Fantasy Football Sleepers 2018

June 24, 2018  6:08 pm

Fantasy Football Sleepers 2018. Here are some potential guys that could have a great season that you need to stash on your bench. Some of these guys have had years to wow us and have not, but are in better opportunities to shine. 2018 Fantasy Football is around the corner, make sure you are fully aware of these sleepers.

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About this video: Fantasy football sleepers should be on your radar every single year. You need to be aware of these sleepers when you are doing your draft. The fantasy football rankings always usually have the sleepers a lot lower in the consensus rankings. This is a perfect opportunity for you to stash these athletes and put them on your bench and get a potential breakout. So many so called fantasy football experts, set their fantasy football rankings based on last year. Guys like Matt Ryan are completely off people’s radars this year. Don’t buy the recency bias. It will not help you win at daily fantasy or year long fantasy football leagues. Don’t get caught up in copy and paste rankings. Think outside the box and don’t just draft on the popular name. You could be overlooking guys that could breakout and you can get for a bargin. There will be another fantasy football sleeper episode coming out later in August, in case we overlooked some atheltes. Fantasy Football sleepers here for you laid out by Joseph Robert. Stay tuned for other big episodes like break out players.  Break out players could include rookies as well. We could include rookies as sleepers as well, but wanted to create seperate videos for each.