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Colts Running Back Committee | Who Prevails Mack or Taylor?

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Who will be the main RB in Indianapolis and why? The Colts clearly don’t believe in Marlon Mack or they would not have drafted Jonathan Taylor. Who will end up on top? The Counselor explains who and why.

We see it all the time. The NFL teams bringing in rookies to replace there mediocre positional players. This is the case with the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts bring in an RB stud in Jonathan Taylor to potentially take the starting job in Indy. They say Marlon Mack is the guy, but that is hard to believe. If the really believed in Mack there should be no reason to sign on Johnathan Taylor. Now, this may start off as a committee, but I feel the hot hand that will be Johnathan Taylor will prevail.

I really don’t care what people say, but Marlon Mack is a mediocre running back at best. He is not the long term solution there in Indy. I just hate how the coaches and owners have to be politically correct and say we believe in Mack and Taylor is not the replacement. There was a ton of depth on the roster and they could have just stayed with Marlon Mack but that wasn’t the case. The opted into drafting a stud workhorse RB in Taylor. He is not an average college running back. He had almost three-season rushing for 2000 yards in each one. I don’t really see it any other way. I don’t see why a team would draft another RB, especially the workhorse in Taylor if they really believed in Mack. It makes no sense. If the Colts are smart they should start and play Taylor for three downs and keep Mack as a back up because honestly, he is not that good at all.

I will be looking forward to seeing Taylor take that job sooner better than later. Mack needs to be traded or benched for his mediocre and sub-par performance throughout the years. Play the better back, which is NOT Marlon Mack

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Joseph Robert
Joseph Robert
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