Fantasy Football Tight Ends 2019

August 6, 2019  2:11 pm

Fantasy Football tight end must haves 2019. The Fantasy Football Counselor hand picks tight ends you should target for 2019. Also, a fantasy football draft strategy on when to aquire these Tight Ends.
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About this video: This goes well beyond your typical fantasy football tight end rankings. This is about making sure you have the right tight end and when to get them in your fantasy football draft. One of the first things you should note the Counselor says is that you should wait on te’s. If you draft a fantasy football te early you are losing a ace rb or wr early on in the draft. So Joseph adjusts his drafting strategy to make sure you get the tight end at the right time. He does not waste a early pick on a tight end.
Going off on a fantasy football draft strategy tangent. You should consider drafting three rb’s in the first three rounds. This is that perfect year to go robust running back. You can get a lot of depth at the other positions later on in your draft and compound that depth. This goes back to the point that you should def wait on that tight end position. Secure that solid guy like a Vance and then go with a wildcard later on in the draft. Make sure you are subscribed to this #1 fantasy podcast to dominate your leagues.