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The 5 Best Fantasy Football Podcasts | Things To Know Before You Listen

Best Fantasy Football podcasts

What makes up the best fantasy football podcasts

Best Fantasy Football podcasts

The Top 5 best fantasy football podcasts are:

  1. Fantasy Football Counselor
  2. Eat Sleep Fantasy Football
  3. Roto Street Journal
  4. Walter Football
  5. Fantasy Football Astronauts

We dive on on why these guys are these guys are on top and what makes a fantasy podcast the best.

Not all Fantasy Football Podcasts are alike or created equal, and here are some things you need to know before you listen. There are several that are really good, but what makes a podcast the best when it comes to fantasy football? Before I started my Fantasy Football Podcast, I was annoyed with the amount of garbage, fluffy podcasts out there. I knew I had to change the game and offer a more consumable, entertaining and accurate podcast. There needed to be a show that had the think outside the box mentality. 99% of the podcasts prior to mine were cookie-cutter copy and paste. Meaning they all play it safe and tell you to draft the players from last year. This sheep fantasy football ranking copy and pasting had to come to an end and people needed more.

If you are investing your valuable time and money into fantasy football, make sure you go through this article in detail so you are aware of what is out there. Being aware is half the battle to get your to dominate your fantasy football leagues.

Let’s dive into 5 main factors that would make the Best Fantasy Football Podcast. To break it down for you in a simple form, the 5 factors are the following:

  • Knowledge
  • Duration
  • Complete Solution
  • Interaction
  • Passion

I am going to deep dive into the reasons why these 5 factors are so important and why you should really consider making sure that your podcast fits this criteria. Your time is valuable and you want to invest in a fantasy football podcast that actually helps you win your leagues, and that keeps it real with you. I am not here to tell you to just listen to my podcast as there is other great talent out there. I actually suggest that you are diverse in your knowledge and form your own opinion at times when playing fantasy. I will tell you however that my Fantasy Football Counselor podcast was built on the backbone of these factors.

Let’s dive in and look at all the key factors that make up what it takes to be the BEST!


Best Fantasy Football Factors

Fantasy Football Podcast

1. Knowledge

This is by far one of the most important factors a show and the hosts of a fantasy football podcast must-have. Prior to starting my own show, I would look for winning fantasy football advice being offered in the podcast and that was a driving factor in what I wanted to listen to. Being in the industry for many years, I have learned that it takes a long time to really get good at analyzing fantasy. You have to go through years of drafting and understanding the ins and outs of NFL football in general. Spotting out trends and looking at past failures and successes makes you far more knowledgeable than the rest.

Fantasy Football Knowledge

Fantasy Football advice that works

Playing it safe with Rankings and Analysis

Many newer podcasts and some veterans lack the depth of insight and knowledge. A majority actually play it safe and literally copy and paste last year’s rankings. What I mean by this is that they take last year’s top finishers in the fantasy football rankings, and suggest you draft them all again in that order. Every year this is done because a majority of shows and fantasy analysts want to play it safe. They don’t want to take risks and make suggestions that may seem riskier and get called out if they are wrong. Listening to this sheep mentality will not help you win at fantasy football. I always teach about the LION mentality. You have to take calculated risks and be able to adapt and foresee future trends. Playing is safe is the way of the sheep and that’s definitely not you if you are reading this. You are looking for more, so make sure you get the best advice out there.

Still to this day I am fed up with shows giving this copy and paste general consensus advice out. The fantasy fans lack of awareness that there are better podcasts out there is what leads many to lose their fantasy leagues. Stray away from the mainstream. If you see cookie-cutter rankings from last year being spit out by a podcast, that is a good sign you need to stray away from that show. Knowledge is potential power!

Thinking outside the box was on the main reasons I reinvented the Fantasy Football Draft Kit with my 16 Rounds video training. Change needed to happen, and the mainstream was not adapting. Knowledge comes in more than just knowing what players to select. It comes in always knowing what fans are looking for and what they need to win.

2. Duration

This is crucial when I decide on what makes the best fantasy football podcast. I remember being extremely annoyed with podcasts dragging out for over an hour and filled with fluff. Just get to the point was what I use to think, and it really motivated me to start the Fantasy Football Counselor podcast. Listen I get that the show has to be entertaining and needs a bit of balance, but some shows literally took 10 minutes to get to the point and relevant fantasy content. I find longer shows are boring and full of fluff for the most part. Many drag these shows on for reasons such as increasing Youtube watch time, and getting in more product placement. Others do it to fill in time slots and segments on mainstream network funded shows. Bottom line is that these fantasy football podcasts are long and boring and full of fluff.

