TOP 5 Fantasy Football Rookie Running backs

July 5, 2019  1:03 am

Here are your TOP 5 Rookie RB’s to target for 2019 fantasy football. Secruing these rookie runnings backs in your fantasy football draft can really boost your team. We know Rookie Running back emerge each year. Joseph Robert believes its these guys this year.

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About this video: Top 5 Fantasy Football Rookie Running backs 2019. Hosted by The Fantasy Football Counselor. Make sure you stash at least two of these rb’s on your roster this 2019 fantasy football draft. These guys could finish ahead of some vet’s in the running back rankings.

Secure those rbs with minimal committee. This is a rule that the Fantasy Football Counselor has been preaching for years. Understand that if gets super super thin at running back after the third round. You only have a handful of guys that will get a massive amount of volume.  Those are the guys that you should target.

Once you have your work horse rbs you need to look at some rookie running backs. You can target these 5 here that Joseph Robert has mentioned. The opportunity for them to break out it really big. These Rookies are in a real good position to succeed and dominate the league. We know that rookie Rb’s always finish near the top. You need to know which ones actually could. Nailing the pick with these rookies would be amazing because its like getting rd 1 talent super late in your draft.

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