Fantasy Football Sleepers 2019

July 19, 2019  1:33 am

Fantasy Football Sleepers 2019, the top 10. Hand picked by the Counselor. Make sure you target these sleepers in your 2019 fantasy football draft.
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About this video: The Top 10 Fantasy Football Sleepers that Joseph Robert loves. Make sure you target these guys in your 2019 fantasy football draft.
Sleepers can make or break your fantasy football team. Making sure you get the right ones is critical to your success. You have to target them in the later rounds and know exactly which ones to get.  The Fantasy Football Counselor has done all the hard work for you. He has done all the research. This video will reall give you a massive advantage over the competition. Grabbing top guys like Sterling Shepard and Anderson will he huge for your success.
Most people just focus on the first three rounds, but championships are won in the later rounds. This is where you get the sleepers and value plays that can breakout. While others may not know names. The Counselor diggs deep and gets the potential breakouts. It’s about seeing things before they happen, and thats what the Counselor does better than anyone else.
The Sleepers in this video are literally players that people are sleeping on. After doing 100’s of mock draft you get a good feel for the drafts and you know whats going on. You are able to sense when players are going and know when to snipe them away from the competition. You have to make sure you have the depth to cover yourself as well.