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Top Fantasy Running Backs – What Makes Them Elite
February 6, 2020
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February 12, 2020

XFL Fantasy Draft 2020

XFL Fantasy Draft 2020

XFL draft fantasy football draft

XFL Fantasy Draft 2020

XFL draft fantasy football draft

XFL Fantasy Football Draft Experience


The Counselor walks you through his experience of drafting an XFL fantasy team.

Welcome to the show, everybody. Joseph Robert, the Fantasy Football Counselor. Today is February 8th, which happens to be my birthday. I’m actually doing an XFL Fantasy Football draft. XFL is here. I wanted to share this experience with you because I’m about six rounds in. So I’m going to get you guys up to speed. I want to take you guys into this live draft as it’s going on. Because a lot of people ask me, “Are you doing XFL Fantasy Football? Are you going to continue? Where do you do it? How do you do it? What’s going on?”

Listen, there’s a site called I got to tell you literally, this entire draft has been a crapshoot. I’m going to walk through this with you. I am actually in the seventh round, but it doesn’t really matter because this entire league, this entire draft has been a crapshoot.

So let me explain how this is working here, okay? There are eight teams, everybody. Eight teams, which means there are eight starting quarterbacks. I want to make that clear. Guys like Brandon Silvers, Matt McGloin, Cardale Jones, Landry Jones. Listen, there are eight quarterbacks. So I thought in my great scheme of things here to win this league… I wouldn’t even say it’s a scheme. It’s actually a Fantasy Football draft strategy.

My draft strategy, it has eight teams. In the first two rounds, why don’t I get two quarterbacks? So I went and I got two quarterbacks. I guess the league’s losing it now, and we’re going to have to make some changes here. But I guess I have to drop one quarterback because people are upset that they didn’t draft a quarterback. Well, that’s part of the strategy. If you don’t draft a quarterback in the first round, you could possibly lose a chance to get a quarterback. It’s a common-sense strategy. I think two teams didn’t draft a quarterback, and now they’re screwed. Now I have to give it up. I think I’m just trying to get a second-round pick. Now I do have the best quarterback. I’ve got Landry Jones, according to ADP. But I’m telling you, I just want to take you guys into this draft experience. So here we go.

The Eight XFL teams:

  • Dallas Renegades
  • DC Defenders
  • Houston Roughnecks
  • Los Angeles Wildcats
  • New York Guardians
  • St Louis Battle-Hawks
  • Seattle Dragons
  • Tampa Bay Vipers is the site I’m doing the XFL draft on. There are eight teams in the XFL. A lot of these players,  I’ve never even heard of. I’m literally trying to draft by depth charts. So what I’ve done, is I’ve pulled up the XFL site. I’ve pulled up the eight teams. The Dallas Renegades, DC Defenders, Houston Roughnecks, Los Angeles Wildcats, New York Guardians, St. Louis BattleHawks, and Seattle Dragons. There’s also the Tampa Bay Vipers.

I’ve literally pulled up every depth chart on every team to try to figure out who the starters are. Now the eight starting running backs according to these depth charts are all drafted. All these running backs are drafted. I managed to get one of them. I got a guy by the name of… I don’t even know if I’m going to pronounce this correctly. But that Ja’Quan Gardner from Seattle, he’s a starting running back apparently, for Seattle. I got him I think in the third round after I went with my two quarterbacks.

But I’m telling you, man, it’s been a disaster. What ends up happening when you’re on AltFantasySports, it’s a really weird site because you hit this button that says see Draft Board. So you can see when you’re coming up. But it’s just like you can’t tell really when your turn is up. You’ve got to go back and forth screen. So you pull up this draft board, it comes up. The screen behind it gets darker, and you’ve got to wait till they pick. Then when you come up, everything illuminates so you can draft. But again, the ADPs are way out of whack. I have no idea who’s good, who’s not. It’s completely unorganized. The site is really buggy, AltFantasySports. It’s literally the Wild West out here, honestly. You’re literally… It’s one big crapshoot because you don’t know who to draft.