Fantasy Podcast

Fantasy Football Podcasts that are too long can be full of fillers

Your time is valuable and you don’t really want to spend an hour listening about what underwear color the hosts of the show are wearing or something stupid and corny. I don’t know about you but I want to win and I have other things I should be doing with my time. Having set and premeditated shows that have to be 1 hour long, for example, are tedious and loaded with nonsense fillers. The right fillers and the right host adds to the authentic, organic, on the fly feel of what a show should be like. Make sure the podcast you select is not fake and filling its time with stuff that won’t serve you.

My show tends to run anywhere from 10 minutes to 45 minutes max. This varies and the shows tend to be longer when I have a special guest on the show. I feel that bite-size information is more consumable and enjoyable. The human attention span is decreasing more and more each year. If I feel I need to get on the air and get you some breaking news I will. Organic and raw is better than scripted and fake. Get your information, have a laugh or two and get on with your life. Get the FLUFF out!

3. Complete Solution

To be considered the best you need to do everything and do it right! When it comes to a fantasy football podcast to be the best I have broken down even further. Here is a list of what the podcast needs to have to be a complete solution:

  • Offer year-long fantasy football advice
  • Offer daily fantasy football advice
  • Be entertaining
  • Be knowledgeable
  • Be accurate
  • Good podcasting equipment
  • Great audio
  • Great visuals if you are adding a Youtube channel to the show
  • Keep it real and go year-round
  • Get the fluff out
  • Offer enough episodes to stay on top of the latest news, waiver wires, and information
  • Be confident in your picks and avoid the copy and paste ranking sheep mentality

I hear so many excuses from other Podcasts that they have to take time off during the offseason. If you want to be the best, there is no time off for the podcast. I know the excuse can be made that there isn’t much going on after the Superbowl or that that fantasy is over in February. This is all BS. There is ALWAYS something to talk about. Free agency, NFL draft, team requirements for the draft, early fantasy football rankings and so much more. I think there is a lack of passion when people tell me I need time off.

Now understand many guys that podcast tends to spread themselves thin and try to do too much. Don’t get this confused. When I said that I want the complete solution, I said it has to be done correctly. I find that some shows can’t handle the full solution and have to bring in a guy just to handle the DFS. If you are a host of a fantasy football show, you need to cover all aspects of fantasy football. Now if you need someone to come in and talk about real football or something like that, that’s ok. Aside from that, if it’s a fantasy you have to know it all. This goes back to having the full solution. The Host should be well versed in all aspects of fantasy.

4. Interaction

When I see podcasters in this space not replying and interacting with their listeners, I am pretty disgusted. I don’t understand what it is about some of the top podcasts and lacking human emotion. I see it all the time, with fans asking the podcaster a question and not even one reply from that page in the comments. This does not shock me as ego and delusion of some sort of celebrity status overshadow compassion and being human.

I try my best to get back to everyone I possibly can in the comments. I can’t promise I can reply to all of you but I genuinely do my best. I really make me sick to my stomach when I see pages NOT replying back to their fans. I totally believe this leaves a major disconnect from the podcaster and the fan. I understand we podcasters/ influences get busy and I get it, but not replying to even one comment is ridiculous.

Interaction with fantasy football fans is important

Fantasy Football Podcast key factors

I feel keeping it real with your listeners is one of the most valuable assets in have the best fantasy football podcasts. Getting other people on your show and sharing your spotlight is huge. Bringing guests on the show give you insight into there world and offer a different take and perspective on things. It also gives diversity and nimbleness to the show.

Again, this was one of the main reasons I got into the fantasy football industry. I felt there was a lack of “keeping it real” with fans and I know change needed to be made. I am a true believer that no one is better than anyone no matter how many fans, followers or subscribers you have. Being humble and kind to people that helped you get to where you are is crucial to the success of being on top of this industry or any industry for that matter.

Interact with your listeners and keep it real. I am just one of the guys and that’s that feel the podcast should give you. My listeners are my friend and I want to interact with them in any way possible. You should never feel that contacting the host should be difficult. There should be methods in place for fans to be heard. No one is above anyone and egos should be dropped when it comes to the fan base. Make sure the hosts you are listening to is genuine and real.

5. Passion

” Passion without purpose is like a shot without a target”

Listen passion can’t be faked and that’s the bottom line. Passion is what has kept the Fantasy Football Counselor podcast running consistently for 4 years straight. Passion for fantasy football is what drives me and helps me through everything I do in this industry. This is the reason I don’t take time off in the offseason and why I go year-round with fantasy football. I am literally obsessed with you winning your fantasy football leagues and at DFS.

Fantasy Football Passion

Fantasy Football podcast driving force

I can’t speak for other podcasts, but you may be able to gauge if a host is interested or not when they are speaking in their show. Sometimes some people lack energy or just quit their podcasts all together. Many podcasters now are getting into the fantasy game because they are seeking fame and fortune. If you are in this industry for the money, you won’t last. You want a show that will stand the test of time and persevere through the good and the bad times.

