Fantasy Football Week 4 Recap

September 30, 2019  9:41 pm

Fantasy Football Week 4 Recap . The Fantasy Football Counselor reviews NFL week 4 and talks about the studs and duds!

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#1 Fantasy football podcast – The Fantasy Football Counselor Podcast

About this video: Week 4 new review and highlights and of course the lowlights. Fantasy Football 2019 is in full force.

We discuss how badly guys like Odell and Hopkins did and we rip in to them. There has been a lot of uncertainty over the past 4 weeks, but having your wr ones do so bad is unacceptable. It has been total madness. Odell 2 rec for 20 yards and 4 fantasy points is absolutely not accecptable. This is why the Counselor mentioned you should stay away from him. People are just hanging on to memories of years ago. The past is the past and Odell is just not that good anymore. Years to wow us and we are not wowed. We see a lot of rbs going down, so you need that rb depth to dominate your leagues.

Hopefully things start to level out and we get some consistent production out of our early draft picks. This is very important in the success of any fantasy football team. The volatility is crazy.  Fantasy Football keeps getting crazier as these coaches are always trying new things and implementing committees. We need full max production out of our studs. There is only a handful of guys you can trust week in and out.

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