Mock Draft – Fantasy Football Podcast 2019

May 31, 2019  7:19 pm

Fantasy Football Mock Draft 2019, the 6th pick! Hosted By the Fantasy Football Counselor.

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About this video: Fantasy Football 2019 mock draft hosted by Joseph Robert. In order to properly prepare for you fantasy football draft 2019, you should be doing the mock draft on a regular. If you don’t have time, this is why we are here. Watching this will save you a lot of time. Here the Counselor drafts in the middle of the round with the 6th pick, while giving you researched fantasy football advice. Make sure you are subscribed to this #1 fantasy football podcast to dominate your leagues.

In this video the Counselor selects Adams in the mid first round. He felt like he needed secure that ace WR early on, because they go fast. You need to get a lot of targets. Target count volume at the wide rec position is important. If you wait too long you will be gambling later rounds to secure that ace wide receiver. There are some great fantasy football sleepers you can draft later that will emerege, but the top guys are off the board at the end of rd one and early rd two. If you go later in round one, make sure you secure on as soon as you can.

If you do end up getting that wide rec in the end of rd one, make sure you do grab and double up at the rb position. When you are drafting, implement the belt and suspenders strategy. Have a back up plan for a back up plan and then another back up.

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