Fantasy Football Running Back’s 2019 – Sneaky Late Picks

June 18, 2019  1:21 am

Here are some sneaky Fantasy Football Running back picks! Hosted by Joseph Robert on this #1 fantasy football podcast! Stash a few of these guys on your bench for 2019 fantasy football!

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About this video: Sneaky Fantasy Football Running Backs you can stash later in your draft. Forget the Fantasy Football Rankings, these guys could end up higher than currently projected. You have to add that RB depth if you have any chance to dominate your leagues. The worst feeling in fantasy football is not to be loaded on rbs. They position does not carry as much depth. You can always wait on a wide receiver they will be there. There is a lot of them to go around. But rbs with minimal committees are a hard find.

The Counselor usually always finished near the top when he has secured solid rbs and they put up those amazing rb 1 numbers. This year there is a few solid guys at the RB position. The handcuffs and sneaky pics are usually from guys that are backing up those often injured rb ones. Make sure you get the back ups for the top injured guys like Fournette. Usually history can repeat itself so you have to be prepared and look for signs of consistency and not injury.

Doing the research and stashing these rbs on your roster will help you get the massive edge over the competition. You will have them on your bench while others expect to get them off the waiver wire.

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