Fantasy Football Rb Rankings 2018 – The Deception

June 26, 2018  12:29 pm

Fantasy Football running back rankings 2018 and the deception throughout the years REVEALED! This episode is here to wake up the industry and make you aware about how terrible the consensus fantasy football rankings are. You need to be aware and think outside the box, if you want to dominate your fantasy football league or dfs.

This is a MUST WATCH episode that your must watch over and over!

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About this video: Fantasy football rankings 2018 are off every single year by the general consensus. They put out content and don’t put in the extra time to look and project trends and potential break outs. When you are looking at the fantasy football rb rankings for example you need to be aware of potential declines. Fantasy football running back rankings are incorrect every year. Joseph Robert reviews these rb rankings and makes you aware that what is happening in the industry is wrong. 2018 fantasy football will be a lot easier if you stick to listening to this podcast. Joseph Robert does all the hard work for you with his research and going against the grain.

There is more to winning than just studying fantasy football rankings. You need to use the CUDDY system and get your information from the right source. These fantasy rb rankings are a prime example on how much things change year in and year out.
We suggest you get in and do some fantasy football mock drafts and get some practice. You will see that a majority of people follow the consensus rankings. You need to stray away to win!