Fantasy Football Qb Rankings 2018

May 7, 2018  7:02 pm

Here are our Early Top 12 fantasy football qb rankings for 2018. Where is Carson Wentz on here? Does Matt Ryan finish on top again? Who are some honorable mentions, just outside the top 12? We have all the answers here in this episode. The Fantasy Football Counselor, wants to make sure you have the right fantasy football quarterback anchoring your team. The fantasy football rankings that the Counselor generates are outside of the general consenus and well researched.



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About this video: We have done all the homework on the top 12 Fantasy football qbs for 2018. This list of quarterbacks, if well researched and having these players on your team will significantly help your chances of winning your league this year. The Top 12 qb list includes your typical Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Cam Newton, but Joseph Robert has some guys in here that are out of the general consensus. When you are drafting a qb in fantasy football, make sure you draft a quarterback that has been consistent. Patterns in fantasy qb rankings are a lot easier to spot than in other positions. The Fantasy Football Counselor, likes to draft a qb that is proven and that will produce. Taking risks at the running back positions makes more sense becuase a lot of rookie rbs break out year in and year out. Secure that solid qb as soon as you can 4th round being the earliest. Understand that the qb position is typically the highest scoring position in fantasy football.

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