster if I owned him. This is one of my favorite running back sophomores that I absolutely love, stash him.

4. Jaylen Waddle

Number four here, Jaylen Waddle. Jaylen Waddle finished actually pretty good, 13th amongst WR’s. He was another guy the mainstream sheep slept on. I told you to stash him as a sleeper 510 and 182, round one pick, sixth overall in the 2021 draft. Moving into 2022, I’m seeing bright things ahead of them. This is an Alabama wide receiver. He’s a top prospect, nothing but upside for Jaylen Waddle. Now again, the quarterback situation always suspect who’s going to be at quarterback for the Miami Dolphins, from my understanding, if it stays and continues to be Tua Tagovailoa, I’m not pronouncing that right. It’s Tua Tagovailoa. But I don’t see where the word tongue comes in there. And this is a debate I have with pronunciations of Tua Tagovailoa, if Tua stays quarterback, he’s got to pick his game up because the 16 touchdowns, 10 interceptions last year, are completely unacceptable. So I don’t know who’s that quarterback, but if they’re going to stay with Tua, I think they are.

If Tua stays there, I definitely see him connecting more with Waddle. Hopefully, this connection moves forward, but again, 104 receptions to 141 targets over a thousand, just over a thousand or six touchdowns only can go up. The talent is definitely there. The volume needs to stay there along with the connection with the quarterback, Jaylen Waddle, is definitely a guy you want to keep.

5. Michael Carter

And number five here to wrap this up we have to mention Michael Carter. It’s pretty obvious to me that this guy is a keeper. He was a primary running back for the New York Jets who can nothing, nowhere but up for this guy. 147 rushing attempts, 639 rushing yards, 4.3 yards per carry, and four touchdowns, very low. He is a guy that you could probably get for value and drafts. If you are drafting him, but if you have him in your league, you might as well keep him if you stashed him last year. Again, he was a fourth-round pick, he’s 22 years old, 5’8, 201 pounds, prototypical running back, runs pretty strong averaging 4.3 yards per carry.

I think he’s good. I think the talent is there. I don’t think they’re going to bring anyone else in. I think he’s going to be the guy. They got to get their quarterback situation worked out, their O-line, their wide receivers. They got a lot of things to fix. I don’t think Michael Carter’s one of them. I think he’s going to be the running back there. And if you need a solid RB three with some, maybe an RB two upside type of guy, Michael Carter could be it. There’s a ton of upside for this young guy. Super excited about him. Okay. So Jamar Chase, Amon-Ra St. Brown, Javonte Williams, Jaylen Waddle, Michael Carter, five guys you definitely want to keep with a ton of upside going into the season.

Now there are more dynasty guys I definitely like going into 2022 that you may want to keep, including guys like Mac Jones for the quarterback position, but let’s save that for another episode. That’s why you guys got to subscribe. So there are five for you right there. Some keeper, dynasty talk there for you. And I do cover some dynasty of course in the 16 round drafts, which you can get it below. And that’s going to prepare you for your draft to have an optimal roster. Thank you guys for being here and make sure you are subscribed to the show!

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