Fantasy Football Breakouts 2020 | 3 Sneaky Picks
March 11, 2020
Fantasy Football Tight End Sleepers 2020 | Top 10 Potential
March 13, 2020
Fantasy Football Breakouts 2020 | 3 Sneaky Picks
March 11, 2020
Fantasy Football Tight End Sleepers 2020 | Top 10 Potential
March 13, 2020

Fantasy Football QB Sleepers 2020 – Top 10 Potential

Fantasy Football QB Sleepers 2020 include:

  • Daniel Jones
  • Matt Ryan
  • Matt Stafford
  • Baker Mayfield
  • Tom Brady
  • Drew Brees
  • Teddy Bridgewater

Joseph Robert: Welcome to the show, everyone, today we are talking QB sleepers. Tim, it’s been a long time since this music has been there. Are you going to trim those eyebrows? I know there’s talk. People are calling them the caterpillars.

Tim: We’ll get the eyebrows done at some point, but I still got to be a man, baby. And then you know this thing on my face, it reminds me of something else.

Joseph Robert: Listen, we’ve got a huge show today. We’re talking about the quarterback sleepers. Guys that could break into the top 10. Before we get into that, we’ve got a draw for this DeAndre Hopkins card. For most of you guys, a lot of people, while we had asked you to do guys’ comments, I want it in the show, which one was it? I think it was the running back sleeper episode or one of those episodes. Go back. And all you had to do is comment and Tim’s actually put everybody’s name here that’s commented.

We actually took, Tim took the time to do this-

Tim: Comment and like.

Joseph Robert: That’s what we do.

Tim: Got to like it.

Joseph Robert: That’s what we do. So we’re going to pick a name here and let’s get to it, man, let’s pick this name randomly. Here we go, the draw. Drum roll. Who is it?

Tim: Who is it?

Joseph Robert: Who is it?

Tim: It’s a guy named Ryan.

Joseph Robert: Ryan what?

Tim: And his last name is Jarvis. Ryan Jarvis.

Joseph Robert: From YouTube.

Tim: You are the man.

Joseph Robert: Shoot us a DM or email me at [email protected] and we will give you this card. We’ll mail it out. Signed DeAndre Hopkins card.

Tim: Coronavirus…

Joseph Robert: All right. Actually, let’s talk about the coronavirus. It’s crazy. It’s now an epidemic. Let’s briefly talk about this, Tim.

Tim: It’s hard to briefly talk about Corona. It gets me pissed off.

Joseph Robert: It’s crazy. I mean, the main thing for us sports guys is it’s going to affect our games. There’s going to be no crowds. We can’t really go to games. My question Tim is, and we’re going to talk about this, is this going to go into the NFL season?

Tim: I would think by then they’re going to have, maybe not a vaccine, but they’re going to have a good way of treating it. So whether it be a vaccine or a treatment, by the time football season starts, we should be good.

Joseph Robert: Understand guys to kill this virus ideally, you want a 14 day quarantine period where everybody just kind of stays home and it just goes away. But there’s always somebody out there that’s going to-

Tim: Also, stop the whining. Stop bitching. It’s the flu. It’s the flu. It’s just more contagious. And maybe it’s a little more pneumonia than flu because it really affects your respiratory system, but it’s nothing stop the bull crap.

Joseph Robert: We’ll get to these quarterbacks sleepers. My question is though, and leave a comment below, I want to get your guys’ feedback on this. My question is why the toilet paper? Why the sudden-

Tim: Right. I know.

Joseph Robert: Why? I mean if I want to survive, I’m getting like nonperishable food items, beans, stuff like food.

Tim: Are you going to poop your whole body out when you get this disease? Like, is that it?

Joseph Robert: I don’t get it, man. I would be aiming more towards stocking up on food than toilet paper.

Tim: Yeah, it’s crazy. Like the fear is just insane people. Smarten up.

Joseph Robert: I don’t get it, man, I don’t get it. So anyway, hopefully, this thing blows over at some point. But yeah, it is blown out of proportion a little bit and hopefully things-

Tim: A lot a bit.

Joseph Robert: Hopefully things fizzle out. All right, so today we’re talking about quarterback sleepers and before we do that we’ve got to go over the top 10 quarterbacks of last year. We’re not going to go into too much detail. And then we’re going to talk about guys that could crack the top 10 in regards to the quarterback. Do you like that now, Tim? Crack the top 10?

Tim: Well yeah, but not the… And if only I could remember who was number one last year. I don’t know, I Mean it was such a tight race.

Joseph Robert: Yeah, I wonder. I forgot. I forgot that he put up 415 plus fantasy points.

