Fantasy Football Breakout – Rb Ronald Jones II on the show

August 29, 2018  6:55 pm

Fantasy Football potential breakout Ronald Jones II from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on the show! The Fantasy Football Counselor discusses Fantasy football and the first few preseason games with the star rookie running back.

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About this video: Potential fantasy football break out Ronald Jones on the show. It is an absolute pleasure to have ROJO on the show! He will be endorsing the Fantasy Football Counselor podcast for 2018. He all the physical attributes and conditioning to be a fantasy football stud. The Counselor is great at picking winners. David Johnson and Kareem Hunt to name a few in the past. Ronald Jones land himself in a position to really shine with the Bucs in a committee that has not produced on a high level.

The Tampa Bay Buccs 2nd round draft pick discusses his motivation and fantasy football. The fantasy football rankings are not liking Ronald Jones at the moment, but we are still early on. Ronald Jones does not believe that he has a slow start and has shown some small flashes in the first three NFL preseason games. Everyone seems to be waiting for the big breakout play from Rojo. Joseph Robert also discusses what motives the Tampa Bay Buccaneers rookie running back. It is not easy to be a fantasy football breakout, but Ronald Jones has that ability. He is also in a good position to succeed on the Bucs as they are looking for that Running back workhorse back.