Fantasy Football Bold Predictions 2020 | Wild and Crazy Ones
September 7, 2020
NFL Week 1 Preview along with News and Notes 2020
September 9, 2020
Fantasy Football Bold Predictions 2020 | Wild and Crazy Ones
September 7, 2020
NFL Week 1 Preview along with News and Notes 2020
September 9, 2020

Waiver Wire Week 1 Pick Ups | Fantasy Football 2020

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Drafts are done and you want to know who you can pick up off the waiver wire for week 1. Here are some solid sleepers you can target and stash on your bench before the season starts!

All right, guys. Welcome to the show. We’re talking waiver wire week one. Listen, everybody, week one is almost here, but there’s got to be a waiver wire. There’s got to be some players you want to consider possibly picking up before the season starts. Now listen, if you got my 16 round draft solution, you know who the sleepers are and you know who some of these guys that are going to be on the waiver wire this week or week two and beyond because the mainstream is sleeping on some major big names. Now we’re not going to cover all those big names here in the show, but there is a couple of names you may want to consider picking up that might be available in your league that could make an immediate impact for fantasy football week one. Now understand guys, a lot of these guys are good for DFS, but the first week, these rosters are getting adjusted. For example, we just heard this morning that McVay is saying that the Rams are going to be a bit of a committee, they’re going to ride the hot hand. I think Acres takes that job, but these guys have to get into the groove, feel it out, see who prevails. That’s why I like Jonathan Taylor so much, but they got to give Marlon Mack out of respect that starts, you’ve got to understand that.

So again, week one waiver wire, we got to tackle with some guys. You may want to consider after you’ve done your draft, that you may want to plug in or even stash on your bench because there could be some upside. Because there were some moves, some roster cuts, and things that adjusted. So you want to keep some of these names on your radar, guys if you are going into week one. Again, at least as bench stashes.


So let’s start off with quarterbacks here. Guys listen, understand, Big Ben is going undrafted in a lot of leagues. Now, this guy was a top two to three finisher in 2018 when he was healthy in regards to fantasy points. If you’re looking at quarterbacks, Big Ben’s a guy you could stash as a backup on your roster. Now as a rule of thumb, with quarterbacks, if you’re in a two-quarterback league, make sure you have three quarterbacks. One quarterback league, make sure you have two quarterbacks to cover obviously lack of potential, lack of performance, bi-weeks, and potential injury. So Big Ben’s a guy, again, who’s available that you can stash on your bench.

Mitch Trubisky, good matchup at week one. You could stash him on your bench, he is slated now as the starter. There was a lot of uncertainty prior to this date, now we’re what? The first week of September here, it’s almost going into the second week here. So if you’re looking at Mitch Trubisky, he is getting the start. I think they’re going to ride the hot hand there. If he wins three games, he continues. If he craps the bet the first three games, he gets sidelined. So Mitch Trubisky is a guy, if you are desperate for a quarterback or even a guy he could add for depth, Mitch is a guy you can consider.

Philip Rivers and Gardner Minshew, also names you could consider picking up as bench dashes, and even potential starts in week one. Again, listen, great value, tons of upside. These guys could finish top 10, but were completely going undrafted and not on people’s rosters.

Running Backs

Moving on to running back, there are some running backs that could give you some immediate value. From what we hear, James Robinson on the Jacksonville Jaguars is getting a start. He’s unlikely to be available in your leagues, but if he is, pick him up. Devine Ozigbo is also possibly available in your leagues, you might want to consider him. But again, if you got the 16 round draft solution, if you’re following my strategy, there’s a lot of people talking about all these running backs that you could pick up. The Chase Edmonds of the world and Bryce Loves. If you follow my strategy, you’re loaded at running back. You don’t really need these guys, but if you have room on the bench and you want to get rid of a weak link on your bench, stash some of these guys, you never really know.

All right. So Bryce Love is another guy you could consider stashing, Chase Edmonds, Eno Benjamin. I like Eno Benjamin a little bit more, he should be available in most are all of your leagues, unless you drafted him. Listen, Benjamin’s the guy. He did make the cut, he was a seventh-round pick. He is a hometown hero, out of Arizona State. He’s got a nose for the end zone, and I think Chase Edmonds is going to be phased out. Now, Drake, I’m not really sold on, I think they’re going to work in Chase Edmonds. But Chase Edmonds is good, but I don’t know if … Kingsbury’s a guy that likes these older backs, these guys that have been in the system for a while. Eno is young, he’s dynamic. And I think Eno Benjamin could get some work this year. Make sure you consider picking him up.

Joshua Kelley, he should be available in some leagues. If not, he was drafted in some more competitive leagues. You should consider picking him up. I think this guy’s going to get a ton of work, especially near the goal line. We’re already hearing reports that he is going to get some work. Listen, this isn’t a surprise to me. I told you guys, make sure you guys look at Joshua Kelley. A guy that will get some volume, with Melvin Gordon being gone and Ekeler not being a full workhorse running back, Joshua Kelley’s a guy you got to make sure is on your rosters.

Also, take a look at Boston Scott. It looks like the Eagles are really confident with Miles Sanders. Listen, Miles Sanders is great potential, they didn’t bring in anybody else. As of now, there are some lingering free agents still available that might end up there with the Eagles. But as of right now, Boston Scott will get some work when Miles Sanders needs a rest. So obviously as of right now, September 8th, it seems like the Eagles believe in their running back committee, hopefully it continues to stay that way.

