Fantasy Football 2018 – NFL Strength of Schedule

June 8, 2018  12:31 am

Fantasy Football 2018 Strength of schedule discussion! How easy is the schedule of studs like Todd Gurley or Antonio Brown? The Fantasy Football Counselor and The Bald guy let you know!

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About this Video: The NFL fantasy strength of schedule is not a massive factor when you are drafting your fantasy football team, but you need to be aware. Sometimes when you are deciding between two fantasy football players, the schedule may be your deciding factor. This year for example, Todd Gurley has the toughest schedule for a running back. Is that going to affect his production? Possibly, but we know it can’t help it. Fantasy football defenses play a factor in slowing your players down, be aware! Fantasy football 2018 is quickly approaching, and getting insite such as this will give you a massive advantage over the competition. Fantasy Football rankings are only on element of things to look out for. The CUDDY system covers a lot, along with taking a lot of variables such as match ups into consideration. Now the strength of schedule may somtimes play more of a factor is DFS on a weekly basis. We cover some ground and give you a head ups and raise awareness in this video to give you every possible tool to win your leagues in NFL 2018 fantasy football.

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