XFL Fantasy Football Draft Strategy

The strategy obviously, is to get one of the eight quarterbacks, common sense. I went with two. I’ve got to give one back. Another part of the Fantasy Football draft strategy here is to get one of the eight starting running backs, which I also did. At this point with the wide receivers, the way that the depth charts are laid out, you don’t really know who’s going to get the big target volume share. You don’t really know. You have nothing to reference in regards to previous years. You have nothing to reference in regards to these players. Some of these players were players that played in the NFL prior. Some of them are out of college, some of them never made it to the NFL. It’s all over the place. We got Lance Dunbar here as my backup. He’s my handcuff right now. I won’t say handcuff. He is actually my backup running back. You could start one running back.

Now, I’m actually up here, in the queue here. I got to pick a player here. I have no idea who to pick. I definitely need a wide receiver. I like to have some wide receiver depth. Again, the way that it’s organized, I have no idea who is good. So stick with me guys during the podcast. We’re going to have to find a wide receiver here. I’m going through the teams here. For example, Alonzo Russell here on the St. Louis Battle-Hawks is the guy I like. But when I go to search for him, I can’t find him.

XFL Draft Experience

So I wanted you guys… I wanted to do a podcast live as I’m doing this draft, to share this crazy experience of the Wild West with you. So literally, I’m going here. I have to draft on ADP and look at what I need. Here are the positions, here. You need one quarterback, got that. One running back got that. Two wide receivers got that. You can do two flexes. Now, this is the way this league is set up. A running back, wide receiver, tight end. Or you go as super-flex here as well, but it’s not set up. A kicker, a defense, and four bench. This particular league is not set up with a super-flex, because there are only eight quarterbacks. Ideally, I’d like to start two quarterbacks. But again, eight teams in the XFL. So it’s really, really hard to get that.

Now my timer is going. I have three minutes left to select a player. I’m going to check out the best available tight-ends. Again, a little bit of a crapshoot. I’ve got to go look and see who according to the depth chart, is a tight end to draft. So I’m literally going in, I’m looking at Colin Jeter from the Seattle Dragons. I’m just trying to familiarize myself with the names. Then literally, seeing who the starters are and going back and trying to draft them. Jake Powell may be a good option here with the New York Guardians. Guys, this has been crazy, especially with the site. I think AltFantasySports is trying to make an effort here. But I’m telling you, man, it’s an uphill battle for this site. We’re going to have to see how this site ends up. I ended up drafting Jake Powell, by the way, from New York. I’m going to give him a go. I’m going to have to see how this site ends up working out and how the actual XFL ends up working out. I thought I’d share this experience with you guys since I am doing this draft.

So again, just to recap here. AltFantasySports is the site. I’m going to get this out to you. I probably won’t be able to get a team together anyway to draft it. But I wanted to share the experience of how weird this site is and how non-user friendly it is and how buggy it is. But overall, it does the job. So there’s a plus to this. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. When you go here, you register. If somebody invites you to a league, you get a league invite via email. You go in, you set up your Fantasy Football draft.

You’re kind of in this… It’s not in a lobby. It says league on players, rosters, match-ups, draft queue. You’re in there, and you got to wait till a draft starts. But when it starts, it doesn’t really start. You got to hit this draft board and follow the names as they go. There is a timer. You got about four to five minutes I think, to make a pick. Then you got to go into obviously, your player selection. The player selection ADP is completely out of whack. It’s as confused as we are. I’m telling you, it’s crazy. You don’t even know who’s good, who’s not. It’s all a crapshoot, literally.

