Fantasy Football Running Backs to Avoid!

June 8, 2018  6:16 pm

Fantasy football running backs are crucial for your success! Can you trust CMC or is Anderson going to take away the Volume of Work? Everyone is soo high on Dalvin Cook, but what about Latavius Murray? The Fantasy Football Counselor looks at some of these top Rb’s and the vultures around them. Don’t always trust the mainstream running back rankings. Joseph Robert is not saying these studs will bust. He is just saying be careful!

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Business Inquiries: About this Video: Fantasy football Running backs are very important to secure in fantasy football. You have to be aware of avoiding certain running back committees! Fantasy football 2018 is just around the corner and The fantasy football Counselor has to make you fully aware of these situations. The fantasy football rankings are off every year from the general consensus. They will be off again this year. Guys that did well the year before don’t always to well the year after. Fantasy football running back rankings are available on my website. Full lists coming in August 2018. Stay tuned of course to this channel as things change so fast in fantasy football. Also note that listening to the podcast will give you a massive advantage over the competition. You will be light year ahead, as this is a year long podcast that never lets up. You can get the podcast on the go with this link: Enjoy the podcast on the go. And watch it on youtube when you can.