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April 19, 2021
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Fantasy Football Sleepers 2021 | 5 Sleepers I love this Season

fantasy football sleepers 2021

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5 Fantasy Football Sleepers I love for 2021. The Counselor lays out 5 sleepers to target in your fantasy football drafts for a great value.

  1. Matt Ryan
  2. James Robinson
  3. Robby Anderson
  4. Diontae Johnson
  5. Carson Wentz

It is all about opportunity and value in drafts and these sleepers have it. The fact that Matt Ryan is being slept on is terrible and the mainstream sheep always sleep on great talent. How can you have Calvin Ridley ranked so high and you have Ryan ranked 15th amongst QBs. This is wrong in every way and what I discuss in this video. We see it every year that the mainstream rankings will lead you astray and you cannot trust them. They are just a guideline for you to actually do better.

Robby Anderson is always slept on and look where he is sitting now on the consensus rankings. He is 34th among WRs. He was slept on last year and the mainstream continues the nonsense yet again. They like to save face and do like promoting players that are not as popular. The advice given to you by the networks, magazines, and mainstream will lead you astray. It is based on recency bias and popular opinion. That won’t help you win your fantasy football leagues.

Time to step out of your comfort zone and think outside that box and that is what the 16 Rounds Draft solution is all about. The faster you stray away from draft kits and the mainstream, the quicker you win your leagues! Don’t do what the others do. 2021 is about changing for the better and this is the pace to do it.

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Joseph Robert
Joseph Robert
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