When you are looking at the depth chart at let’s say, a running back… I’m going to go in here and take a look at the Los Angeles Wildcats. Their top running back is Elijah Hood. Okay? Then DuJuan Harris is his backup. When I’m looking at this, it’s like maybe DuJuan could start over Elijah. What’s their volume count? How much are they going to get? Then when you select a defense, forget that man. That’s literally a guess. Which defense is going to be a good defense? But again, NFL is done right now, there’s no Fantasy Football in the NFL. XFL is here, I might as well just throw myself in here, immerse myself into some XFL Fantasy Football and see how it works. Because if XFL is a league that’s going to continue on through the future and become a league that’s well-known and a league that people look forward to after the Super Bowl, then why not immerse myself and get a feel for it the first year? Be one of the pioneers, be one of the first people into this platform.

Again, guys… Very, very interesting. XFL Fantasy Football is something I thought I’d give a try. Again, a very interesting experience I’ve got going here. I’m going to give you guys my roster right now and you guys can laugh at it all you want because I don’t care. Because I don’t even know what the heck is going on. Again, I know some of these players. But man, there’s a lot of players you don’t know. So I’m going to go in here, take a look at my roster. I’ve got Landry Jones, Lance Dunbar, Kam Phillips at wide receiver, Jake Powell tight-end, Damien Washington at wide receiver. Ta’amu Jordan. I can’t pronounce it. He’s a quarterback for St. Louis, who I’ve got to give back, because I can’t draft two quarterbacks. And Ja’Quan Gardner at running back for Seattle, he’s my starter. Apparently, he is starting for Seattle. A very, very interesting experience at the draft here.

I’m telling you if you’ve never drafted with the XFL… Actually, you know what’s amazing about this? This actually feels like… Okay, if you don’t play Fantasy at all and you’re getting into it, and you don’t know who the players are, this is what it feels like. Now I studied the NFL, I know all the NFL players. I could tell you the depth charts. I could tell you the entire offense of every single team. But when it comes to XFL and a league you’re not familiar with, it’s like a complete… It’s another language, basically. When you’re here, it’s a totally different experience. It actually feels like somebody who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. It’s really weird. You’re basically drafting on gut feeling, you’re drafting an intuition. It’s a totally different Fantasy Football draft strategy.

Again, I went in with the thought that okay, there’s eight teams, eight starting quarterbacks. Might as well take two quarterbacks and be advantageous. Not only did I do it to screw another team, I actually did it because I wanted to have depth. If my starting quarterback goes down, yeah, you could get the backup for the team. But you still want yourself another starter from another team who is potentially better, if that makes sense. Right? It’s kind of like saying… Okay. Well, I got Tom Brady and I got… Let’s pick a better example. I got Pat Mahomes and Lamar Jackson, potentially. Would you rather have that, or would you rather have Pat Mahomes or Lamar Jackson’s backup? I know this makes sense to you guys. So then again, that’s what I did. I’ve got to give a quarterback back, and then maybe get a second-round pick for it. Either way, this has been a crazy experience on my birthday. I’m telling you, I got to go. I just wanted to come on here. Again, if you are looking to do XFL Fantasy Football, AltFantasySports is the site. Now, I don’t know whether you can draft into week two, that’s something you might want to look into the site for. But definitely check it out, guys.

Anyway, we’re going to get back to NFL Football and talking about crazy super early rankings coming up soon. And we’re also going to be talking about breaking the divisional… Every division, every NFL division. I think we’re going to start off with AFCs, and we’re going to talk about those team needs going into the NFL draft moving forward. So make sure you guys are subscribed to this #1 fantasy football podcast. I appreciate everybody being here. I got to get back to this draft and try to make sense out of what the heck is going on here right now. I’d tell you who my final roster is, but you guys probably have no idea who these guys are. Anyway, follow my story mode at Fantasy Football Counselor if you want more information and the madness that’s going on here with the AltFantasySports and the XFL Fantasy Football draft. Subscribe.

It’s the wild west out here with the XFL fantasy draft, but worth trying it out and experiencing it.

Note in the 9th round of the draft crashed. XFL and fantasy football need some work!

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