Week 3 Waiver Wire Adds 2019

September 17, 2019  2:46 pm

Fantasy Football Week 3 Waiver wire pick ups. The Counselor lays out which players to pick up at each position going into week 3 of fantasy football 2019.

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About this video: Waiver wire week 3 adds. The Counselor lays out the fantasy players to target going week 3.

Some guys to look at this week are:

Mason Rudolph
Jimmy G
Josh Allen

Raheem Mostert
Darwin Thompson
Mecole Hardman
Demarcus Robinson
Deebo Samuel
DJ Chark
Nelson Agholar
Will Dissley
Jason Witten

When you are looking at these pickups not all should be trusted. You always have to be cautious and question if these guys are worth puttin in your line up going into the week. Most of these guys could be really volatile and cannot be trusted. Especially the older guys you need to be aware of guys like Frank Gore who came off a bigger fantasy game. Is he worth the start next week. Probably not. This is what you need to access. Pick up these players but again pick them up with the expectation that they may bust the following week. Some players like Hardman and Deebo are solid. The others have some serious questions around them.

Make sure you are subscribed to this #1 fantasy football podcast to dominate your leagues. The Counselor already had told you about half of these player. He already has guys like Darwin and Deebo on his roster as stashes and you should as well.  Think outside the box and ahead of everyone else to really get the edge.

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