Tim: And destroyed the next closest guy by like 80.

Joseph Robert: Now a lot of people are going to be investing in this guy early. His name is Lamar Jackson. You may have heard of him. They’re going to invest a lot into him, and this is the problem, I’m not investing in the end of the first round, early second pick, on a guy that I know is going to decline. I mean, it’s crazy. His numbers are astronomical. 176 rushing attempts. That is insane. He is a quarterback, let me remind you. And 1200 rushing yards that is more than pretty much every running back in the NFL. 1200 rushing yards. I mean, only five, I believe it was five or six running backs ran more than 1200 yards.

Tim: Yeah so, once again, you’re on your, “He’s going to decline crap”, which yeah, you know what, he probably will. He’s probably not going to put up 415 points again, but even if he puts up 350 he’s still an amazing quarterback. However, I’m still not spending that high pick on him because you could grab another quarterback that’s going to put up 330, 320. You know, is it worth it for that extra 20-25 points?

Joseph Robert: Right. So I’m going to wait. I’m going to let someone else take Lamar Jackson-

Tim: In round two or round three.

Joseph Robert: Maybe even round one.

Tim: Yeah. Some people have talked about it.

Joseph Robert: Yeah. So, that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to wait. So I mean, Dak Prescott, he came in number two. He always finishes in the top 10. He somehow sneaks in there. He always does pretty well relatively. Now in reality, not doing too well with the Cowboys, but it is what it is. He might get paid big dollars. There is talk in negotiation right now that he’s going to be paid big dollars.

Joseph Robert: But Lamar Jackson, Dak Prescott, Russell Wilson, always relatively consistent. Deshaun Watson coming in at number four. Jameis Winston, a lot of uncertainty floating around with free agency where he’s going to end up. Josh Allen, I love him this year. Pat Mahomes, Kyler Murray, Aaron Rodgers, and Carson Wentz to round out the top 10.

So those are your top 10. There is going to be some moving. There’s going to be some shaking. That’s what we’re going to talk about. We’re going to talk about that adjustment. So, Tim, you’ve got a list of players here, let’s get into it. Who can potentially crack the top 10? There’s going to be guys falling out.

Tim: Yeah. First I’m going to give you my fallouts. My potential fallouts are guys that I could see. So the easiest two for me would be Josh Allen and Kyler Murray.

Joseph Robert: Right.

Tim: Josh Allen, fairly you know, I mean he doesn’t have a great team around him. So he took a lot of the pressure on himself. He ran quite a bit last year. And whenever you run a lot as a quarterback, I mean you open yourself up for an injury. I don’t like that. So that’s my concern with Josh Allen, just taking too much pressure on himself, trying to get it all done. Kyler Murray, just one of those guys that he can be a great talent, but I still think he needs a little more seasoning. Runs a fair bit as well. Not too concerned about him with the running, but just I think he just needs more seasoning. I don’t think he’s there yet. And then I am somewhat concerned about Winston as well. The lack of the run game. I just don’t think he’s going to produce the way he did last year even.

And believe it or not, I’m scared about Lamar.

Joseph Robert: Really? Yeah.

Tim: Of course, I’m scared about Lamar.

Joseph Robert: I don’t think he falls out a top 10 unless he gets hurt.

Tim: No. I’m concerned about being hurt, yes. Because once again, running so much. Putting up running back numbers for our quarterback you just open yourself up for injury. I don’t want to see it. I pray to God it doesn’t happen. But yeah, I mean if it does then he’s out of the 10.

Joseph Robert: Yeah. Guys I see falling out for me, I think Carson Wentz, you know I’m not a fan. I think this guy’s been overpaid, hasn’t really finished a season, always falls apart, anticlimactic near the playoff time. So Carson Wentz the guy. Now when you said Kyler Murray and Josh Allen, I see the risk with these guys. I definitely see the risk but there is a high ceiling so they can even finish top three.

But if you’re going to pick guys that could fall out based on the risk factor, I can definitely agree with that. But I don’t agree in this case. I do like Josh Allen and I do like Kyler for next season.

Tim: Yeah. Don’t get me wrong, I love Josh Allen. I think he’s a great quarterback. I think he’s got some really good potential and what he did with a crappy team is really good.

Joseph Robert: And no wide receivers.

Tim: Yeah.

Joseph Robert: So they’re only going to beef up the, hopefully, they beef up the O-line, maybe get another running back to complement Singletary. And they definitely need a wide receiver. It’s going to be interesting how this plays out. So for me, maybe Winston’s the guy that falls out. Deshaun, also another guy that concerns me with injuries, has been injured multiple times with knees in the past. It could be a factor. Definitely going to watch that situation.