Listeners are smart these days, and they can sense if someone is lacking passion and enthusiasm. Make sure your host is into it and you.

Now you know the 5 Factors, so who fits the criteria?

Now that you know the factors that make up the best fantasy football podcasts. Here is a list I heavily researched that will give you all you need. These podcasts put in a lot of time and effort into their crafts and are dedicated to helping you win your leagues. Give them all a listen and find out what works for you. I like these podcasts because they are all real and genuine in their approach. I stay away from the fake and overrated. Once you listen to the ones listed below it will all start to make sense.

The bottom line is winning and no one wins their leagues by following copy and past consensus rankings. These guys below are the game changers, the outside of the box thinkers, and the guys that will help you dominate your leagues. Time to step up and listen to them in case you haven’t already.

In the modern world, most people can see through BS. I saved you the time and made a list of the top guns in the industry. Check em out below:

Best Fantasy Football Podcasts

Fantasy Football Counselor Podcast

#1 Fantasy Football Podcast

It’s no surprise that I put my podcast in here because I built my brand on the backbone of these 5 factors that make the best fantasy football podcast. I am all about you guys winning your leagues. I looked at what was out there regarding fantasy podcasts and reverse-engineered it. If you are tired of fluffy one-hour cookie-cutter podcasts, then this is for you. I offer the complete solution for you throughout the year so you guys dominate your leagues and of course, DFS.

I live and breathe American Football, and you can rest assured that you are getting the most thought-out and researched fantasy analysis on the market. I think outside the box and am always 10 steps ahead of the competition. No cookie-cutter copy-and-paste rankings. If you don’t win, I don’t sleep. I took my obsession with fantasy sports and I pout it out to my listeners every single day. Staring back in 2016, I have accumulated millions of podcast downloads and youtube views. I have also established myself as the authority in fantasy football with the most social media followers among analysts. Here is a brief overview of what I offer on the Fantasy Football Counselor Podcast:

Host: Joseph Robert (The Fantasy Football Counselor) and Tim Boyer (The Bald guy)

  • 5 episodes a week during the season
  • Year-long episodes
  • DFS Saturday Show
  • Last-Min NFL news and notes Sunday Mornings
  • Monday morning weekend games review ( Studs and Sucks)
  • Special listener call-in shows
  • Giveaways
  • Thursday morning starts and sits and preview
  • Waiver wire shows on Tuesdays during the season
  • Special guests from other podcasts and athletes
  • Outside-of-the-box thinking and analysis
  • Wining and entertaining advice

For everything you need make sure you are subscribed to this #1 fantasy football podcast here to dominate your leagues https://thefantasyfootballcounselor.com/ and the Youtube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1DTCNwCalZSzoJm4gq6oGw

Eat Sleep Fantasy Football

I am very picky with what podcasts I suggest you listen to and I really like the guys at ESF. I have met them several times and they are very humble and keep it real with their fans. They genuinely care about their listeners and that is something I admire about them on a personal level. They have been around a while and this is a podcast you can dive into and know they will be here for many years to come.


ESF podcast

ESF is a podcast dedicated to providing accurate fantasy football analysis while sometimes (often) going off-topic with pop culture references, food rankings, and dad jokes. Offering includes:

  • They have been around for many years so they are here to stay
  • Shows run 3 times a week throughout the preseason and regular season
  • Very nice layout of the website with ease to subscribing and get needed fantasy information
  • A strong cast of hosts and writers
  • They are super nice guys that keep it real and offer a lot of great fantasy-winning advice

Hosts: Christian Brito, Armando Crespo, John Chapman, and Dale Demott

Writers and supporting cast include: JJ Clayton, Austin Kenneth, and Nick

Follow the show and subscribed here: https://www.eatsleepfantasy.com/

Roto Street Journal

When I first had Nick on my show, I knew this guy knew his stuff. This podcast is organized from a sound production standpoint, all the way to a well-organized website. The offering is large and complete while maintaining knowledge and offering well-researched content without sacrifice. They are good at what they do, and the passion shines through.


