Week 5 Fantasy Football DFS

October 5, 2019  3:27 pm

Week 5 DFS to help you with your draftkings, fanduel and fantasy draft lineups! The Fantasy Football Counselor lays out a optimal line up to help you dominate your weekly drafts.

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#1 Fantasy football podcast – The Fantasy Football Counselor Podcast

About this video: NFL week 5 Preview. The Fantasy Football Counselor gets your ready for week 5 fantasy football. Starts and sits and optimal players to start at each position. Making sure you have the right player in your lineup is key. Make sure you that you take some risks when it comes to dfs. Do not be afraid to do so. Make sure you also have the guys that have the best matchups along with guys that are producing consistently on a high level each week. The balance of all these elements will ensure you have a better shot at winning. Do not play it safe. Go dominate week 5 and the rest of the year!!

To dominate fantasy football 2019 and get the best advice to dominate your leagues.

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About this video: Draftkings or fanduel lineups, what ever you need, you can get it here. This is the Counselor walking you through a dfs week 5 lineup to help you win. He is using the tool draftdash board to guide you along. Give you fantasy football week 5 optimal players.

To win at dfs you need to make sure you have a good balance of risk with some great matchups.

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