Other guys you want to consider is Chris Thompson, not really excited, but a guy you may want to consider. AJ Dillon as well, I like him as a bench stash. From what we’re hearing, he’s going to be an RB3 on the team but definitely look for this guy to emerge mid to late season. And Darrel Williams, a guy that’s going to get some work there, especially for the past protection, for Pat Mahomes when needed. Darrell Williams is going to come in on some early downs along with Clyde Edwards-Helaire. And if Clyde Edwards-Helaire drops the ball, fumbles, can’t handle the pressure of the NFL, and for Darrel Williams to take a step up until Clyde Edwards-Helaire gets into the groove.

Wide Receivers

We’ll be going to a couple of wide receivers, don’t have too many here. But if you don’t have Chase Claypool, make sure he’s on your roster. Bryan Edwards really emerging in camp with the Raiders, and Allen Lazard, a clear-cut wide receiver too as of right now for the Packers. And there’s a ton of upside there. Now again, if you’ve got 16 rounds, you know who these sleepers are and make sure you guys get them. Now, Robby Anderson, I don’t know if he’s going to be available in your leagues, but I definitely love this guy for some boom or bust weeks. He’s got a good matchup this week in week one, and he’s a great DFS play on certain weeks where he could potentially boom.

Tight Ends

Now in regards to tight ends, I’ll give you guys a tight end you could consider picking up here that nobody’s talking about, is Devin Asiasi. Devin Asiasi was an early NFL draft pick for the Patriots. Now, one thing I know with the Patriots is, they definitely do know how to draft tight ends. And we definitely know that Cam Newton likes tight ends. So when you look at Devin Asiasi, why not? Huge bench stash with some upside. Another guy that could be available in your leagues is Jack Doyle. He was coming off super late in drafts or not at all in some drafts, definitely a guy you want to consider. Again, when you look at the tight end position, you want to make sure that you have two tight ends that could potentially break out on your bench, instead of investing in an early draft pick on a tight end. I keep going back to that example a couple of years ago. A lot of people went with Gronkowski round one and I was getting George Kittle round 10. And who outperformed who that year? It was George Kittle. Now George Kittle is coming off in the second or third round, and Gronkowski could have a big year, but the guy just does not stay healthy, that’s the problem with him.

So listen, we are here, the football season’s here. I’m excited. I implore you guys, you got to stay sharp on this waiver wire. It’s a very, very, very important to win your leagues. Now I had people coming to me and say, “Well, Joe, I got this perfect roster, my team was good. But I ended up getting a fourth-place or third place or fourth or sixth place,” or whatever. Why? “Well, were you sharp on the wire?” “Well, yeah, kind of.” Well, no. No, you got to be laser-sharp. Some leagues allow waiver wire pickups anytime, depends on your league. Some people allow waiver wire first thing Tuesday morning, Wednesday morning whenever it is. Typically it’s … When is it? It’s Wednesday morning, I believe it is. Or Tuesday morning, either way. Yearly, every league is custom. I will be releasing a waiver wire episode every Tuesday morning right here., So make sure you guys are following this page every Tuesday morning.

So again, Wednesday mornings are usually when they go through and you got to be sharp on that waiver wire. Because I’m telling you guys, people are going to snipe those players that you want that could be league winners at the end. You never know who could break out. We saw this happen with Phillip Lindsay a couple of years ago, you got to watch out. A perfect example this year’s Eno Benjamin, everyone’s sleeping on him. But when he breaks out and if he breaks out, I’m telling you, everyone’s going to be on top of that and you should be too.

And again, you got to make sure that the situation is good. If you have FAAB budget, Free Agent Acquisition Budget, make sure you spend it wisely. Don’t spend it in week one and don’t buy that recency bias of a player. Because sometimes some people have a one week wonder weeks, everybody jumps on the waiver wire and spends their entire budget on that player. And then what happens at the end, the guy doesn’t do anything for the entire season. So you got to watch out for those fake waiver wire pickups because they could really screw your budget up for the entire season or even waste a waiver wire priority for you. So you don’t want to do that.

So again, guys, fantasy football is here. So the schedule is going to be like this. We typically do a recap show and a Monday night preview here on Monday night, or Monday morning we do a show. Tuesday, I typically do a recap of Monday. Wednesday’s typically a waiver wire. Well, Tuesday I do a waiver wire. Wednesday I do a Q and A type thing, so Tuesday’s waiver wire. Wednesday’s a Q and A. Thursdays are a preview show. Saturday, I do a DFS. I might take Friday off, still debating. And Sunday guys, I do a last-minute Q and A and I do a last-minute life here, which I’ll post here for you, last-minute news and notes type thing, which I’ll be putting up on YouTube and the podcast.

So make sure you guys are subscribed. Leave a thumbs up, guys. And of course, subscribe to this number one fantasy football podcast. The season is here, I’m beyond excited. I will see you guys in the next video and again, we’re going the entire year long. You got to stay sharp on that wire. We’ll talk soon. Thank you guys for being here. And again, I’m super excited. Texans, Chiefs, that’d be a big game, and we’ll talk soon.

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