RJS Podcast

Roto Street Journal Podcast

Like the real game, fantasy football is truly a game of inches. From that crucial waiver wire pick-up to the right Round 10+ draft picks, fantasy titles are won with those hard-nosed, unsung, fullback-style moves. That’s where the astutely researched, undeniably bold, and fully-uncensored genius takes of The Wolf of Roto Street comes in, paving your path to Fantasy Football glory. The Wolf is a fantasy addict through and through, and his affliction can be your gain… all packaged up with humor and raw emotion you won’t find from pretty much any other in this soft industry. Offering Includes:

  • Re-framing Fantasy Football into a Stock Market, The Wolf uses the RSJ’s own “Fantasy Stock Formula” to evaluate talent like no other. From David Johnson (2016) & Tyreek Hill (2017) to Patrick Mahomes & Christian McCaffrey (2018), or Derrick Henry & Chris Carson (2019), they have been ahead on Fantasy MVPs time and time again (outside of missing Lamar Jackson this year…sorry).
  • Beyond their resident guru hosts rip-roaring takes, the Fullback Dive unearths true fantasy gold with some of the best interviews in the fantasy industry, bringing in some top names
  • Plus, in 2020, they debut an XFL Fantasy Show Podcast, keeping all you fantasy addicts’ appetites fed this offseason.
  • Gritty. Dirty. Always pushing the pile. Let the Fantasy Fullback Dive Pave your Path to Fantasy Football Titles.

Host: The Wolf of Roto Street (@RotoStreetWolf)

Subscribe and Listen here: https://www.rotostreetjournal.com/

Walter Football

One of the living legends in the fantasy football space is Walter Cherepinsky. Being in the industry for over 20 years, this guy knows his stuff and offers a ton of value for not only fantasy football but for everything football! I really like what Walter has done with his personal brand. He is dedicated to football and puts in a lot of hard work and time into his research. Passion and knowledge in the fantasy podcasting space are defined with Walter Football. I highly recommend you check them out.

Walter Football

Walter Fantasy Football

Offering Includes:

  • Everything related to NFL football
  • Discuss NFL picks and Spreads
  • Fantasy Football for both year-long and DFS
  • Coverage of the NFL draft so you have insight on all the young talent coming in
  • Grading of NFL signing and trade during free agency
  • Info on coaching hiring and firing
  • Super interactive with their audience, answering questions on lives and on their very established website

Hosts: Walter Cherepinsky ( President), Charlie Campbell (Senior NFL draft analyst of Walterfootball.com), Jacob Camenker From NBC Sports Boston and Kenny Ortiz from Fantasy Jabber.

Subscribe and check them out here: http://walterfootball.com/index.php

Fantasy Football Astronauts

When I first saw this podcast and logo, I was drawn in. I wanted to learn more and see what it was all about. I went to their website and saw that it was well organized, and there was a lot of content and a well-thought-out process with the design and the brand. After speaking with one of the hosts Dr. Michael Risher, I knew these guys were for real and they really want to “Take off” with their brand. (Take off is playing off the Astronaut theme).

What I like is that all three hosts have played football on a college level, and Brooks was an OC at the high school level. I like what I have seen so far with these guys. They have been out for about a year, and they are newer but pack a lot of knowledge and insight. I also think their podcast artwork is unique and memorable.

I like that they are out here hustling and putting out content and creating their lane with fantasy terminology that relates to their brand. I noticed they don’t follow the sheep herd mentality and are worth checking out. They are out to prove that they are “Out of this world”!

Fantasy Football Astronauts

Fantasy Football Astronauts

Podcast Offering:

  • Offer a Dynasty-Centric podcast but the weekly in-season pods are geared towards helping you win the championship every year.
  • They have 2 doctors and a law student so their specific expertise covers injury, team cap space, and contract situations in the offseason.
  • All 3 hosts have played football in college and Brooks was an OC at the high school level. This allows them to understand the intricacies of the game at a deeper level. Their player evaluation is based off of thousands of hours of watching film in high school and college and doing actual game preparation. We carry this over into our podcast and explanation of players strengths/weaknesses.
  • They are a space-themed Podcast so you learn not only about football, but we also give space facts and information as a part of what we do.
  • They have 9 staff writers as a part of our team which allows us much more depth of analysis and coverage than most podcasts.
  • As a part of their non-podcast offerings, we have incredible stat databases and extensive Rookie Player Profiles on our website. No other podcast offers the types of information this unique combination of information and skills.

Hosts: JetPack Galileo ( The Risk Taker), Austin Brooks (The Risk Averse), Dr. Michael Risher (The Moderate)

You can see how much upside there is to this podcast and why I was drawn in when I first heard about them. Give them a listen here: https://www.ffastronauts.com/

Final Thoughts

Listen, I took the time to create an article because of my main mission in life and that is YOU WINNING fantasy football. Playing fantasy football for over 15 years and being in the industry for 5, I know what’s out there. I wanted to save you all the time and to drown out all the noise. The podcast content you absorb could be the deciding factor on your success in your fantasy leagues. If you feel like checking out other podcasts then give it a go. Find out what works for you, but not you know what makes the BEST fantasy football podcast!

Make sure you subscribe to dominate your leagues! https://thefantasyfootballcounselor.com/

Joseph Robert
Joseph Robert
Joseph Robert's outside of the box, LION mentality has created the strongest and most loyal fan base in the fantasy football industry! @fantasyfootballcounselor