So, guys that could crack the top 10, we’ve both got a few. There might be some overlap from the guys I like and you like so I’ll let ladies first, please.

Tim: Here are two simple and basic one’s guys that of course could easily do it. So Drew Brees and Kirk Cousins. I mean both of these guys can easily get in there. Cousins has great weapons around him. He just needs to utilize them a little better this year. He needs to get some more yardage, get some more completions. Drew Brees, as long as he’s healthy no matter what, he’s got to be in a top 10 conversation. No problem there at all. Matt Stafford is definitely one of mine. I mean he only played eight games last year. If he doubled his numbers from those eight games, he was in like the top five. So not a problem there. I think he’s definitely got the capabilities.

I’m going to give you Baker as a long shot.

Joseph Robert: Oh, no. I’m not sold.

Tim: I bought into the Baker hype last year. He did throw for good yardage. He threw for 4000 yards, but the TD to interception ratio is freaking horrible. It’s like a one to one.

Joseph Robert: Right.

Tim: It’s brutal. So he’s got to get that a lot better. He’s got to keep the yardage up. He’s got to get more completions. He’s got a chance, let’s put it that way. I mean, the team around him come on, should have done it last year and didn’t, so he’s a risky one.

I threw this guy in late, actually, Gardner Minshew.

Joseph Robert: Maybe. Yeah.

Tim: I mean, he’s got it. He needs a better team around him.

Joseph Robert: Yeah. I mean-

Tim: He’s got the ability, he just needs more options.

Joseph Robert: Yeah. My concern is again, played 14 games for Minshew, but the problem is only 21 touchdowns, six interceptions. I want to see more touchdowns out of him. The yardage 3271, more yardage thrown as well. I’m not sold on Minshew yet. I think there are suspect wide receivers there as well.

Tim: Yeah. He doesn’t have good options, man. I mean he had Chark and Fournette. That was it. Obviously there were a couple of other guys on the team that did some stuff, but man, those were his best options.

Joseph Robert: Right. So that’s it for your list? Guys, that crack the top 10?

Tim: Yeah, man, that’s my list. And one thing I’m going to say is with quarterbacks too, if they miss just one game, it’s so easy to fall out of the top 10 because the variants and points between five and 10 is maybe 20 points. So one game equals 20 points.

Joseph Robert: Right. Now, there’s a couple of guys here on my list that wasn’t on your list. One of them being Tom Brady, there’s some interest from Tampa Bay. If he’s on Tampa Bay, that can be a really high octane offense. He’s got great receivers there if he ends up there. Tom Brady’s a guy that has been a top 10 quite frequently, so I’m wondering if he ends up there again. Going to be something to watch. I mean he did finish 12th amongst quarterback’s not bad. Not a guy I really trust, but a good backup quarterback with some upside to cover your bye weeks and maybe a potential injury if your starting quarterback goes down. Another guy I like, and I don’t know if you have him on your list, but Daniel Jones, you didn’t mention him.

Tim: No, because of the team. Just the team around him, no.

Joseph Robert: But here’s the thing, he did really well last, not really well, but he finished what, 24th amongst quarterbacks? Not the greatest. 18 touchdowns, or sorry, what did he have, 24 touchdowns, 12 interceptions. That’s with a terrible O-line. That’s with pretty much no receivers. Sterling Shepard was banged up. I think this year they got to get him a wide receiver. They got to beef up that O-line. Once they do, more time to pass and he’s got his second year, so he’s got more comfort. Now he’s ready to go. He’s more in the groove. He knows the offense.

Saquon Barkley is going to be hungry. Saquon was hurt last year. So a little of that past protection along with that bad O-line was sacrificed. So Daniel Jones, a guy that again, finished 24th beating out guys like Mitch Trubisky, Darnell’s of the world-beating even… Matt Staffer was hurt so that doesn’t really count. But he’s a guy that I do like as a backup with some upside, okay? I’m not overly excited, but I definitely see the fantasy football sleeper here.

Another guy, depending on what team picks him up is Teddy Bridgewater. I mean he showed some flashes when he was playing with the Saints when Drew Brees was gone. It depends on where he ends up. He’s a sleeper that could not necessarily crack the top 10 but definitely do better than he did last year if he gets a starting job.

Tim: Yeah, I think he’s a backup no matter what. So I’m not interested.

Joseph Robert: I agree with Drew Brees. I mean he does have Michael Thomas. I’m surprised there’s the injury that kind of sidelined him and brought him down here to 21st amongst quarterbacks last season, but a ton of upside. And Rivers, depending on where he lands as well.

