Sleepers 2019- Fantasy Football Podcast

July 11, 2019  12:32 am

Fantasy Football Sleepers 2019 to target in your drafts. The Fantasy Football Counselor gives you some solid sleepers you must keep your eye on and stash!

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About this video: Joseph Robert gives you some fantasy football sleepers to target for 2019. These sleepers are really low in some mainstream consensus rankings. It’s up to you to think outside the box and outside the inaccurate fantasy football rankings. Drafting the right fantasy football sleepers can make or break your team. Make sure you are glued to this channel for the best and more accurate fantasy football advice.

Championships can make or break your fantasy football team. Spotting them out early will really give you an advantage over the competition. The earlier you draft the better advantage you have because you see things before they happen. Some of these sleepers could show their talent in preseason and they may not become sleepers anymore.

It is an amazing year of sleepers you can get later on that have that round 2-3 talent. Guys like Sterling Shepard and Courtland Sutton to name a few. You get these guys and get them at a good value and you will get a massive edge. It really is about seeing things before other people do. That can make or break your year.

The Fantasy Football Counselor will give you the advantage because we are light years ahead of everyone. Make sure you are glued to this channel to keep that edge.

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