Fantasy Football 2019 Qb’s

June 25, 2019  8:56 pm

Fantasy Football Qb 2019 Must Haves, hand picked and researched by the Counselor. Make sure these Quarterbacks are on your roster in 2019 fantasy football!

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About this video: Fantasy Football Qb must haves. Make sure you have these quarterbacks on your roster. Forget the fantasy football rankings. The Consensus rankings will lead you astray. This is why the Counselor suggests 16 Rounds draft solution. This outside the box! Make sure you are subscribed to this #1 fantasy football podcast to dominate your leagues!

When you are looking at qb’s you will see consistent patterns of success. It is a little more obvious with qb’s. You don’t have the volatility that you get from other positions. This year guys like Andrew Luck and Matt Ryan should be solid because we have seen them perform on a optimal level before. Andrew Luck was Second in attps last year. He has been solid every single year he has stayed healthy. You need a QB that you can plug in every single week and get that guarenteed 20 fantasy points. This is very important. Anchoring your team with the ace can make or break your fantasy football team. Some people will tell you to wait on a qb. If you do that you are taking a major risk.

Another rule when you are drafting a QB. You must secure a solid back up qb as well. This way you will be good on bye weeks. Always cover yourself with belt and suspenders.

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