Week 8 NFL Fantasy Football Preview

October 26, 2018  12:49 am

Everything you need to know for Week 8 Fantasy Football. The Counselor and the Baldguy run through the NFL match ups for Week 8. Make sure you subscribe to this channel for fantasy football advice that works!

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About this Video: Week 8 NFL preview. The Fantasy Football Counselor lays out everything you need to know for week 8 which includes your starts and sits. We discuss the starts and sits and even the over and unders for each nfl matchup.

This #1 fantasy football podcast will give you a massive advantage in your fantasy football leagues. You need to stay sharp each and every week. This show will get you as prepared as humanly possible. It can be tough to make the right decision for you starts and sits but the Counselor has your back. We run through each and every match up and tell you which player to start at each position.

We also cover injuries, last thing you need is to start a player with limited reps. The fantasy football Counselor offer you the best and most recent information in the shortest amount of time. This week 8 fantasy football week has a lot of question marks. As per usual. The Raiders have made some crazy moves including getting rid of Amari Cooper. So this should inflate the value of Jordy Nelson and Cook. We also want to see if Pat Mahomes continues his amazing performance yet again.  This is our full preview episode, as we prepare to get close to the middle of fantasy football season. The NFL just gets more and more exciting as we are getting closer to the end of the season.