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September 9, 2020
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September 11, 2020

Starts and Sits NFL Week 1 – Fantasy Football 2020

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Week 1 Fantasy Football Starts and Sits. The Counselor and Tim the Bald Guy, go over the players that have an easy or hard matchup at each position.

The draft was half the battle and it’s all about starting the right people in your draft every week. The highly anticipated football season is finally here. We have been waiting for a long time and the wait is over. The big questions come after the draft and those questions are who do you start and who do you sit each week. You have to be sharp on the waiver wire as well. Every Thursday here on the Fantasy Football Counselor we will run through every single position and give you the starts and sits. Starting the right person can make or break your team. The first 2-3 weeks will really be touch and feel situation. Most teams are feeling out their offenses and deciding who will be the starter.

Committees making decisions on who the main workhorses are teams that include the Rams, Colts, and Broncos to just name a few. You have to be careful of who you are starting because you never know who the pest on that team will be stealing away volume from your studs. This is why you need to ensure you start the right people in your rosters and load up on RB’s with no committees early on in your drafts.

With the world circumstances, committees, and potential injuries to your studs, the waiver wire and the right starts and sits are crucial. Proper management of your rosters is the key element to your success. You can’t let up and you must be a shark every single week. We got your back here on this #1 fantasy football podcast so make sure you are subscribed. Feel free to check back to the site on the top tabs and check the waiver wire and starts and sits tabs weekly.

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Joseph Robert
Joseph Robert
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