Fantasy Football Wide Receivers – Top 20

August 14, 2018  3:50 pm

Here are your top 20 fantasy football wide receiver rankings 2018. **Disclaimer due to the excitement of the NFL starting today, we forgot to read off Micheal Thomas. Complete Top 20 wr rankings below** The Counselor lays out his NON consensus fantasy football wr rankings for you to absorb. This is only a guideline.

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1. Antonio Brown2.Deandre Hopkins3.Davante Adams 4.Julio Jones 5.Odell Beckham 6. Mike Evans 7.Micheal Thomas 8. TY Hilton 9.Keenan Allen 10. AJ Green 11. Allen Robinson 12. Brandin Cooks 13. Stefon Diggs 14. Jarvis Landry 15. Demeryious Thomas 16. Doug Baldwin 17.Larry Fitzgerald 18. Corey Davis 19. Robby Anderson 20.Tyreek Hill Honorable mention: Marvin Jones Business inquires :

About this video: The Fantasy Football 2018 Wr Rankings researched and brough to you by the Counselor. With the NFL and fantasy football 2018 right here, Joseph Robert has the top 20 Wide receivers that he would want on his roster. Joseph Robert is not a real fan of lists. You have to understand that this is a guideline but you have to think outisde the box when you are drafting. I like to grab wide receiver ones on their respective teams.  There is a lot of depth this year at this postions. The Fantasy Football Counselor is all about securing a Rb with minimal committee. You can end up drafting some solid wideouts in later rounds. This list will change as we get closer to the NFL fantasy football season.

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Make sure you are drafting depth at this position. #fantasyfootballrankings #fantasyfootball #wrrankings