NFL Week 1 Recap – Studs and Duds

September 9, 2019  3:29 pm

Week 1 NFL recap and discussion about the fantasy football studs and duds. The Counselor and Bald guy discuss why it is way too early to overreact and to be selective with your waiver wire pick ups for week 2. We review the highs and lows for fantasy football week 1.

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About this video: Fantasy Football Week 1 is almost in the books. The Counselor recaps the highlights of nfl week 1 in this video. He also discusses the fantasy football studs and duds.

There was a lot of highs and lows in the first week of fantasy football. So many people ride the receny bias and draft players and pick them up off waiver wire in haste. You need to be aware that these players may just be one week wonders and you need to be aware that you should not just jump the gun everytime a medicore player has a big game. For example. Phillip Doresett has a great game. Will I get excited about Doresett?? Probably not! Antonio Brown will be there next week and things will change in that Patriots offense.

You have to be patient and look for players that have the opportunity to be great each and every week and not just one week. Think outside the box as per usual and don’t always buy in. Be aware of the one week wonders. Sometimes it takes a few weeks to figure out who the true players are.

The full waiver wire week 2 episode is coming at you in tomorrows show.
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