Fantasy Football Rb Sleepers 2019

June 11, 2019  9:28 pm

Fantasy Football RB sleepers 2019, late round stashes. Make sure you target these sleepers and potential breakouts mid to late in your fantasy football draft 2019!

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About this video: Running back sleepers 2019, hosted by the fantasy football Counselor. Joseph Robert offers a list of some great rb sleepers you can target later in your draft that will help you dominate 2019 fantasy football. This is why the Counselor does not trust fantasy football rankings. Some of these potential breakouts are stashed deep down in the rankings and no ones talks about them. You need to be aware of the late round sleepers and draft them on your team for literally nothing. Make sure you are subscribed to this podcast to dominate your leagues!

Running back’s with minimal committee are few and far between. You need to make sure you always have a ton of depth at this position. Joseph Robert’s 16 rds draft solution covers all you need to make sure you have the right running backs. One thing you need to look at is volume of atts. This is crucial. He needs to get that heavy workload. Again there are only a handful of running backs that will get that volume. It is important you secure them. Also, look for guys that are higher on their depth charts and sleepers that could break out. We really like Josh Jacobs and David Montgomery this year because they are set to get a lot of volume this year.  You will probably get them for good value as well.

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