Fantasy Football Qb’s 2019 – Must Haves

August 4, 2019  3:26 pm

Fantasy Football Qb’s you must have for this season. Along with a fantasy football draft strategy for picking the right ones, that goes beyond the consensus. Make sure you target these fantasy football quarterbacks in the right round of your draft!

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About this video: Fantasy Football Qbs to target for your 2019 draft. Make sure you target these guys at the right time in your fantasy football draft and get a back up. Fantasy Football qbs are important to your success of winning your fantasy football league. Get the right ones to anchor your team to win!

When it comes to the quarterback position in 2019 fantasy football or for any year. You must have that ace. This is important becuase the quarterbacks are typically the highest scoring players in fantasy football. Having the right one can make or break your team.

In this particular year. Having Luck or Ryan would be ideal, and you can get them in the 4th -5th rounds. If you miss out on them, Matt Ryan is a great option in and around the 6-7th round. You will also need a solid back up with some major upside. Guys like Kyler Murat fit that role for this year.  It is all about getting that ace and backing him up with the right back up. This will cover you if your main guy gets hurt and it also covers your bye weeks.

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