Fantasy Football Rb Rankings 2019 – Top 10

May 17, 2019  3:45 pm

Here are your early top 10 Fantasy Football Running backs 2019. The Fantasy Football Counselor lays it out as you prepare for 2019 fantasy football early in this offseason.

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Early top 10 NON consensus rankings – The Rb’s Joseph would select in the order to select them as if he was in a fantasy football draft.

1. Zeke Elliott 2. Alvin Kamara 3. Saquon Barkley 4. David Johnson 5. Christian McCaffery 6. Melvin Gordon 7. Derrick Henry 8. Chris Carson 9. Devonta Freeman 10. David Montgomery

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About this video: This video goes beyong Fantasy Football Rankings. This helps you think outside the box. The entire fantasy football community bases their rankings on last years top performers. You need to adapt to change and understand that things always change every single year. The Fantasy Football Counselor does not like lists, this is why you will dominate your draft in 2019 with the 16 rds course. In the Course Joseph Robert help you select the right player to draft this is optimal in that round. Every year you have rb break out. Sometimes its the rookies. You have to make sure you get optimal players in your fantasy football draft. To do this you need to make sure the talent is there along with many other things such as projected volume. It is more than just reading lists. The Counselor dives deeper. The Running back position is very important in fantasy football. Make sure you are adding RB depth to your roster.

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2019 Fantasy football is almost here. We will make sure you take home the prize!