Fantasy Football Rankings – Top 20 Players (Early List)

May 28, 2018  7:11 pm

Fantasy football rankings 2018, the early top 20. The Fantasy Football Counselor lays out players he would draft in the top 20 and strays away from the Consensus rankings. To win your leagues make sure you subscribe to this fantasy football podcast!


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About this video: Here are the early top 20 fantasy football players for 2018 fantasy football. This is the early list, and looks much different from the general consensus. What the Fantasy football Counselor like to teach is that things change from last year. The top finishers from last year will not ALL finish on top again. Be careful when you are doing your fantasy football mock draft and real draft . Do not fall under the recency bias trap. Fantasy football rankings are used as a guideline and while most of the top players do well, some will fall off. The Counselor is not really a fan of lists and goes with guys he really likes. He implement the Cuddy system when he is doing his fantasy football draft and that is a big deciding factor for him.  Make sure you are watching trends and patterns in stats and off season moves. Always as a rule of thumb do not just buy that recency bias. I have seen team get crushed when the strictly believe what happend last year. Anything can happen in football, so make sure you sometimes also listen to your gut. If you have a lot of question marks about selecting a player, it if probabaly not a good idea to draft that players. Joseph Robert makes sure he reduces any questions marks around the player before adding him to his roster.

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