Tim: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Always been consistent really.

Joseph Robert: Consistent, safe and boring, but I mean, the offense that he could land in could be high octane. We don’t know. So free agency in the next week or so. Once we find out where some of these guys are moving is going to answer a lot of these questions and really help us adjust our rankings and give better analysis.

Tim: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it’s way too early. The draft hasn’t happened. Nothing’s happened. I don’t see much of a change when it comes to quarterbacks but as we said, you can lose 20 points if you miss one game. It’s a pretty big deal.

Joseph Robert: Right. So yeah, I mean that’s it. Those are the guys that can crack the top 10 unless we’re missing somebody here. Mitch Trubisky, I don’t think so. Sam Darnold, I really doubt it. Big Ben, when he comes back. I mean, no one’s talking about him here.

Tim: Yeah, I mean what are you going to get when he comes back? Is the shoulder going to be great? Obviously he can be in the conversation it’s just we don’t know at this point.

Joseph Robert: And that’s really going to help the Dontae Johnson value. Now Big Ben actually finished third in 2018 guys, a lot of people don’t look back an extra year. When he was healthy, 5129 yards, 34 touchdowns. A little high but he had 16 interceptions but finish third right behind Matt Ryan ahead of Deshaun Watson when he was healthy.

Tim: Didn’t even have a really good wide receiver at that point though too?

Joseph Robert: Yeah, he had Antonio Brown, yes. But I do believe quarterbacks make wide receivers and he threw the ball a lot. 168 targets for Antonio Brown, 166 for Juju, helping both those wide receivers finish in the top 10. So Big Ben, not a guy I’m excited about because he’s been around a long time. What you see is what you get, but you’re going to get those safe numbers and that’s pretty much it. He could crack the top 10 that’s the bottom line.

Tim: Definitely. I mean, I totally skipped on him. He can easily crack the top 10.

Joseph Robert: Right. So we’re going to keep this short guys. It is offseason. Just wanting to get an episode, get some content out to you. Protect yourself, wash your hands. I mean coronavirus-

Tim: Yeah, take normal precautions. Don’t put yourself in a position that you don’t need to be in, but you’re going to catch the flu. Shut up.

Joseph Robert: It’s crazy, man. But I think it’s more the uncertainty around it and then there’s the four day incubation period once you get it, you can not show symptoms up to four days. That’s kind of what the whole thing is here.

Tim: To me, the biggest concern is how contagious it is. To me, that is the only reason why they’re taking all these steps or it better be the only reason because yes, essentially it is just the flu. It’s only killing, not that it’s a nice thing, but it’s only killing-

Joseph Robert: Only.

Tim: … really old people, people whose immune systems are compromised and maybe even young children, but not really so much the children. Mostly the elderly who die from the pneumonia, die the flu, like, come on.

Joseph Robert: Right.

Tim: I could just go off on this. I hate it.

Joseph Robert: Every life is valuable. But yeah, I mean compared to the flu, but the problem is it’s got, again, it’s easier to get more… It’s contagious.

Tim: That’s it. It’s more contagious. That’s the thing.

Joseph Robert: Right. All right, so we’re not experts, we’re not doctors. We’re not recommending anything. We’re just saying wash your hands.

Tim: If I was I’d say, “Just die now and get it over with.”

Joseph Robert: No, no. All right guys, so that wraps it up here. Again, we’re not doctors. We’re just having some fun with the coronavirus. Tim, any last words about the-

Tim: We’re not really having fun with the coronavirus we’re just having some fun.

Joseph Robert: We’re just talking about it. All right, so Tim, any last words?

Tim: Any last words. Oh, Gronkowski!

Joseph Robert: Gronkowski, yes.

Tim: He’s going to be wrestling. Oh, yeah!

Joseph Robert: I guess he fits it, man. I guess he fits the wrestling [crosstalk 00:16:36].

Tim: He’s got the big body.

Joseph Robert: He’s just crazy.

Tim: Like maybe size wise, sure.

Joseph Robert: I don’t watch wrestling. I don’t know anything that’s going on with wrestling.

Tim: I’m not into it anymore either.

Joseph Robert: MMA, I’m watching, but wrestling I’m not really in there.

Tim: Let’s see him do that. Do a Brock Lesnar.

Joseph Robert: That’s it. It’s going to be interesting to see how that plays out. All right guys. Make sure you smash the thumbs up, click subscribe, and we will see you in the next video.

Tim: We will. Have a good one everybody.

Here are some fantasy football sleepers at the QB position that could crack the TOP 10. The Counselor and the Bald Guy lay it out for you in this podcast. Make sure you target these guys later in your draft.

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